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  1. You are right there. It is one of the trickiest public policy issues to deal with. I don't envy the County Ex and Council one bit. And I hope they don't keep ducking it for another 50 years.
  2. I would much rather see DC returned to Maryland, and the Va portion of the peninsula and Delaware added to MD.
  3. Would be a good opportunity for Varsity Sports Net to get some more eyeballs, if they started a forum.
  4. The housing problem is a conundrum but it has to be fixed or the problems of the City will be visited on the County. It is no particular secret that the essentially low income ghettos in east and west Baltimore are where the majority of the social and criminal problems are. Baltimore county is slowly following the same course by concentrating all of the low income housing and affordable housing on the counties east and west sides. The solution obviously would be to allow people of limited income more options in more areas to live. The voucher program would help disperse the pockets of poverty that cause so many problems, and insisting that some level of affordable housing be built with every new development can be forward looking enough to keep the current problems from calcifying. Affordable housing is often a way to allow people to enter the middle class. America in recent years has seen a reduction in class mobility and lack of access to affordable housing in areas with better schools with better transportation to new work cites is a reason.
  5. Liking the sins of the father onto the son is a terrible and non nonsensical policy to follow. Everyone make their living from someone else's money. On average the politicians are underpaid.
  6. No, I meant that the party could not necessarily control that an election would always be a D v R.
  7. what was the disaster? There is nothing wrong with parties being upset because they can't pick their opponents .
  8. i think open primaries are the way to go. Maine went to ranked choice voting and that is really the way to go to elect someone with the most support.
  9. Unlike the Publics there will never be what could objectively said to be a level playing field in the MIAA in terms of school size. No real need there, what there should be is a level playing field in terms of the missions of the school. At none of the schools should sports be more than an extra curricular. In a perfect world where the schools divulged their financial aid allowances, there would be no financial aid given out just on the basis of athletics. The schools will still compete for students on the basis of facilities, faculty, history, alumni networks, coaches, academic fit etc.
  10. I think coach Brune hits it on the head. I think what has happened is a gradual drift to running over the rules finally ran into a wall, and stricter enforcement of both the letter and spirit of the rules will be in the MIAA's future. I think it will be across the board.
  11. I think the Fort Hill game and Riverdale Baptist, Wyoming Seminary are 2 year commitments, Avalon I think anyone can pick up anytime, and the others are MIAA schools.
  12. Lets face it Hogan is not offering anything but laissez faire government and nothing burgers. People like him or tolerate him like they do vanilla ice cream. what's not to like? He muddles along and when he runs into a problem he blames the Dems.
  13. Well for one they are suggesting a transportation system that moves away from the automobile. A health care system that covers everyone, funding schools to the level that they require. a storm water management fee that could actually do something about water pollution and run off, and flash flooding.
  14. One man's giveaway is another man's necessity.
  15. SFA

    Guru, I am not sure why you are wishing for fewer options for student athletes. The MIAA schools do not need football, and if they all decided to discontinue playing they would not be hurt one whit. I think they are interested in competitive league play, which they apparently did not believe they were getting. If you are a talented football player and have some reasonable grades and need some financial aid to go to private school a competitive MIAA is a good thing. A top heavy league where 3-5 teams don't feel they can ever really compete would have little incentive to reach out to recruit and bring in students. Kids deserve options and a competitive league, in which every team sees itself as legitimately a class of freshman away from competing is a good thing.