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  1. No way! Seriously??
  2. Okay, if it was 6 minutes that really isn't much time considering how large the campus was and the amount of chaos I'm sure there was. I had heard on the news it was more like 20 minutes.
  3. I wonder why he didn't encounter him? Was he not trying to locate the source of the shooting? I understand this was a large campus however, the shooting went on for quite while. Was the officer on campus at the time? I didn't even realize there was an Officer on campus.
  4. Agreed. This debate has so many different sides, it's difficult for me to put all of the different scenarios into one comfortable box. I'd much rather each school have armed security. They could make it a division of the military and employ veterans that have the proper training.
  5. The official portraits of the Obama's are revealed. Is this for real??
  6. I wasn't implying that it was meant to cure the addiction. I'm saying that it gives the addict less fear of ODing and dying as a result. No need to worry, I have some free Narcan if I OD.
  7. No, I know the difference.
  8. A lot of junkies pair up and if they don't, they certainly run the risk of not being able to get help. If they pair up, they are at least smart enough to have a plan in place for Narcan.
  9. I get it. I just think it could give another excuse to an addict to keep on using. No need to worry about ODing if the Narcan is so readily available.
  10. I understand what Narcan is for and they cannot administer it themselves. I just wonder if the addicts knowing they can have free Narcan takes away some of the desire/urgency to get clean. They don't have to worry about the possible deadly results of an OD if the Narcan is so easily at their disposal.
  11. So, how do you get people on board with getting clean if they can get free Narcan? Kind of takes the worry away.
  12. I currently have Verizon and I am not a fan. I'll be able to get back DirectTV in Sept. I do like some of the shows on local channels so I'm not sure what to do. The cost is ridiculous.
  13. I've tried to tune in a few times, I just can't get into it this year. Have the Olympics lost their excitement? I used to look forward to the Olympics, now I have no interest. My sister and I were talking last night about how exciting it used to be, we would watch as a family and it was always celebrated. Not anymore and it seems to lose a little more each time. Could it be that politics are ruining it? Is it the scandals? Anyone watching? On a side note, I miss Wide World of Sports... the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat!
  14. I take breaks sometimes also, when it all becomes too much. Here recently, I find myself flipping to something far more interesting like a the History Channel, Netflix series I'm watching or Food Network. Lol...
  15. For sure, it was nice not turning on the news in the morning to hear about murders.
  16. The streak has ended I was hoping they would beat the standing recording. Reset the clock and do it again!!
  17. Oh good, I can hardly wait to see what is next!
  18. LOL.... and corn starch can be a scary thing to the untrained cook!
  19. Agreed, it does not seem like as much build up as in the past and there isn't as much talk about it either. Yeah.... PPV sucks! Lol...
  20. Being that close to North Korea is a bit unnerving but so far, so good. When the selection was made, it didn't seem as bad as it has been in the last couple of years.
  21. Overall, I like summer better as well but I have no interest at all this time around. Kind of a bummer.
  22. Scary stuff, I'm glad it was only corn starch. I can't imagine the fear. Don't they check all of the family's mail before it is opened?
  23. True, I hadn't thought of it that way. She did have the final approval. She's much prettier than depicted in this painting, the dress is just so distracting. This is how they will be forever displayed. Not meant to be taken seriously I guess.
  24. Thank you Captain Obvious!