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  1. I bet you a case, Gilman won't be a losing team next year with Chase Drew. VSN is wrong. They got that from Maxpreps. Go to for their record. You're talking about kids who aren't there at CHC, Drew is at Gilman and will be playing next year.
  2. They were 11-20, stop listening to Maxpreps. While, your CHC Cards ended the year what, 10-15? A school with over 1000 kids, and team full of full time basketball players can not even finish with a winning record? But you are actually talking about a team that played the season without their best player?
  3. I've been busy travelling, so was out of loop. FYI, Gilman is still playing. They're in the championship game of the Independent School Tourney. They beat a very good Palottii team in the semis. Beat Glenelg Country School two times in a row. Before that, lost to your boys by 2, BL by 3, in a game they got HOSED IN, watched it online. As I said before, they're a year away. Next year, they will be right there with EVERYBODY, with Chase Drew. They're loaded with talent, the Missouri kid got much better and the ninth grade kid they brought up, Matt Cooper is big time. We don't have to talk about Rucker. Will have a great start five, and finally have a bench.
  4. I can relate with you on that. I will have to get back at you, once lacrosse starts.
  5. You want to talk about the fact that your boys at McD are losing kids? Hear Penn is off to DeMatha. How long before Jacobs announces he’s out?
  6. Actually, I don’t think they ran Kasim enough. He was a amazing athlete. Thhey there more with him, than anybody else. But, they relied heavily on their RB’s more than anything else.
  7. He never had that job at Gilman. The admissions director at Gilman, would never leave and go to SFA. Believe he was brought on the Gilman football staff from Hank Russell, not Biff. And contrary to what was written by someone on here before, Hank didn't deal with the administration, Biff did. Hank dealt with recruiting and the press.
  8. You responded to the other guy who said that there was a guy that was in admissions, who was paid to let students in, and has the same job now at SFA. You said it was Rick Bowie, Rick did not have that job at Gilman. So, talk about what you know. He never was paid by Biff to let students in. Moved to Silver Lake for the winter, back to Malibu for spring and summer.... #getyourmoneyup, #realnews!
  9. He was never the admissions director at Gilman. So you should say you have knowledge of SFA, not Gilman.
  10. Rick Bowie was on Biff’s staff at Gilman as a coach.
  11. And for years you keep pumping the kid up, and where he works out of that you’re affiliated with. I’m about results, not what a kid looks like working out without pads. Has he made All Metro yet? I’m actually asking a serious question, because I don’t even know. I have little interest these days in that area of sports, I’m no longer there at all anymore. I give credit when credit is due. DM’s first game last year, I was on here giving him his propers for the great game he played. Kid went MIA after that game on offense. I saw multiple drops in big games that I watch last year. These aren’t opinions, these are facts. He looked much better on defense, than offense. Now, saying he’s overrated, isn’t saying that he isn’t a very good player. Just that I haven’t seen it yet on the field, for his ratings to be where they are.
  12. Hellams, overrated. Was expecting a lot more from him last year. Bangda will be the best player in the class. Not the QB.
  13. CHC is a non factor to me. Once NLN left, the ‘program’was virtually over as well. I now root for them.
  14. Hence, VERY HIGH UPSIDE! He has all the tools to be great. He hasn’t played football very long. Dockett could have been even better than he was, to be honest.
  15. More than one was against Sutton. He ate Sutton up. And it wasn’t just sacks, he was all over the field that day.