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  1. James, great player but he's not the best returning offensive player. He just destroyed you guys last year. But he didn't have a better year than Madison, and I would say that Ellis is also better, IMO.
  2. Well, that changes everything. They truly needed him, still think they can make a run for the playoffs, but definitely tougher without him. Looking forward to seeing Jelani Roberts little brother, heard he's way ahead of Jelani at the same age.
  3. Huge lineman. Will be their starting NG. Was at SFA last year, went back to his public school before the season started. Really helps Gilman a bunch. With him, Spanky being back, Booker and Willis, Gilman will have a much improved defense this year. He really helps Gilman where they needed it most on d, they were horrible up the middle on defense last year. Their interior linemen were atrocious. He will clog things up, which will help playmakers like Booker and Spanky do their thing. Very big transfer for Gilman and one in which I believe will put them in the playoffs.
  4. Thomas was good, but he never jumped out to me when I saw them play. You can't miss Shane. He's all over the field. Also great in pass defense. He's the best LB in the state already. If the line is as bad as you guys are saying, they're going to get killed by the likes of IMG. Taron is going to destroy them.
  5. Seriously? You need me to explain why Annapolis is a weak team? Who cares if they made the playoffs? They play in a weak Anne Arundel County league and plays nothing but Anne Arundel County teams every year but this one. What other 11-2 state playoff team do they play? The Florida team?
  6. Thomas isn't even close to being as good as Lee. Bangda is a huge improvement over the RB from last year. Haven't seen the QB's, so can't speak on that. But, it's the first scrimmage, think you're making way more out of what they will look like from it. I saw SFA's first game last year against a bad Avalon team, and they looked horrible. To stick with a DM team, that some say is better than last year's team, says a lot to me.
  7. Not sure how long they've been together, but they definitely haven't been in pads as long as DM, and definitely was their first scrimmage to DM's third. Major difference.
  8. I agree, I think SFA should feel really good about this scrimmage. 17-14 with the ones, DeMatha had guys out but so did SFA. The third scrimmage and the great backfield we keep hearing about, averages less than two yards a carry. I would take that. Not to mention, team full of transfers, that will only get better as the season goes along.
  9. Annapolis and Friendship isn't some tough OOC schedule and Good Counsel is an annual game for them. So, the Florida team is the only thing that makes this schedule not weak.
  10. Actually, you're right. This year's schedule isn't that weak. They did pick it up for this season. Only because they're playing the Florida school.
  11. They have Umbarger there, great athlete and player, not a QB. He's a poor man's Dejuan Ellis, same sort of passer and not even close to being the same sort of athlete. My question is, why does Spalding play such a weak schedule? I love Kyle as a coach, but he still seems like he thinks he's coaching in Howard County! His schedule's are so bad! Kind of like what CHC use to do. I can't respect not challenging your team.
  12. I think Spalding will have major issues with their QB. Coaching is going to be their trump card. Will give them a serious edge. I just think that Madison, Booker and Spanky are so good, that they just give Gilman something no team has in the MIAA, even SFA. McDonogh has Ellis, but they're handcuffed by playing him at QB. If he wasn't at QB, they would be special. I think you will see a much different Gilman team this year. SFA wins the title and should beat every team very easily. Outside of them, should be McDonogh but outside of Ellis and Mustipher(who I'm not huge on), they have some good players but nothing special. Love Jabriel at RB, but he's not Madison or Spanky.
  13. Thanks for the report. Heard a couple of things last night about the scrimmage. Gilman didn't have their new transfer, who would have really made RB look small. Heard their defense looked much improve. QB play is going to be an issue. Was told that they kept some players out because of injury. Booker is a legit 6'4, but very stout, maybe that's why he didn't seem tall to you. I think that Gilman will definitely make the playoffs, and probably only loses to SFA and McDonogh.
  14. Yes, like City said, he played for his area high school. Was in camp at SFA to start year but went back to his area school.
  15. I haven't heard anything about their scrimmage yet. You're about right with Gilman, great skill players but zero depth and major questions on the OL and QB play. They did get a HUGE transfer this week, who actually started the year last year at SFA, then went back to his area high school to play the year. He will help them big time. I think their defense will be much improved this year with this kid and Spanky back.