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  1. By the way, the basketball kid I saw at MSJ game is ninth grade kid named Malik Missouri. Hear he’s a big time baller! Gilman will finally have depth on the hoops team. We forgot all about Madison, he will start in backcourt with Rucker.
  2. CHC doesn’t have the inside track, what are you talking about? CHC will end the year with just one league win, unless they beat McD. They will be granted win if Loyola doesn’t win a game. This would mean that MSJ, Gilman and CHC will have the same record. It goes down to point differential and head to head between the three teams. With MSJ losing 35-0 to CHC, they would be out. It would go down to Head to Head between Gilman and CHC, hence Gilman having the inside track with a win against Loyola.
  3. Anything is possible, but don’t see it. Not to mention, if Gilman wins the game, they probably earn a playoff spot, barring any big upsets down the stretch. Shonuff is right, that’s his name. Willis will probably not play, which really hurts them. Spanky being out would definitely make this game interesting.
  4. Gilman is hurting more than struggling. Loyola will have to score more than 15 to beat them. Simply on one player, Madison will probably score at least three Td’s in this game. Think the game will be closer than it should be, if Spanky and Willis are out but can’t predict a Loyola win. You do know Gilman beat CHC right and scored 35 points on them? 28 points on MSJ, but you think Loyola will hold them to 14?
  5. Yeah that’s crazy!
  6. I have zero interest in this game, and it’s hard enough to get me to leave downtown for much of anything when I’m in Baltimore, definitely not to meet you and your family. I have sold my last property in the area, will be done with the East Coast period at the end of the month. You’re more than welcome to come to the Thursday night tailgate for the next Ravens home game next week. Best tailgate around, will show you a good time. Ask Guru and 85Knight. They were both there yesterday, 85Knight even brought a fine little fillie with him. Bring your family if you like.
  7. They’re about as soft as their football squad. MOP has always been honest about being a McD parent, will give him credit there. I suspect DJ is one as well.
  8. Some great things in a 28-0 game!! This is priceless.
  9. You got me!! Yes, I live in my mom’s basement. How did you figure me out, Gooch and I are the same person?
  10. Crazy how they’re trying to change a 4 TD loss, into a nail biter, lol!!
  11. They never made it to the 20! Yes, I saw the game. I will watch it again, because I remember them only making it to the 32 yard line once. Throwing the ball to the 2 means what by the way? The game was a complete blowout, that should have been much worse, if not for the simplistic playcalling and penalties. If they play again, only thing that will change, will be a bigger blowout.
  12. McD never got inside of the 30? What drives are you talking about? CHC played SFA just as tough. SFA made mental mistakes, and have an offense that’s pretty easy to stop with athletes. McD has speed and athletes. I understand, you are a McD and Ellis supporter but come on, the game could have easily been 49-0.
  13. I promise you, you don’t want to compare academic or professional backgrounds.
  14. Front running? Last I checked, Jacobs played on a team that was blown out 28-0, and you actually questions someone’s intelligence? Oh yeah, you went to Loyola, my fault.
  15. Who the fuuck said I was giving analysis? Why the fuuck would I give analysis of an asss whipping? I made a statement, only kid on that squad who stood out was Jacobs, period! No analysis, just opinion.