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  1. Finally some out of the box thinking to help the City and State get ahead of the problems, weighing them down.
  2. Yes. you are right. and yes coastal highway should have a whole lot more crosswalks and red lights, especially in the summer.
  3. It was hot as the dickens in the City over the weekend. Not hard for a pedestrian to resent having to wait on the airconditioned cars to go past when I am melting in my own seat on the asphalt. Not right, but come on, unless you are racing to the hospital for some crucial life saving surgery, relax and slow down. Driving could not be more comforable. I hope the open carry fanatics are not looking at jaywalking as an excuse to draw and shoot.
  4. Right, talk about a league laying down on the job. Why would any other MIAA team want to play this school .
  5. Great, but essentially meaningless news for Maryland. It returns us to where we were in 2007 under Governor O'Malley before the recession of 2008. I like numbers and all but polls like this are crazy, and I would find it difficult to believe an individual would make a decision about locating a business in Maryland because of it hard to believe.
  6. The City paper was no great shakes, but it was something like a competing viewpoint on Baltimore. The tragedy is that people will seemingly just not pay to support journalism. Baltimore used to be a two newspaper town with a morning edition and an afternoon edition. And those papers would compete for readers. Now we do not even have one locally owned paper. It is sad. Even the local editions and the Patuxent papers have been bought and homogonized by the Sun. IF people still really believe that bloggers will fill the gap of professional journalism watch what comes down the pike. More corruption, lower election turnouts, more civic disengagement. Sigh, it is not the CP's fault, but I don't see any way forward unless people decide that the free press, can not exist for free.
  7. I know it is difficult to stay on message. Either economics, the law, or police can make people change their minds and behavior or they can't. If the can't you are perfectly consistent to believe that they shoudl be locked up and the key thrown away. If people can be induced to change, or move, or give up behaviors you do not like, then you keep trying to change them. I disagree with what you believe. I believe you think you are right.
  8. I am glad I was not misreading you. Governmental forces took out the "trash" and "thugs". More respectable people moved in. People are what they are and cannot change throw away the key. Feel free to drop the mike and leave the stage.
  9. I do not think that Guilianni can be credited with fixing New York's crime problem. Crime and the murder rate wer declinign there before he came to office and have continued since he left. There have been several different police commissioners and much federal aid in increased officers to help NYC. Does not explain why Baltimore's current situation is so bad, but Demographics as you suggest does not mean anything. I suppose you are suggesting that there are "better" demographics than others, and that Guilianni had something to do with changing the ethnic and class makeup of NYC. I am not sure also what a "Judicial system that works" means. One that enforces the law? one that is merciless?, What should the judicial system do differently. I would hate to mischaracterize your argument about Baltimore's failures and NYC success, but does it amount to the belief that blacks are essentially lawless criminals, and the judical system should lock them up and throw away the key? or am I misreading you?
  10. I don't know. It could be a question of scale, or culture. I do not know why there have been different results. Maybe what works in one place may not work in another. There are obvious differences between NYC and Balto.
  11. As a non-resident of Baltimore City AD, do you take some kind of perverse pleasure in following the affairs of the city and shaking your head knowingly that they, do not follow your lead? We recently had a Mayor for 8 years who followed the Guilianni/NYC model of 20 years ago. It did little but make the citizens even more resentful of the police and their stop and frisk tactics. Black Baltimoreans care about black on black crime. to say otherwise is nonsense. They are in a very real way paying for it with their lives, that they are largely powerless against its ravages is not a happy development or an "I told you so moment".
  12. Al Redmer is also a Republican in the hunt. I am hoping the Green Party will make a showing this year.
  13. Right you are. It is never going to happen, there is no framework for it to happen and no method to make it happen. It is fuel for message boards. Who doesn't love arguing about age old problems, the plight of the poor, the foibles of the rich, the relative merits of my school, sports team, city, over yours, the ignorance of the other, the backwards ways of foreigners, the rule of the elite etc. . . It helps all those arguments to be able to mine history for examples.
  14. It is sad that this topic is even being discussed. Who knows the motivation of the individual soldiers in a war hundreds of years ago? What difference does it really make? The North won and the institution of slavery ended. No need to imagine that there are current implications here, unless one belives that the side that lost, somehow was correct in their beliefs and are martys for a cause. Unless that cause was slavery why would anyone give a hoot what some reenactors believe? Rebel or Confederate sympathizers may believe, or want to believe that their cause was about freedom and states rights, but no one credible believes that the States right they were most in favor of keeping was one that kept people in slavery.
  15. Why in the world would they play Silver Oak? I understand no Maryland Public wanting to play them, but Silver Oak will be beyond ugly.