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  1. I am, there was enormous worry initially. All I heard was comments that " I moved here to avoid all this kind of thing", "Must have been the light rail", Never knew Loveton Farms was the 'hood". When the two yokels were caught, it was kind of a ho hum. BTW, the caliber of the gun does not make a difference, it is all about the intent.
  2. A month or so there was a shooting at police cars and passenger cars and there was initial speculation that somehow Baltimore City's ills had spread to Hunt Valley. Subsequent arrests of two local teenagers went almost unnoticed. There is nothing wrong with being patient and waiting to see what the facts are, and even then not extrapolating them into the collapse of civilization and the American republic.
  3. As the discussion swirls on here and elsewhere about seeming rise in the crime rate in the area and the lack of trust between citizens and law enforcement, stories like this do almost incalculable harm. It scapegoats one race, makes them more resentful and angry about being discriminated against and abused. Coupled with the criminal elements within the police force like the recently discredited gun task force, it is little wonder that the communities do not trust one another. The bad apple really does spoil the whole barrel, and it is very difficult to overcome preconceptions when actual events prove them to occasionally be true.
  4. How long is long enough? If someone does 60 years of a life sentence and is released as an 84 year old is society again in danger? repurchase is much more likely than confiscation. The problem with mandatory punishment is that it is essentially computer generated punishment. The reason we have human judges is so that they can use their human judgement. It is hard to say that we are not already tough on crime. We have more people on percentage basis in jail than any other country on earth. Prison rates in the US are the world's highest, at 724 people per 100,000. There must be something else going on.
  5. There are 58 countries in the world with the death penalty. only 4 in the industrialized world: US, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. LIfe in prison is more prevalent, but only two European countries (maybe our closest analogy) do Britain and the Netherlands.
  6. Bad people did not move in. Drugs and alcohol, gangs and turf wars were a problem in Baltimore in 1967, in 1917 and in 1867. People moved out of the city, jobs moved out of the city, A war on drugs was initiated and so it went. Baltimore is for sure in the struggle right now, and solutions to the problems are like to be generational.
  7. There are two extremes in the issue. Either everyone in the country has a firearm or no one has a firearm. Which side of that spectrum do you think would lead to fewer gun deaths? Choose a country and a gun death rate. Which extreme are they closer to.
  8. Rather than try to arm everyone, would it not be easier to disarm everyone?
  9. I hope this nonsense doesn't make it to the voter rolls.
  10. But of course the schools are not a business, they are too important to be run as such.They are part of teh vicious cycle of low expectiations in school and low expectations of a successful working life. Not sure which came first and an analysis at this point may not even be helpful. Did the dissapearance of the American working class economy come create a culture where education does not matter or vice versa. Any way you slice it is a generational problem in the city, and in many places to turn around poor performing schools. Since the Coleman report in the 1980's we have known that 75% of the determining factors of a child's education occur outside of the school building.
  11. And in breaking news: Flacco throws a touchdown pass, an architect designed a building, a teacher reached a child, a doctor saved a cancer patient, a fireman put out a fire. People do the jobs they are supposed to do. It is when they do not that they make the news. If you make what this police officer did extraordinary you diminish the other police officers, by suggesting that they would not have done the same thing under the circumstances. The police officers are justly compensated for their work and they are worthy of all the respect any working man would get for a job well done. Let's not make them out to be more than that.
  12. I know that this is chum in the water but. SJW, if that is Social Justice Warrior. Why is that a pejorative? Who would not want to be one?
  13. Would not have taken you for a freerider. Pay for the service that you use good grief.
  14. That is exactly the point. Behaviors can be learned. If they are not being learned in the environment a child is growing up in then you have to change the environment. We are in agreement. You may have a different prescription for the problem but we agree that behavior can be learned, so we have to agree also that it can be taught and modeled. It is not a surprise that the cities are more liberal than rural area. You are on point, people are moving to the cities to live, they seem to be liberal. There is always the do nothing and complain solution. Sitting in your rocker yelling "get off the lawn" about kids these days. Message boards are great for that so are conservatives. Nothing wrong with either, just know what you are getting.
  15. You are suggesting that dysfunction is somehow genetic rather than situational. If your belief is that because of genetics or dysfunction that people should be quarantined into the city, that is the kind of cruelty that lead to the problem. If on the other hand you believe that an individual can change as their circumstances change you have to believe that some governmental policy of changing those circumstances will be work and should be followed.