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  1. MaxPreps 4A Wise (-10) over Quince Orchard 3A Linganore (-7) over Milford Mill 2A Damascus (-13) over Gwynn Park 1A Ft. Hill (-9) over Dunbar
  2. GP first and goal at the 4 and elect to take a knee with HT out of timeouts. 16-9 Gwynn Park final
  3. The GP punt was downed at the 1! What looked like a GP INT was ruled defensive pass interference, giving HT some breathing room to the 17. Timeout GP The next INT was not called back and returned to the HT 14 - that should do it. 16-9 2:14 4th
  4. Clutch 3rd and long grab by WR Brooks moves GP to the HT 26. Again 3rd and long - and the HT sack pushes GP far out of FG range. Timeout #2 for HT On 4th, GP punts it away. 16-9 Gwynn Park 2:44 4th
  5. Now neither team can stop the other. HT nearing midfield on a couple runs by RB Dangerfield. On 3rd and 7, the HT pass was just a bit too long and bounced off the WR fingertips. HT lined up to punt on 4th, but called timeout and decided to go for it. Again, the pass was just a bit long. 16-9 Gwynn Park 4:51 4th
  6. GP quickly across midfield. QB Brown sprints on consecutive plays picking up 2 first downs + 15 more for late hit out of bounds. GP at the HT 15. And the TD pass to WR Brooks puts the Yellow Jackets back on top. 16-9 Gwynn Park 7:14 4th
  7. HT throws deep from their own endzone - good for 29. HT RB Dangerfield takes it to midfield. But yet another GP sack ends the drive. 9-9 9:19 4th
  8. GP QB Brown somehow avoided a sack and, while directing traffic, ripped off a big gain to the HT 20. A nice grab by WR Brooks makes it first and goal at the 5. On 4th and goal from the 2, GP is stuffed! 9-9 0:30 3rd
  9. GP punted (the 13th of the game). HT starts at their own 36 and pick up first down #1 at 8:57 3rd. And then another, a completion to the GP 34. And yet another, a completion to the GP 20. And score on a 20-yd TD grab! PAT ties it up. 9-9 5:29 3rd
  10. On the first play of the 2nd half, GP scores on a 64-TD TD run - only to have it called back on a hold.9-2 Gwynn Park 11:36 3rd
  11. Harford Tech was a perfect 8-8.On each and every one of their 8 first half possessions, they went three-and-out = 8 punts, 0 first downs and -1 yards of offense.In no small part, that lack of HT offense was due to Gwynn Park's identical, space eating DTs - the 6'0 335 DT Harris and the 6'0 325 DT Sibert - overwhelming HT's smallish OL.GP scored on their opening possession but have done little since.HT's punter has been MVP with three consecutive punts resulting in a recovered fumble, and balls downed at the GP 6 and 1.GP's punter could not handle a high snap early 2nd, giving HT their only points.Very late 2nd, GP RB Lindsey would not go down, which allowed GP to kick a 24-yd FG just before half.GP leads 5-0 in first downs and 54-(-1) in total yards.9-2 Gwynn Park at half
  12. MM scored very late with mostly backups, but a hold brought it back. 33-6 Milford Mill final
  13. A quick LR three and out.MM soon faced a 4th and 1 at midfield - QB stuffed, but picked up the first down by this much.After that crucial first, RB Scott burst loose for 45 and finished it with a 5-yd TD run.33-6 Milford Mill 6:32 4th
  14. MM right back with a 51-yd TD bomb from QB Savage to freshman WR Holmes (who I believe will play QB next season). 27-6 Milford Mill 10:49 4th
  15. 3rd quarter was all LR. MM only ran a handful of plays before fumbling it away. LR drove again - and this time when they got to the 4, QB Moore took it in. PAT hit upright. 21-6 Milford Mill 0:10 3rd
  16. LR took the 2nd half KO and kept the ball for 7:14 - helped immensely by a MM personal foul on an incomplete 3rd down and then again with MM jumping offside.But faced with a 4th and goal, the LR pass was broken up by MM S Higgins.21-0 Milford Mill 4:46 3rd
  17. The Long Reach defense has played OKish, but the Long Reach offense has been awful with nothing even remotely resembling a drive.LR had 8 possessions which lasted 1:07, 0:23, 1:10, 1:22, 0:58, 0:06, 0:09 and 0:44. The LR RBs have negative yards and the QB is 5-19 with 2 INTs.Milford Mill cruised on their opening possession, but on 4th and goal at the 5 threw an INT. LR punted it back and MM scored on a 10-yd pass to WR Obasi.LR's only scoring chance came late 2nd when they picked off another MM pass at the MM 25 but went nowhere. MM took over on downs and drove 82 yards capped by a 15-Yd TD by RB Scott.MM AP Desmond Shell had a decent half at RB with 50 yards rushing, but scored on defense - stepping in front of a LR pass and taking it 40ish yards for a score.MM leads 11-2 in first downs and 167-39 in total yards.21-0 Milford Mill at half
  18. 51-14 Linganore final
  19. Linganore CB Albano has 2 INTs and now a blocked punt. Lancers start at the OH 15 and RB Musselman scores to start the running clock. 51-14 Linganore 3:00ish 3rd
  20. Linganore opened the 2nd half with a long drive - but stopped on 4th and 1 at the OH 4.OH then threw INT #5 to LB Kolick who returned it to the OH 6.RB Butler in from there (then went for 2?)44-14 Linganore 8:30 3rd
  21. Both teams had great production from their superstar WRs - the difference in the half was Linganore got a lot of production from other players.For Oxon Hill, it was all 6'2 205 All-State WR Daniel George (the announcer insisted on calling him George Daniel).A 64-yd TD juggling grab in the 1st and a 71-yd juke and jive TD in the 2nd was all of OH's scoring. With 5 receptions for 168 yards and 2 TDs, he accounted for all but 25 yards of the OH offense.For Linganore, WR Felton was equally impressive. His 76-yd reception (caught from behind by George) set up a 7-yd TD QB Leyh keeper.Then RB Butler went in from 1 after a 45-yd screen by Butler.After Felton returned a KO deep inside OH territory, RB Musselman scored from 13 (no RB Snowden tonight).Then Felton again on a 73-yd TD and Butler again on a 15-yd TD.Linganore picked off 4(!) first half OH passes (two by CB Albano), the 3rd of which led to the Lancers final score, a 32-yd FG by K Formulak.Linganore leads 14-6 in first downs and 367-193 in total yards.38-14 Linganore at half
  22. Couldn't tell if it was good or not from where I was - it was an ugly line-drive kick - but the two black hats both signaled no good and I even wrote 13-7 on my scorecard. When I looked back up, the white hat seemed to convince the blacks hats that the kick was good. Don't believe I've ever seen that before.
  23. Might be back. 3rd quarter was atrocious for Gilman. A terrible, one-sided rout that continues into the 4th with another Bangda TD. 44-7 SF 10:30ish 4th
  24. Willis had been in the sidelines, but was just now taken by gator to the hospital. Big conference between refs and SF coaches - Poggi was really pissed about something. SF leads 7-6 in first downs and 105-68 in total yards.