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  1. Ok. Let's go Surratsville and Woodlawn.
  2. I looked at that. The problem is Surratsville beating Fairmont Heights. Surratsville has 1 win so far.
  3. I was hoping the City Poly game had implications. City still needs a miracle. City Poly game might be it.
  4. Poly is done?
  5. With Bond and Jeter playing they can win the rest but it's probably a little too late. It's a shame it worked out this way but beating Poly would save this season.
  6. You got it started. Now let's see if they can finish the deal.
  7. I guess MD public school football isn't that bad after all.
  8. Oh ok. I'm glad I didn't drive up there last night. I could have kept going up to WVU for homecoming today though.
  9. What was the FH result/score?
  10. I was having trouble with the math too. Trying to figure how 8 put them at the bottom of the list.
  11. You can say that again. It's now called the AFC north.
  12. He is who we thought he was.
  13. Time to put Coach on the hot seat.
  14. Edmondson beat City 52-6. Season is over.
  15. I told you.
  16. Woodlawn's starting qb looks done for the season on the absolute dumbest 2 pt. conversion play I've ever seen after they ran the opening kickoff back for a td. They lined up with the qb on the right and all the lineman and receivers on the left. City put 4 players on the right (their left) who were so anxious to get to the qb that they jumped offsides. After the penalty both teams stayed in that formation and the poor kid had no chance and got crushed between several tacklers. He had to leave by ambulance in what I hope was only a separated shoulder. Woodlawn played the entire game with their starting safety playing qb. I like Townsend too but he needs to scrap that play. City runs a lot of power football too so it's pretty interesting to see Allegany put up 49 points on the Poets and then see them shut out City. Looking at what they did to City and Mervo I would be expecting a much improved team out there in western MD if they should meet one of them in the playoffs.
  17. This is a shocker.
  18. Oh ok. What happens in Vegas.....
  19. I'm talking about today's game.
  20. Give us a score Meth. I didn't make it down there.
  21. This week will show what they're made of. Even a close win is unacceptable if they're gonna be a playoff contender. I'm curious as to who's the real team. The won that stomped TJ or the one that bent over for Dunbar.
  22. That's bad news. This team will not get better without a change at qb. He can be serviceable but they need more from that position. I saw Bond in street clothes last week. I was talking about clearing out that funk that the whole team was in.
  23. One thing that has to happen to turn things around is that Bond has to play qb. Hopefully whatever got in their heads last week has been cleared out. If they don't destroy Woodlawn it will be a long season.
  24. You didn't miss anything. Just a lot of Dunbar players running around all day and a bunch of City players standing around. Nothing to see here. Not to take anything away from Dunbar but I wouldn't judge them from this game.