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  1. Great win for the state of Maryland.. Great win for FH...
  2. Loyola had their run of dominance in the 90s of beating the brakes off of most of the competition and we said nothing Gilman had a run in the 00s of being the Gooch in the MIAA and in Public that stepped up and we said nothing. So St. Frances is having their way with your beloved schools and beating you at your games that you thought you had mastered, and now you guys wanna cry foul or they should be in another league.. GTFOH! Pull up your skirts, perfect your craft and play ball.... PERIOD!
  3. And have played no one
  4. Pound for pound after reading.. Best ranking I've read
  5. Biggest surprise this football season so far.. And why?
  6. Nope.. I want them to be the #1 seed coming out the west.
  7. Eli Turner is a good kid.. His brother Aaron is gonna be special.
  8. Here's what I will say about City.. Give that OC some time and they will have an elite
  9. So you are saying City wins because of a QB? Unless he played LB and S ...nah. This wasn't your year.
  10. JMT I dont see Dunbar at 7-2 What does it look like with them at 8-1?
  11. My guy
  12. How #3 looking..
  13. 24-0 😱
  14. How J looking B-Motion..
  15. In vegas hitting lines and strippers my friend..😂😂 (jokes)