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  1. My question is, why is Willis playing anyway. He and Sandy are both human turnovers. Tough to watch them man, they’re just so soft down low. Like I said before, I like the new coach’s schemes but his rotations are suspect. I understand today, because those kids weren’t there but he has to make some adjustments.
  2. I watched the Gilman game as well. Gilman was leading heading into the fourth and all game, again the roof fell off in the fourth. Happened after the technical foul they had called on a player, who shouldn’t be playing. Gilman was also playing without two of their biggest contributors, 6’9 Roman Hinds and Spanky Dixon. Dixon I believe is out because of junior Crab Bowl activities. I have no idea why Hinds hasn’t been there the last three games. Maybe had some issues back in Jamaica. I agree though, there have been some really puzzling losts this year. Severn beating CHC is by far the strangest. St. Paul’s beating Gilman, without two of their tougher players, wasn’t surprising.
  3. What fake numbers? False, Aaron was definitely putting up big numbers, for a HORRIBLE Forest Park team, in fact he broke 1st Team All Metro Obie Barnes Jr.’s school single season record. Why are you arguing with yourself? Where did I say that kids in public school can’t play, or have success at the next level? Please show me, please..... Thought this was an argument, over the quality of teams and leagues, not whether they’re great players in the public school league. Their great players in the C conference, what’s your point?
  4. His dad wasn’t playing, was he? His dad has his own personal grips with the MIAA, using his dad is a poor example. I know Aaron, very very well. Great friend, talked with him a few weeks ago, before the Rams-Saints game. Aaron had a great junior year at Forest Park, I repeat Forest Park. He led the city in rushing. So not sure what you’re saying with him. Also, talking about the city league or publics in general back then, is totally different than now. Publics were much stronger. Baltimore City’s population has plummeted since then, but more schools have popped up. This totally diluted the talent, along with the rise of private school recruiting. I’m a pro-Gilman Guy, not a pro-private Guy. But to ignore the facts, would be delusional on my part. Fourth place CHC, lost to the strongest public school team, who haven’t lost in many years by two points, even though they lost their starting QB and RB in the first quarter.
  5. Someone just text me a screen shot of a huge debate by kids, that went on Twitter this week by players from Private and Public schools. The whole thing was SHUT DOWN, by Brandon Savage. Savage said, he’s played in the private league(MSJ), and public(led Milford to the state finals), and this is what he said: “Everyone is completing Misunderstanding bro @minic00p_ point! He not saying Public School players are bad. But the MIAA/WCAC is nothing to play with! There is no easy game. The game is faster, players (in most cases are better). #Facts” and “I've played in both MIAA and Public School...MIAA is another type monster” So ignore the stalking trolls Bully, this is from someone who has strapped it up in both leagues and knows what he’s talking about, better than anybody who gives a shiit what they say. Butt hurt old men, living in mama’s basement.
  6. For what it’s worth and even though the teams haven’t been announced yet, word is Madison will also be the Varsity Sports Network Player of the Year as well! So, the two area publications, both see it the same way. Madison joins a long line of Gilman POY’s, more than any school in the area.
  7. You left out the Sun’s offensive POY!
  8. No not saying that, but don’t beat up the bums and then do nothing in the playoffs. That’s what I’m saying. Also not saying that he might be the best Qb in the area, doesn’t matter where he plays. I have a issue with the SFA QB making the team, he was a glorified RB.
  9. No, he didn’t. The guy above is saying he should be 1st team!
  10. I want to start this off by saying, never been more proud of a Gilman team than this one. They never let the struggles get to them, perservered and now have a chance to shock the world and win a title. And for all you folks out there, there is no MIAA playoffs or title game without The Gilman School in it. We ARE MIAA football. All these clowns and idiots on here talking about Gilman and how their time is over, as usual had no idea what they were saying. In fact, they should have been never speaking about football period!!! One transition year, and the boys are already back in the title game! That's called a PROGRAM FOLKS! One 'expert' had Gilman losing by two TD's, hahahahaha! As i said,Gilman is better than 90% of the teams in the State! Can Gilman beat the mighty Panthers, I doubt it. But it wouldn't surprise me. They will need to stack the box and force SFA to pass all day long. And they have to take the fight to them!
