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  1. Just not good enough.
  2. Sad ending to a disappointing road trip. With 16 out of the next 19 at home this team will stay close enough to tease us but in reality this team really isn't good enough to be a serious playoff team. I thought this road trip would be a turnaround but instead we were exposed for who we really are.
  3. I saw that coming. With a day off tomorrow I would have pulled him after the first hit of the inning.
  4. It'll be a miracle if Ubaldo gets out of this inning
  5. When all else fails whine. Works every time.
  6. Even a .500 west coast road trip is looking like too much to ask for. Where have the bats gone?
  7. Yup I'm watching. That one inning still doesn't change my opinion about Hellickson.
  8. That went south quickly.
  9. It's really looking like the front office made the right decision. Even if they don't make the playoffs this year. Beckham and Hellickson look like good additions for the future. Gotta give them credit amongst all the criticism they usually get.
  10. At least Buck has moved Davis and Trumbo down in the lineup. Even though they got hits last night I wouldn't change a thing as long as Machado, Jones, Schoop and Mancini keep raking. It's way too late in the season for Buck to keep up with his loyalty thing.
  11. Inconsistency is the prelude to being .500. If the starting pitching keeps doing what they're doing there's enough talent elsewhere for this team to sneak into the playoffs. Thank God for mediocrity in the AL.
  12. Looks like another bad loss.
  13. Who are these guys?
  14. This should have been done earlier but it's now or never. They paid him to be a great defender and a low average guy with power. It's past time for Buck to accept things as they are and move on.
  15. I feel like all of the games in this series are "must wins."