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  1. I wonder if anyone knows anything about the new Superintendent, but the ethical lapse. I admittedly do not. The reason I don't agree with this permanent hire, is that it hamstrings the incoming board. In November there will be a partially elected school board for the first time, who along with Hogans' flunkies on the board will now be deprived of the singularly most important decision the board can make. I do not know what the general issues are in BALCO, but adding another interim year to White's term, then letting the whole board, (and the new COunty Council and Executive) make the hire would have been better. What person and what issues are the most pressing for the BALCO schools?
  2. What honest cop is targeted? I imagine it would be a nice job to do to be a police officer and be exempt from doing your job according to some set of constitutional rules.
  3. It seems like this is problem that some board observers have is that they think they can do a better job than the judges, prosecutors, parole and probation departments. As long as the rule is simple enough it should apply. No sense that there is a mitigation phase in most hearings. maybe no awareness that sentences can be suspended, run concurrently or consecutively. Similarly no sense that the court system, as structured and financed, could not run if these sentences would be realized as it would be an invitation for every one accused to go to trial. That Baltimore is in a bad way at the moment is not because we are not arresting and locking up enough people. Of course the more violent and repeat offenders are ones who are the focus of much of the court systems focus, I have never heard anyone here or anywhere advocate that violent criminals should be released. Some righly point to the conditions in the area that have created the problem, and bemoan the fact that not enough is being done to solve some of the ills that created it. Well, solve those problems on the front end and we will not have to worry as much about them on the back end.
  4. AMerica and Baltimore already locks up more of its citizens than almost any other country on the planet. . . in history. It has not worked. While it is true that a person who is locked up cannot commit his second crime, it does not seem to stop many from committing their first.
  5. The better solution is that they leave jail and are no longer criminals.
  6. Why not just bring Sharia law to Maryland. Good Grief. I would hate to be a correctional officer working with a population that literally has no reason to comply with your directives.
  7. Just so we are clear. Thank you for clarifying.
  8. So, really you want judges to be bound by a binary set of rules. If guilty get 1; If innocent get 0. Each crime equals a set penalty and there is no range of possibility for severity or circumstance. And of course no place for a Judge to, well, judge. I would suppose a concurrent philosophy would be that you view the justice system as punishment, rather than correction.
  9. Who are the truth in sentencing laws for? The criminal, he is very aware, to the day of what his sentence entails. The population at large? They are not aware of the laws and the sentences for each in the first place. The judge, attorneys and prosecutors? They wrote them and know them. This is Maryland's statute on Cocaine Possession. What is wrong with it or unclear about it? Code Section Maryland Code, Criminal Law ยง 5-601, et seq. Possession Misdemeanor with penalty of up to 4 yrs. and/or $25,000; Bringing 28 g. into state: felony with penalty of up to $50,000 and/or 25 yrs.; Subsequent offense: double penalties Sale Felony with penalty of 20 yrs. and/or $25,000; Sale of more than 448 g. or 50 g. of crack: not less than 40 yrs.; Subsequent offense: double penalties; 2 yrs. mandatory, not less than 10 yr. sentence; Third offense: not less than 40 yrs. Sale to minors or near school property: stricter penalties Trafficking If "drug kingpin" 20-40 yrs. and/or $1,000,000 fine
  10. So what you are saying is that you do not want the prison system to have parole any longer, or allow for any leniency for good or positive behavior. It seems that that would be a recipe for a disastrous situation in the state's prisons.
  11. What is the issue with truth in sentencing laws? I am not sure what the public fervor is for them The judge sentences them, and everyone in the state then becomes eligible for parole or not. If eligible it is at 1/2 th time for violent crimes and at 1/4 the sentence for nonviolent crimes. What do people mean when the say they want truth in sentencing laws? Do they mean they want longer sentences? No parole sentences?
  12. Isn't Walt shot to death at the end of Gran Torino?
  13. I am not sure what your take is on this. Is there some suggestion that violent crime and murders do not happen in the leafy 'burbs of Baltimore County. The story I have read is that two people who do not live in the county were killed there. . . . By, presumably a county resident. Is there some excuse already being formed that "well, they were new to the county", or "They must have moved out from the city. We don't act that way out here".
  14. We will see what happens with the wrestling team. They were the last bunch to step in it.
  15. At this point in the Presidential term she would be a god send.