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  1. I just cleared space, try now.
  2. Word is, SFA is seriously circling some of the talent at DM right now. Don’t be surprised if you see some kids making their way up 95. I believe DM will be fine. I just think they overestimated their talent this year. They had a loaded team last year, that’s a lot to replace.
  3. Did you send it?
  4. Nobody will beat SFA, that’s just a given. But Gilman is going all out for football. Hear they have some serious applicants for the Head Coaching job, serious! Baltimore applicants, WCAC applicants, OOS applicants. I think in the next three years, it will be Gilman as the second best team in the league. Gilman’s new Basketball coach also will be very instrumental in who gets into the school now. I had a guy from the Board call me after the CHC win, and he said “SFA is the Alabama of the league, Gilman will be more like Notre Dame/Michigan.”
  5. I know! But that was just last year. Year before that the coaches had a fight in parking lot.
  6. Why are you lumping McDonogh and Gilman together but leave out CHC? CHC got away with using kids that were too old! CHC was just as bad as any, during their NLN days.
  7. Loyola played McD a lot closer than I thought they would have. Was a very competitive game, but Loyola truly only had one drive, were they got two big pass plays against Gilman’s ninth grade replacement DB. Their other score came on a long fake punt. Was impressed with how they bottled up Madison for the first half on defense. Loyola has had these games. Remember, they missed a FG last year that would have beaten SFA.
  8. I tried to tell my DeMatha friends that this team was going to have a long season. They lost way too much from last year. They also took Beau English for granted, and what he did for them. SJC hadn’t beaten them in over 20 years, wonder if there were any brawls at this one. Have been the last two years.
  9. Gilman is decimated with injuries. Playing without their best defensive player and third best defensive/best wideout. Knew this game would be close.
  10. No, Gilman coaching makes zero sense. Why would you pooch kick it with a minute leg against a team like Loyola who don’t have the playmakers to return a kick? Just stupid. Loyola started it at almost mid field.
  11. Gilman wins 21-14. Like I said, closer than it should of been. But without Willis and Spanky, Gilman just don’t have the personnel to make up for those losses.
  12. You were saying?
  13. Wow, WTH! Loyola is trying to hose Gilman! 5 seconds left, Loyola takes a three step drop, looks and throws and it’s still 2 seconds on the clock!
  14. Hill, who has stank it up the whole day, throws a 50 yard TD pass to Piper Bond. 21-14 Gilman with 1:05 left.
  15. And Gilman just pooched kicks it? Who the hell is coaching this team?
  16. Gilman scores a TD on a Long pass to Madison, only for it to be called back because of an illegal shift. Two plays later, Madison scores on a long run. 14-13 right now, as extra point hasn’t been kicked because Gilman’s OL Hank Bethel has a serious ankle injury. Another Gilman starter out for the year. As I write it, 14-14 6:03 left.
  17. Loyola gets two big pass plays against the ninth grader Conyers, who is replacing Willis. 14-7 Loyola.
  18. Well that was fast. 40 secs into the second half, Gilman scores with Brandon Madison running it down to the one a long run and Hill scoring on a QB keeper. 7-7.
  19. There will be somebody, you know it. Probably the Stalker.
  20. Gilman is losing to Loyola 7-0 at the half. Loyola faked a punt from their 40 and ran it to the 1. Scored next play. Gilman is without Willis and Spanky. Same ole horrible playcalling, but what’s really bad is, the QB Hill has reverted back to his old ways. He has thrown four passes, where there was no Gilman player within 10 yards. Missed wide open guys that would have surely been TD’s. Even without two of their best players, If Gilman loses this game, the staff should quit, effective immediately.
  21. Never said anybody from Fort Hill!
  22. Wasn’t talking about you clown!!
  23. Pretty good assessment of the game. Umbarger played really well at beginning of the game. He looked really shooked in the second half though, they were lighting him up. SFA is just on another level. Just imagine how good they would be, if they had a real offense! They’re so deep, it’s ridiculous. They had kids making plays last night who I’ve never even heard of before. Funny thing is, one of these yo-yo’s will say something stupid, like Fort Hil could beat them.
  24. Well, the running clock has started, 42-7 SFA-Spalding. Game should be much worse. SFA looked like they were trying to break the world record for penalties. Spalding never really stop them, SFA had their first drive stopped after a 67 yard TD was called back for an illegal shift. Spalding stopped them one other time, after SFA was driving but then gets 30 yards of penalties.
  25. By the way, the basketball kid I saw at MSJ game is ninth grade kid named Malik Missouri. Hear he’s a big time baller! Gilman will finally have depth on the hoops team. We forgot all about Madison, he will start in backcourt with Rucker.