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  1. Wrong, nobody is starting over the Richmond kid! He will be a four star or higher player. He has offers from everywhere, including Alabama and you think he will sit because the other kid's father coaches at WVU? No way, not happening! Maybe if it were Harbaugh's son, that's about it.
  2. Yep and the kid is legit!
  3. Most likely. But I will wait to see what the new coach is about before I make a judgement.
  4. I heard a rumor that Dulaney lost their second best player Chase Drew, who transferred to Gilman.
  5. Hahahaha, I was waiting for that!!
  6. This is for my man Guru, guess who's ranked the number 1 linebacker coming into the season in college football? Kiser will add to Gilman's NFL list, probably the best of the bunch.
  7. I believe what he's saying is, SFA as a school is only so big, so if the team continues to grow and take up so many spots, regular area kids will not be able to attend. Being a native of East Baltimore, this has been my only issue with what's going on with the football team. I personally could care less if their whole team was from Texas, because there's enough options for kids to play football in the area. I care about the everyday East Side kid who wants an affordable education.
  8. SFA and DeMatha was never suppose to play last year. Just trash talking after the season about playing this year. DeMatha will never play SFA as long as their former coaches are over there, this is well known.
  9. I don't think the roster will be 90% from different states, that's not happening. Now, if he said something like 70% non Baltimore residents, he might have an argument.
  10. Amazing story about Melvin Keihn:,amp.html so happy for this young man. You won't meet a nicer and more humble kid!
  11. I actually didn't know they won the 8th grade title last year. When I talked with one of their coaches during the season, he said the 8th grade team was ok but that the 7th grade team was a monster. And this spring, I watched their game tape against the Saints, who had only lost one game out of like 160 when they payed Hamilton. Hamilton won in a close one.
  12. I'm sure Gilman did want the QB, they only got two players from Hamilton. But was told that they and CHC got the two best players Hamilton had on their team. A team, like I said, that wasn't very good last year. Now this year, they have multiple big time players. Their RB is SPECIAL!
  13. I think Loyola got the most Hamilton kids actually this year. From my understanding, last year's Hamilton team wasn't that great. Believe CHC and Gilman got their two best players. From what I'm told, this year's Hamilton team that played in the spring is really really good. Saw game footage of them playing, they were huge and had what looked like special players.
  14. Damn, I forgot about the Dapper Dan Classic! Another great game.
  15. Capital Classic was big but it was never bigger than the McDonalds game.