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  1. I can't imagine the Officers under him are happy with his remarks.
  2. I'm not sure if she's strange but she doesn't seem qualified to lead Baltimore City. She always appears to be confused or lost, even tired and uninterested.
  3. It's best she keep her mouth shut and keep that stupid look on her face. It's what she does best. The whole thing is an embarrassment.
  4. He'll probably get more time knocked off for good behavior.
  5. I thought their planned march last month had a lot of impact, people watched and paid attention. I don't think a school walk out has much impact.
  6. Exactly, actions have consequences. I don't think they should encourage kids to walk out of class, that's really hurting themselves. Planned marches are good, walking out of class is not productive.
  7. Very nice, thank you for sharing. She had a lot of compassion and class.
  8. That's impressive. And you could recall enough detail to have a sketch drawn of a person you encounter for a brief time? She has nothing to lose by making statements like this. I doubt she can prove it happened however it's impossible to prove it never happened.
  9. I agree, we are finding out (to no ones surprise) what he did prior to becoming President just a BC did. I don't know what your trying to say about him following BC?
  10. I never said he was innocent in all of this and yes she is a tramp, a whore, a ****.... they all fit. When the dust settles I have no doubt he will pay dearly. They are trying to spin it that she's some kind of victim. She's a whore, she was paid for her services, she agreed to take money to keep her mouth shut and she's decided not to agree to the contract she entered into because she sees an opportunity to make more money. I wish her 15 minutes would dry up. So happy she can take a few days from her busy schedule to be at Fantasies in Curtis Bay this weekend.
  11. Well everyone is trying to take him down, I'm sure something will eventually stick. I really don't care if he paid a whore for sex years ago, he didn't rape her or have sex with her in the Oval. He cheated on his wife, he'll pay dearly for that.
  12. She can remember details like that from 7 years ago? This stupid tramp is really milking her 15 minutes. Go away Stormy....
  13. That's awesome! So much to do in Dallas, I'm sure you guys will have a great time.
  14. That stinks, you are probably right though. Looks like he hasn't posted since 2014.
  15. Awesome, have a great time! This will be the first year in probably my whole life that I won't be taking a vacation. We're doing a staycation this summer and I'll be taking a couple of weeks in the Fall because I'm moving. I will be taking a long weekend sometime in the Fall also to go see Dallas play, waiting on the schedule to come out!!
  16. Can you imagine the teachers that had learn common core after teaching it one way for so long? It's crazy.
  17. I'm getting out of dodge! It's time to move to a slower pace and I need some mountains in my life. Yeah, there's crime there but NOTHING like we are experiencing around here. Been in AA County most of my life, I hate to leave but it's time.
  18. Glad these agencies are all working together. One big concern I have is the crime just simply moving to another area, which was addressed in the article. I hope it helps, the good people in these areas deserve some peace in their lives.
  19. Is it Friday yet? I'm ready for this beautiful weekend ahead.
  20. Does the school offer tutoring? Will his teacher work with him one on one after school?
  21. I remember Wiz, I enjoyed his posts as well. Is he MIA??
  22. The scary part is that this happened in a community full of students and seniors.
  23. If only he would put all of that energy and passion into something positive. I hope he goes away for a long time, play the game, pay the price.
  24. This thread was about Kemmer! I managed to derail it, sorry my bad! I hope Kemmer is okay!!
  25. Great tune... I still have this album. Sorry I never saw them in concert.