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  1. What's the score? We couldn't get in.
  2. I heard that you could only purchase tickets in advance. Any word on that?
  3. After watching his high school and college careers right here it kills me that the Ravens did not draft him.
  4. Wow!
  5. I have been a PSL owner from day 1 and I have tried to give tickets away outside the stadium with no success. Crazy times.
  6. Unfortunately the Ravens board has been infiltrated by the dark side of our society. It's gotten so bad that most of the regulars don't even post here anymore. It's just a sign of the times we are living in right now. Pretty sad though.
  7. Bingo.
  8. This defense looks lost without Jimmy Smith.
  9. Game saving drive.
  10. Sad start to this one. No excuse for a throw like that.
  11. Looks like you missed the just kidding part.
  12. He's alright. Beating Poly always cures all ills.
  13. Yeah he had that smile on his face going off like this is it for the season. He's been battling that achilles all season and knew this could happen. Well Humphrey is the next man up now.
  14. It was obvious to me that the game was won because the Dunbar coaches made the better adjustments at halftime. They interviewed Coach Smith during the broadcast and he said confidently that if they cut down on penalties that they would be fine. He was right. Great game but overall team speed and halftime adjustments put Dunbar over the top. This coming from a City guy who could never root for Dunbar but respects what they do.
  15. The only call I had a problem with was the roughing the passer but we didn't get a good replay. I saw the ball released and the qb fading out of bounds but I didn't see the late hit. I'd chill on the divisiveness though.
  16. Despite my constant defense of him we have to start blaming Flacco. Something's just not right.
  17. Do the Ravens ever run routes past the 1st down marker on 3rd down? It doesn't seem like it.
  18. You mean the one that City beat on it's s way to an undefeated regular season? That loss to Franklin still hurts. The city league was probably the best in the state that year. How times have changed.
  19. I normally take the high road when dealing with arrogant SOB's but when I've had enough I'm more than capable of holding my own.
  20. He sounds like a grumpy old man and I seem to get under his skin for some reason. Message boards are for debates but he's too arrogant to understand that. Oh well.
  21. Your feelings are hurt, mine aren't. Look up the definition of theory and get back to me.
  22. I'm a chemist. Like I said we come from different points of view.
  23. We could compare resumes but I think we come from differing points of view.
  24. Now we agree on something.