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  1. Greetings, Semi! As an O's fan, I certainly share your sports fandom pain. However, I take some solace in the fact that Angelos is an old man. You might have Danny for quite a few years to come. Take me to the track.
  2. Pugh, for whom I had hopes following the mess of SRB, has proven to be a huge disappointment. I hate to acknowledge it, but Dixon, even with all of her baggage, would be a notably better choice to lead Baltimore IMHO.
  3. I was just watching some episodes of Coach the other day. Jerry had great comic talent. RIP.
  4. Somehow, I suspect that those offices on North Avenue are all properly heated. This city screams for a full financial audit. But God forbid, that would require the concept of accountability. Sad and infuriating at the same time. Rinse and repeat for my hometown.
  5. God bless Mr. Brian Stem. Never has so little been said in so many words.
  6. Nothing short of a tragic that a city which is so torn up by crime also has to deal with criminals who just happen to wear badges. My sympathies go out to the decent citizens and cops in Baltimore who have to endure such a brutal nightmare. I'm left wondering why and how Davis still has a job. Shouldn't we expect better?
  7. Hammer, meet nail.
  8. Sorry for the redundancy, but the Skins really suck.
  9. I only hope that Zen survived that market crash.
  10. Horrible news. My sincere condolences go out to to the family, friends, and fellow officers of Detective Suiter. May he rest in peace. This city will break your heart.
  11. Sad and infuriating, once again. My thoughts go out to the officer and his family.
  12. Sad and infuriating. It's sad that someone would lose their life in such a senseless matter. My thoughts go out that man's family; I can't imagine that kind of pain. And it's beyind infuriating how much violent crime continues to be tolerated. If and when these killers are caught, who will be surprised if there rap sheet is a mile long? And yet, nothing changes.
  13. Per today's CNN article. Sorry, I am unable to post the link. 111 brains studied, CTE found in 110 of them. This devastating news should be the lead on every sports program, but I'm sure that won't be the case. It's becoming very hard to follow the NFL these days.
  14. As a Terps alum and fan, congrats to UMBC. This should be an annual game between the two schools.
  15. Engrossing, yet hard to watch given all of the lives wasted over such seneselessness. It was heartbteaking to hear Jean-Marie Crocker recall the loss of her son, Denton. I can't imagine having to bear that kind of pain. Exerpts from his letters back home were haunting.
  16. I strongly disagree. The Red Line would be a hugely expensive addition to what is a minimal subway system which is used by a fraction of the populace. In contrast, most everyone alive is intimately familiar with the commuter hell that is 495, 270, and 295, and the blessed relief which additional lanes would bring. Another smart move by the governor.
  17. Disappointing. I thought he might be announcing that AC was finally installed in those county schools.
  18. Oh, and Frederick OFer Ademar Rifaela was just named MVP of the Carolina League. The 22 year old from Curacao leads the league with 24 taters, along with a batting line of .280/.350/.499. I must admit that this guy has flown under my radar.
  19. Pretty good start for Cedric Mullins in his Bowie debut. 4-5 with a tater and 9 TB. Keep in mind he's making the jump from Delmarva and skipping Frederick. Yes, it's but one game.
  20. Aussie southpaw Alex Wells has enjoyed a tremendous year ar Delmarva. Over 25 starts, in 140 IP he has allowed 118 H and a WHIP of 0.91. Just as impressively, Wells has struck out 113 while allowing only 10 walks. That is one helluva ratio for the 20 year old down under.
  21. Mind boggling is right. I'm at the point now where a different manager for next year might not be such a bad thing.
  22. Can someone please explain to me why oh why, other than entirely misplaced loyalty, Buck is starting Tillman tonight? Particularly at a time when the team has provided the faintest of faint glimmers of postseason hope? I fully understand and agree with the overriding need to provide Bundy extra rest, but can think of many other options (strike that, every other option) before I would turn to a pitcher whose last competent start I can't even recall. Think about that. When the final epitaph is written on this season, we can surely include stubborn, misplaced loyalty on the part of the manager. Unfreakin real.
  23. Somehow, some way, the O's were able to win both games in spite of Tillman and Ubaldo this week. Talk about a charmed existence. But is there any reason, other than an innings limit, that Castro doesn't get the starting nod over either of those two dregs moving forward?
  24. Bleeder, you know I don't ask for much, but could you find it in yourself to take your good luck charm kids to the game tonight? That may be the only chance we have. I will pay for their popcorn.
  25. You are preaching to the gospel choir here.