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  1. Mountcastle doesn't turn 21 until February. While SS may not ultimately be his position, I find it a bit premature to say that definitively.
  2. Not that I expect lightning to strike twice (in railbird terms I would give that pony 20-1 odds) but Ubaldo had a sustained run of starting success after being relegated to the bullpen last season. Most importantly, he's finally out of the rotation. And Asher has the opportunity he clearly deserves.
  3. While the O's continue to suck royally in May, the only place to find some positive news as of late would be the minors. And that one player in particular would be Ryan Mountcastle. Following a trio of dingers for Frederick last night, these are his offensive numbers, along with current Carolina league standings among his peers: .342 BA (2) .620 SLG (3) .992 OPS (3) 11 HR (2) Not too shabby.
  4. Buck has seen the light. Asher gets the starting nod on Sunday.
  5. I feel your pain and share your bewilderment. If Ubaldo somehow gets the Sunday start over Asher or Aquino, I can only conclude that Buck has $$ on the Astros.
  6. Very discouraging numbers and trends. I love my hometown, but Baltimore is its own worst enemy more times than not.
  7. Bleeder, you and your girls need to take a road trip to Houston this weekend!
  8. Most wins in the league since he and Buck came aboard in 2012. How embarrassing!
  9. Well, damn. Maybe I shouldn't go to Pimlico this Friday after all.
  10. Since I managed to leave the Preakness with extra money, might as well see if the magic touch is at all sustainable. For the good guys in orange: Smith LF Jones CF Manny 3B Trumbo DH Davis 1B Mancini LF Schoop 2B Hardy SS Caleb C Tillman RHP
  11. Well, the good news is that Pena cleared waivers and was outrighted to Norfolk.
  12. Check out his monthly stats from last year. Save for ending the season in a flourish, he was largely awful.
  13. When he's been given the opportunity, both last year as well as this season, Asher has certainly proven himself to be capable. Besides Buck, who doesn't feel much more confident when he's toeing the mounds as opposed to you (Baldo) know who? Time for a protest. No more Berger cookies for me until rotation justice prevails.
  14. I sure was glad the O's didn't trade for Dickerson last season, during most of which he was damn awful. 47 games into this year, he is looking damn good. Time will tell with the remaining 115.
  15. Damn fine Saturday night in Baltimore. O's reclaim first, Boston in 4th place, and I leave Old Hilltop with extra money albeit no thanks to Cloud Computing.