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  1. How about we just start one on facebook Call it the Baltimore SunSpot Highschool sports talk...
  2. I think 1A has pretty good talent as far as schools are concerned. Fort Hill Alco Lackey Douglass Havre De Grac All compete every year. Wasnt Fort Hill a top ten team last season above several 2,3 and 4A teams?
  3. 🖕🏿 The all metro MIAA list..
  4. BJ, throwing saltless salt always.. I believe they would have had a shot against everyone expect the 4A teams. Games would have been closer againt Damascus than many would think. GP, in my opinion had a chance but got wore down in the end. I def believe Dunbar could have competed against Lingnore or MM... So he tripping as always
  5. Dunbar will have a lot coming back next year and a few open dates.. Let's see who calls.
  6. Outside of the 1A title, if Dunbar were in 3A I like their chances against both MM and Linganore. D'Mass about 2 scores better especially late in the 4th. Their dline and oline would have stalled a few drives and they had just enough athletes to limit Dunbars big play. Wise, you are talking about a team that may have been faster and more athletic than Dunbar..with size. With that size... I going with a 35-21 Wise. Next season with Dunbar only losing about 8 seniors, but bringing up another talented QB, bringing back their #6 with another TB that toted the rock in JV.. Bringing back #5 and #11 with a host of WR from JV that threw as much as varsity. Couple that with a ton of D/Oline and other skills... Dunbar could be a force in any class next fall. Dynasty? #staytuned See you guys national signing day😎
  7. Hey national signing day is gonna be interesting.
  8. Great man.. Great dad.. Great son.. Great QB.. Keep striving high king.. Poet Pride Til We Die
  9. 10 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍
  10. Exciting game Dunbars QB Kevin Estep was 5'6 maybe 115 that year. He looked like an 8-10 QB, but had the heart of a lion.
  11. So "built" differently "the selection" means what Willis.... Oh, I guess the thought is that Dunbar put together some all star team and beat his team? That we can just cruise past the sentinels with some hard work but... hey, how hard do you have to work with an unfair advantage? We have an unfair advantage? The same so called unfair advantage Edmondson.and Douglass; teams they have defeated over the years had. The difference.. they defeated those teams to win rings... Your thoughts
  12. Taking heart meds..💊💊💊💊 Thanks FH for another classic