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  1. It is not okay that he stood by and did nothing while children were being killed. Even the coach stepped in front of kids to help save them and he wasn't armed. Of course he wanted to get home alive, all cops do. Maybe he should have chosen a different career. Maybe a better cop would have made a difference. But we know what his inaction did...
  2. He's an embarrassment to his badge. So happy this coward gets to run off in the sunset and collect his pension. His job was to protect and serve.
  3. Hey Mock - so sorry to hear about your accident. Glad to hear you are healing!
  4. I had to Google the Green Bay Massacre, I'd never heard of it.
  5. I guess, for me, it's difficult to believe he acted alone. I feel like there must be information the are holding back. Maybe I'm guilty of trying to make sense on nonsense.
  6. Props to your 10 yr old bad a** self! Unfortunately, that's what it comes to.
  7. Lol... Thanks! I mean I can type slower if that will help!😁
  8. Not sure why those statements would lead you to believe that I was friends with everyone that came into the same bar while I was playing darts. Do you need me to break it down for you? Here you go.... I was in the bar with my dart league, other people were in the bar that were not part of the dart league, those other people that were not part of the dart league thought it would be funny to throw darts at each other. Got it?
  9. Priorities seem to be not wanting to hurt people's feeling, soft punishments and making sure that no one takes responsibility for their own actions. Let's just point fingers and blame someone else. I watched the Board of Ed meeting on TV last night and a lot of concerned students and parents from CHS spoke. I hope they were heard and I hope something can be done. One of the parents pointed out to the Board that their Anti Bullying link on their webpage wasn't working. Ooops. Embarrassing all the way around. I'm so glad my kids are out of school.
  10. Very true, I'm still waiting to hear what really happened in Vegas.
  11. Funny, we were literally talking about Backfin Blues during Brunch on Sunday. A few of my friends are going there for a Wine Dinner in March.
  12. They weren't my friends, they happened to be in the same restaurant/bar.
  13. You're right about that. It makes no sense to me at all. I just don't understand what he was supposed to do to protect himself. His family had been to the Police, the school, court and no one stopped the bullying.
  14. I was a member of a dart league when I lived in Germany. Young, drunk, stupid soldiers thought it was funny to throw darts at each other. Bunch of idiots. I worried more about the people around them then I did them.
  15. I believe they will.