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  1. All this guy does is bash young men. In just this week, he has bashed Smothers, Tommy Stuart and Kai Locksley!
  2. Oh wow! I didn't know this. But not surprised.
  3. This guy has no clue what he's talking about. He should never talked football outside of bum *** Frederick County. He's just mad that Tommy didn't stay out there to go to high school.
  4. True. Good for him, he wasn't playing at Boise with the young QB at the helm.
  5. Isn't he still trying to be a QB?
  6. Biggest upset of the year. Nobody had the Dons winning this.
  7. These articles about former Gilman football players are exactly why you go to the school. It was never about putting kids in the NFL for Gilman, it's bigger than that with the school.
  8. Good to have an Alum as Head Coach and from what I'm told, he's a hell of a Coach. Not sure how he will recruit though. Not that Daly was a good recruiter, hopefully they still have their main recruiters there.
  9. Absolutely. Gilman was down until the last event. Won the 4x400 to win it all. Definitely wish I were in town to have seen it.
  10. All is well in the universe again, Gilman wins the title after a one year hiatus. This makes it 7 out of the last 9 titles. Pure dynasty. A lot of people felt that when Poggi left, the track team would also fall by the way side. No way, Foreman was and is the architect of this machine. MSJ almost made it two in a row for them though. Final score was 155.5-151. I assume this is the closest score in the history of the MIAA. Some notable performances. MSJ's Ikenna Obi upset Dejuan Ellis in the 100 by .02 seconds with a very fast 10.66. Not sure if this kid plays football and what year he may be, but he's a blazer. And speaking of Ellis. This kid broke the MIAA long jump record, with a 24'5.5 jump. Beating Gilman's Ayende Watson's 23'9 jump. Ellis next year could break all kinds of records. Track might be this kid's best sport. Would love to see what he could do in the long jump if he concentrated just on that. Watson won the triple jump with a record jump(and broke my 26 year old school record this year), came in second in the Long and high. McDonogh's Dalton Hengst won an unprecedented 800,1600 and 3200. Really sucks the way they schedule it, because Gilman's Tory Young(who won the 800 last year) didn't run the 800 because he had the finals of other events too close to it. Would have been an epic race. Hengst should win Athlete of the year this year IMO. This was an epic track season in the ata and I hate that the MIAA has their meet so early. Just imagine the times and jumps they would have if the meet was later like the state.
  11. He was a ninth grader. He didn't have great speed but it's relative. Some of the things he's done on the track this spring, shows me he will be more than fast enough as his career progresses. Now, can't speak in his RB instincts.
  12. Loyola has one of the best freshmen athletes in the MIAA is Ty Trinh. Best athlete Loyola has had since their Championship days a decades ago. He played WR last year, but he can easily be moved to RB. They should get him the ball as much as possible.
  13. He did add the GC guys. Not sure how that will help them. They added linemen from Utah, at least that's the word. I'm told there will be even more kids that will leave after the school year is out. They truly don't have a whole lot left, bunch of young unproven talent. Decimated at the skill positions.
  14. Who the hell says he can coach? I haven't seen it. All that talent last year and you win nothing. I think they go 4-6, 5-5 maybe.
  15. Back on SJC, they just lost another star to SFA. Just got word that Joachim Bangda has left and gone to SFA. This is just a pure all star team they are assembling.