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  1. If everybody goes from here to Moco, it won’t be slow then.
  2. SFA
  3. SFA

    Just heard SFA has lost their starting QB, Jones going back to Richmond. The ninth grade kid is going to be the starter right now. Will other kids leave?
  4. On another note, the Campbell Gilman thing didn't work. He went back to DeMatha today. Have heard a couple of reasons why.
  5. By the way, I never said that Ellis or McGriff were kicked out of their respective schools. Neither would have gotten into McD, if they were asked to leave academically from their schools. I was speaking on the use of summer school to get caught up to the curriculum at McDonogh. By the way, I had to go to summer school before I attended Gilman, and I went to a top notch middle school and did very well.
  6. Maryland will have to answer for this!!
  7. I never hated on your son! In fact, I said he was the greatest youth league player I've ever seen play! And best overall athlete in the state FACTS! I don't hate anything about him, think he will be an outstanding college player. Just not at QB. This is just my opinion, nothing else. You definitely do not know me, if you think I wouldn't say it to anybody's face. I'm definitely built that way. Have said it too many on here and behind. You know Brawley, ask him.
  8. Rules and level playing field are totally different things. Every team should play by the rules. But these people want restrictions on recruits and stuff, and that's BS. That's an individual school's decision. Some schools have more money, and can give kids more. Do they also want a restriction on financial aid that can be given by the schools? That's like saying every man has the right to have a supermodel as a girlfriend/wife, some guys just have it better in this world. Just not fair.
  9. Now this is different. These kids do go to summer school. You were assuming they didn't. McGriff and Ellis both went to summer school. I have much more of a problem with the McGriff and Ellis situation, than the kids going to a lesser school and being eligible.
  10. No I wouldn't. Did you have a problem with kids like McGriff or Ellis, who were well known to have had academic problems at their former school, go to a BETTER ACADEMIC SCHOOL like McDonogh? St. Frances is not a better academic school than St. John's.
  11. They're definitely a football factory. But they're no better than a regular public school, academically. Did you even read what I wrote? I said they're a WORSE school academically, than SJC(St. John's). Would you have a problem if they failed at SJC, and went to Dunbar and played immediately? Because plenty of kids have failed out of privates, and went to play at Dunbar.
  12. There will never be a level playing field in more ways than schools size! The schools missions aren't the same. CHC and MSJ's mission, aren't the same as a Gilman's. There's no such thing as a level playing field, period. As it is in life.
  13. SFA isn't a better school academically than SJC. I see no problem with this. I remember kids being asked to leave Gilman when I was in high school, and ended up at St. Paul's or Boy's Latin. Happened all the time.
  14. We're talking about complaining about the size of MSJ, Spalding and CHC. Which technically, isn't a level playing field.
  15. What I'm told, SFA didn't want to keep them on the schedule, after they left the conference. Gilman would absolutely never cancel a game with SFA, by their own choice. What people don't realize, Gilman's new Co-AD, is married to somebody who works directky for Biff. So, they wouldn't drop them. They would do everything to help SFA out.