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  1. Ok. Let's go Surratsville and Woodlawn.
  2. I looked at that. The problem is Surratsville beating Fairmont Heights. Surratsville has 1 win so far.
  3. I was hoping the City Poly game had implications. City still needs a miracle. City Poly game might be it.
  4. Poly is done?
  5. With Bond and Jeter playing they can win the rest but it's probably a little too late. It's a shame it worked out this way but beating Poly would save this season.
  6. You got it started. Now let's see if they can finish the deal.
  7. I guess MD public school football isn't that bad after all.
  8. Oh ok. I'm glad I didn't drive up there last night. I could have kept going up to WVU for homecoming today though.
  9. What was the FH result/score?
  10. I was having trouble with the math too. Trying to figure how 8 put them at the bottom of the list.
  11. You can say that again. It's now called the AFC north.
  12. He is who we thought he was.
  13. Time to put Coach on the hot seat.
  14. Edmondson beat City 52-6. Season is over.