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  1. There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. If i continue out this argument I can show that no one in my house has ever been shot, and so it is not a problem I don't know many Americans who are so sanguine about the level of gun violence in America. Well, wait, maybe I do. The compiler of the statistics named here. This is their closing paragraph. with an attitude like this, there will never be a need to update a 250 year old compact. I suppose we all need the guns to combat the black helicopters. . . Thus, the second amendment was proudly and boldly included in the U.S. Constitution. It must be preserved at all costs. So the next time someone tries to tell you that gun control is about saving lives, look at these facts and remember these words from Noah Webster: “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed.”
  2. most of these shootings are not committed by "nutbags". The mentally ill are not, on average, more violent than the regular population. To suggest that all mass shooters are "insane" is a convenient way to sweep the reality of the situation under the carpet. The difficulty is that when someone, sane or otherwise, decides to kill many people there are too many options at hand to make that possible.
  3. I would be tempted to agree with you if we actually were not locking up more people for longer periods of time. SInce 1975 US incarceration rates have sharply increased, to almost the most in the world. While I do not know enough about guns now or in the past, I would say that in the 1950-1970's casual citizens did not have assault rifles. Perhaps Gangsters, but they were not something a juvenile would buy themselves or find in mom and dad's closet. One of the first mass shootings was by an ex mariine from the clock tower at the universtiy of Texas. He used, I believe a bolt action rifle to do his killing. It was terrible, but would, I think have been much worse if an untrained person were to do the same. Wait, that did happen in Las Vegas this year.. .
  4. The discussion seems to revolve around one aspect of gun safety, that more people, better armed and trained make a safer society. Perhaps the opposite is true. Rather than build a new infrastructure of checkpoints and armed individuals, we can eliminate the arms in the first place. Too simple, and inexpensive an idea I guess.
  5. It is disturbing that it now turns out that the armed officer in the school in Parkland failed to enter the school and address the shooter. Presumably out of fear. He presumably was trained repeatedly in how to use his weapon, what to do in an emergency and regularly drilled in what to do in an emergency. I have little faith that an armed teacher would act differently, especially if they are also tasked with keeping tabs on and getting a class of 30 say, algebra one freshman to safety. Also not encouraging is the statistic that NYPD officers when faced with a crisis only put 18% of rounds on target. An officer on duty at every entrance? that would be an enormous cost for dubious return. I think Perry Hall High school alone has 3 four entrances. Say you have a backup officer assigned to the school for vacations and coverage, and maybe an extra to cover the after school activities that could stretch till 9-10 at night. you have 25 high schools alone in Balto County. This would be an enormous expense.
  6. I am not sure what game it is that you are referring to. Also not sure what the general population of the state means. There is this: And there are slightly more women than men in the state. Race Population % of Total Total Population 5,773,552 100 White 3,359,284 58 Black or African American 1,700,298 29 Hispanic or Latino 470,632 8 Asian 318,853 5 Some Other Race 206,832 3 In terms of voters, after the top 5 counties the rest of the state is a political afterthought in state wide elections. It is unlikley you will ever see a candidate or running mate from somewhere other than Balco, MOCO, PG, AA, HOW, or BC. Vote by county Clinton Trump Montgomery 357,837 92,704 Baltimore 218,412 149,477 Prince George's 344,049 32,811 Anne Arundel 128,419 122,403 Baltimore City 202,673 25,205 Howard 102,597 47,484 Harford 47,077 77,860 Frederick 56,522 59,522 Carroll 26,567 58,215 Charles 49,341 25,614 Washington 21,129 40,998 St. Mary's 17,534 28,663 Calvert 18,225 26,176 Cecil 13,650 28,868 Wicomico 18,050 22,198 Allegany 7,875 21,270 Worcester 9,753 17,210 Queen Anne's 7,973 16,993 Talbot 8,653 10,724 Dorchester 6,245 8,413 Caroline 4,009 9,368 Garrett 2,567 10,776 Kent 4,575 4,876 Somerset 4,196 5,341
  7. What are you talking about. THere are I think 6 white males running, one Indian woman, and two black males running. A pretty diverse group. It would only make sense to look for geographic, social, racial diversity in a ticket. The idea in politics is to be representative, and to win. I think the candidates are making some pretty savvy choices. Which combination do you find the most objectionable?
  8. Well, the top of the ticket seems pretty full of white males. . . . .
  9. I wonder how much this is a sign of our declining civilization. The rest of the world must look at America and think we are crazy. A school gets shot up and students kill and our response is to arm the teachers with guns. Where else in the world are teachers expected to be armed?
  10. The reality of this is that despite your wishes that he be locked away for a long time. What chargeable and convictable crimes underlie this news story. I don't think anyone yet has proposed that possessing these items is facing a long prison sentence.
  11. I hope other "lottery" winners aren't required to die to collect.
  12. No one here heard the case, but for what was reported in the media. Trust your fellow citizens and not your own knee jerk reactions. It apparently did not take much convincing to show that an officer arrived on the scene, and while everyone else was under cover decided to fire through a wall and into a woman and child. There is probably no way the amount of the verdict will ever be paid, as local governments have a cap on their liability, and their insurance will pay the rest. I wonder if people are more upset with the verdict or the size of the award?
  13. Swimming up stream. More clergy teaching would be good, but would not stop the fact that they have put themselves into a bad place where they cannot afford enough of the athletes to make a difference. Still not able to competitive with other privates on price, which is all t h at seems to matter now.
  14. I am not sure that hardening all the soft targets is an America I want to live in. It sounds more like Belfast during the troubles. It is all ready irritating to be searched going into sporting events, and movie theaters, I am not sure the end result of having a generation grow up being searched or suspected of violence in their schools, workplaces, recreational venues is a sign of progress for the United States. Is every one of those losses of privacy enough of a price to pay for not restricting guns?
  15. Baltimore COunty schools have an armed SRO officer in every high school. If that is what is wanted each school district should budget that for each high school.