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  1. Per today's CNN article. Sorry, I am unable to post the link. 111 brains studied, CTE found in 110 of them. This devastating news should be the lead on every sports program, but I'm sure that won't be the case. It's becoming very hard to follow the NFL these days.
  2. Slide, please check your PM. Thanks.
  3. Another 6 inning shutout win yesterday for Wells, allowing 1 hit in the process. His scoreless streak is now up to 30 innings. He has not allowed a walk in the last 35 innings. A promotion to Frederick should be forthcoming.
  4. After posting a batting line of .314/.343/.542 at Frederick in 88 games. He's also moving over to 3B. 20 years old and in AA, not too shabby. On a related note, I need to get back down to Bowie and see Mountcastle, Hays, and Mullins in action. The Baysox may be more interesting than the O's at this point.
  5. The best governor in my lifetime, although admittedly the bar hasn't been set very high.
  6. Wells put up 6 innings worth of goose eggs for Delmarva in a 1-0 win last night, extending his streak to 24 consecutive scoreless innings.
  7. Big league club continues to suck, so might as well focus on who's doing well in the minors. And the 3 prospects upon whom I focus the most--Wells, Hays, and Mouncastle--continue to perform very well. Wells, the 19 year old Aussie southpaw starter for Delmarva, is sporting a 0.910 WHIP and a better than 5/1 SO to BB ratio. Perhaps most notably, he has surrendered a total of 1 HR in 62.2 IP. Wow. Hays, who is 21, has quickly progressed through the system and has handled his promotion to Bowie quite nicely. In his first 20 games, Hays is carrying a line of .329/.349/.537. And 20 year old Mountcastle, the oft criticized draft pick from a few years back, sports a batting line of .319/.347/.553 at Frederick. What struck me in particular is his 35 doubles in 351 AB, to go along with the 15 taters. All of that noted, when I look through the minor league system, I don't see much depth quality depth when it comes to starting pitching. Which leads me to believe that the O's need to give very serious thought to trading Manny. But I digress.
  8. No way in Hades should Duquette deal Manny to God forsaken Boston or NYY, but there will be plenty of other takers, and the return would be great. And with the O's dire need of rotation help and lack of prospects in the minors, they should seriously consider making that trade. The one thing they can absolutely cannot allow happen would be to lose him to free agency.
  9. Trey Mancini, who wasn't on any top 100 list, says hello and thank you very much.
  10. Wish I was going tonight. Hays has not missed a beat since his promotion from Frederick, and it's good to see Mullins healthy and producing again. I look forward to reading your report!
  11. Hays 4 for 5 last night with another tater, now batting .394 over an admittedly tiny sample size. Time to take in another game at Bowie.
  12. Slide, I tried to send you a PM but was not permitted to do so. Mailbox full?
  13. Austin Jays hasn't missed a beat since his recent promotion to Bowie. Batting .333 over his first 6 games of AA.
  14. Keegan Akin has a no hitter through 7 innings for Frederick.
  15. Over his last 16 games, Mancini has a batting line of .417/.470/.767. Those are freaking beer league softball numbers.