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  1. 13 hits and no runs is hard to do.
  2. Yeah you're probably right.
  3. This team will win games if it finds a way to score consistently. I like what the young guys (Mancini, Sisco and Santander) bring to the table vs. the all or nothing players we have. The pitching has the potential to be greatly improved over last year especially if Cobb and Britton round into form. We need more games like last night when we're producing offense and not just hitting homers. Davis even had an opposite field hit so maybe there's a silver lining out there.
  4. Same old story with this offense but yet they keep the reputation of being explosive and seem to never get much blame for our struggles. Very frustrating.
  5. I'm always more concerned about the offense than the pitching. Almost 70% of our offense is coming via the HR. I think that's a big problem.
  6. I don't think it's beyond belief that Harvey would be used as a reliever this year. The rules are different now and options are based on years and not the number of times you go up and down. As for stunting his growth I think it's a concern but that is how pitchers used to get introduced to the majors. Now the O's ineptitude at developing pitchers is always a concern.
  7. I wasn't excited at first but he's been unreal.
  8. He doesn't look like a closer. Hopefully Britton's recovery is as speedy as being advertised. If this team can finish this month anywhere near .500 it would be a major coup. The early schedule is brutal but the pitching staff has help on the way.
  9. It's been that way for years around here.
  10. Very nice win.
  11. It's just comical that Stanton is getting booed.
  12. The optimism should lie in the fact that Cobb and Britton are coming. It still might not be enough but there is hope that the pitching staff will be better.
  13. The O's are gonna have to put their big boy pants on and understand that this was a major blunder. They had Mancini right there ready to take over first base and they got gun shy like they often do. Had they not done the Davis deal the outlook of this organization would be completely different. They need to realize that and not let it sink the organization into an abyss like the big market clubs do when they make bad deals. The only way to fix this mess is to spend forward and keep the team competitive. Then hopefully you can develop some young talent to offset this albatross in the near future.
  14. Signing Davis and Trumbo were colossal mistakes and will haunt this organization for a long time. That was the time to change the makeup of the lineup but they fell in love with the long ball and now they're stuck with this all or nothing offense which fails more than it succeeds.
  15. Damn!