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  1. Disappointing. I thought he might be announcing that AC was finally installed in those county schools.
  2. Oh, and Frederick OFer Ademar Rifaela was just named MVP of the Carolina League. The 22 year old from Curacao leads the league with 24 taters, along with a batting line of .280/.350/.499. I must admit that this guy has flown under my radar.
  3. Aussie southpaw Alex Wells has enjoyed a tremendous year ar Delmarva. Over 25 starts, in 140 IP he has allowed 118 H and a WHIP of 0.91. Just as impressively, Wells has struck out 113 while allowing only 10 walks. That is one helluva ratio for the 20 year old down under.
  4. Mind boggling is right. I'm at the point now where a different manager for next year might not be such a bad thing.
  5. Somehow, some way, the O's were able to win both games in spite of Tillman and Ubaldo this week. Talk about a charmed existence. But is there any reason, other than an innings limit, that Castro doesn't get the starting nod over either of those two dregs moving forward?
  6. Bleeder, you know I don't ask for much, but could you find it in yourself to take your good luck charm kids to the game tonight? That may be the only chance we have. I will pay for their popcorn.
  7. You are preaching to the gospel choir here.
  8. Can someone please explain to me why oh why, other than entirely misplaced loyalty, Buck is starting Tillman tonight? Particularly at a time when the team has provided the faintest of faint glimmers of postseason hope? I fully understand and agree with the overriding need to provide Bundy extra rest, but can think of many other options (strike that, every other option) before I would turn to a pitcher whose last competent start I can't even recall. Think about that. When the final epitaph is written on this season, we can surely include stubborn, misplaced loyalty on the part of the manager. Unfreakin real.
  9. I would love to see another Baysox game, but I work nights during the week. A very generous offer on your part!
  10. For any good news with the O's these days, one has to continue to look towards the minors. And Hays provides plenty of optimism at Bowie. Over 49 games with the Baysox, his batting line is .338/.367/.632 along with 14 HR and 45 RBI. In 49 games.
  11. Is anybody planning to attend the festival this weekend in Little Italy? I used to do much better with patronizing the various Baltimore ethnic festivals, but this will be my first one of the year. Depending upon how I fare with the ponies earlier, might even pick up an extra calzone or four.
  12. Much appreciated and you are welcome! Here's hoping that we see some of these prospects thrive in Baltimore like Mancini has done.
  13. Hays has played center, but from what I have read his MLB future would likely be one of the outfield corners.
  14. Over his first 37 games at Bowie, Hays has a batting line of .340/.374/.634. Not too shabby.
  15. So it was do or die IMO for Tillman last night, and he done croaked. Just as that miserable outcome was not unexpected, why should we be shocked if it's not repeated again and again. I love Buck for the most part, but Tillman is a 2.040 LB (oops I mean WHIP) anchor that continues to down the team and strain the bullpen. The only good thing about last night is that Castro was stretched out to 6 innings, which for all intents and purposes is a start. Something he was doing at Bowie before his promotion. Is there anyone out there not named Buck who doesn't believe this substitution would instantly upgrade the rotation? 2.040 WHIP, I had to wipe my eyes and see that again Jesus.