  11. CHC’s Watson shouldn’t have made any of those teams. The Campbell kid is the only kid on that defense that was worthy of making All Met. Can’t speak about the other kids play, but my assumption is that they take into account the quality of opponents, and how far the teams went in the playoffs.
  12. You say all games matter, but then you want to credit kids who put up numbers against Our Sisters of the Poor. Madison made an impact, in every game, except the first SFA game! He was not only a great RB, he was a great WR and played a bunch of DB as well, they didn’t even mention the two kickoffs he returned, while only playing part time as a returner. He was easily the best player in the area, not just offensive player. I personally predicted that Bangda would win it, but said that Madison should win it.
  13. Hear what you’re saying, but Madison was the best player in the area, easily. For once, they got it right. Not to mention, Gilman had a winning record IN BALTIMORE. Three of their losses, were to DC area teams. Now I agree with JBMAD on this one, Booker and Boozer shouldn’t be All Met this year. Neither of them had All Met seasons.
  14. Seriously Loyola? this is crazy! This could truth very ugly!
  15. That board has turned into a morgue. Really was a great board, then just died for no reason. Speaking of dead, has anybody checked on EagleInsider? Is he ok? I know he’s hurt, and will be even more because I’m hearing McD might be going in a different direction with their foootball program.
  16. What’s HM? HM All Metro? Yes. During my time at Gilman, Gilman had 5 players that ended up playing D1.
  17. He looked great against Gilman the other day on the hardwood. Was their best player that day. I think he’s going to be a great football player, which is what he will play at the next level.
  18. No, he's a little raw. But love his game. His jumper can get better, you can't really teach his athleticism or handle. As I've said, one year away for Gilman. Those JV players I spoke of and some kids who are shooters on that JV team, they're going to be really good next year with Chase Drew.
  19. True! If looks like it’s basically the DC board these days. Too many people allowing this. Nothing wrong with a little DC area talk, I engage in it and like it. But, you have people that flood the board with that shiit. SB usually just responds to others. He’s not an initiator. Those are the ones, we need to check!
  20. Hahahahaha, definitely drunk! Hopefully, you’re staying warm there dawg! That’s being said, you have to check the neck with all of this DC area talk! I’m leaving it up to you!
  21. He will be better than his brother. He’s taller than 5’11. Better athlete than his brother. Wait to you see him, he’s a big time athlete. Seriously, an elite athlete. He will Be s High D1 player by he time he’s a senior. Young and still growing.
  22. I’m putting this all on you guys! You have allowed a bunch of DC talk not from SB, but other people to creep on he board without checking them. I can’t see the clowns and stalkers, but I see the responses to their posts! You can’t check SB, without checking the people that have been the catalysts of the DC talk! This board had for soft as shiit! Letting these bums talk that shiit on here!
  23. Logan Curtis, isn’t better than Jalen Rucker. STOP THAT! And honestly, the kid that has a bigger upside over Adams, is Foster! Foster, is an ELITE athlete and ball handler. His shot is too streaky. But, I would take him over Adams as a recruit, without a doubt. Now rebounding, you can put anybody in that category, and they’re better than any of the Gilman “big” men.
  24. That’s a horrible loss! But I’m going to rescind my prediction of Gilman beating the Hall this year. Only because I’m a little buzzed from early day drinking here, hard not to when it’s 80 degree weather. Just watched the game online against Palotti. Gilman lost by 7. Palotti, nothing speacisl at all, but they can shoot and only missed three free throws. Gilman missed about 20! Madison lead the way with 18. Rucker has 13, was in foul trouble the whole game. Ciaran Sandy had I believe a career high of 16. Misleading 16. Gilman’s issue in the game and season is, they can’t shoot or rebound! They can’t shoot threes or free throws. Love the new coaches schemes, but he has a team that is limited in the shooting and heart department. I’m not going to talk about the ninth grader, he’s a kid. But the 18 years old Sandy, isn’t ready for Baltimore City basketball. Can’t catch the ball, a human turnover and looks scared. CHC will beat them, even though they shouldn’t.
  25. You don’t think Toles is a stud? Not only is he a stud, he’s one of the best two sports athletes in the state. Hell of a basketball player as well.