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  1. I was in Glen Burnie Saturday morning driving down Ritchie Hgwy and I noticed there was a line out the door at the library across from the old Harundale Mall. I don't plan on voting this year as I am moving out of state in September.
  2. Well, this stinks! I just came back after being gone for a while once they wanted to start charging, I came back after they stopped charging. I was an Admin on Sun Spot Lives On for just a little while. I have all the respect in the world for Matt because it was like babysitting preschoolers that don't listen. Thankfully Evil Yoda stuck around because it was too much drama. Maybe someone will start up a new one!
  3. Happy Fathers Day guys! I hope you all had a good day. My Dad would have been 84 years old today so I took him a beer to his resting place.
  4. Are you able to confirm that white people at American Greetings created this card? I wonder if there was any input from black people or any other race for that matter. Maybe it was a black person that isn't offended by this term that was coined and is now widely used. Do we know who is responsible for and the process in which they create and approve their cards? I also wonder if the purchasing folks at Target are all white? You'd think Target would review their purchases before putting them on their shelves.
  5. Anyway.... I swear I never used to hear anything about Montgomery County. Now is seems like crime is just spiking in that county.
  6. That's why I did put "bad" in front of cops, I would hate to see her go on a witch hunt like she did with the Freddie 6. I really hope Bates is that person for the sake of the good folks left in the city.
  7. The good citizens of Baltimore City deserve someone that will do both!! (I added "bad" in front of cops)
  8. Very well said! And so very true.
  9. That's because you aren't clinically depressed already.
  10. I guess they will just point fingers and tie this thing up in court and forget about the real issues.
  11. Agreed!
  12. So sorry to hear this new pepper.
  13. I was never a fan of his however this is awful news. His poor friends and family, I just can't imagine. His death on the heels of Kate Spade. It worries me when public figures take their lives, they may have fans or admirers that are in similar situations and this could lead them to feeling hopeless. Please.... anyone out there feeling like there is no hope, please reach out for help. There is always help.
  14. Honestly, not really. I don't understand bringing up Trump in this thread (I'm not pointing the finger at you) I forgot though... everything is Trumps fault! Maybe they should let this beautiful family go and just arrest Trump for this assault.
  15. I'm quite sure if he wanted to watch porn, he would watch porn!! And then he would tell us how great it is!!