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  1. Hogan has raised more money for his re-election campaign than all of the Democratic candidates combined. Go Governor.
  2. Good to hear that all of the suspects have been captured. May justice now be fully served.
  3. And for those who suggested an alternative site around the casino area, that is not nearly enough space. The railbird dreamer in me hoped that Kevin Plank, who owns the famous Sagamore Farm, might consider building a track at Port Covington, but the dream was just that.
  4. As perhaps the only one on this thread who actually goes to the track (mostly Laurel, Pimlico and Charlestown to a lesser extent), I can assure you that Pimlico in its current state is nowhere near a venue worthy of a Triple Crown experience. That being noted, it has been terribly neglected over the years, with its most recent notable,upgrades taking place in the 1970s. I read where the Stronach group has invested 30 million in Laurel (and it shows, the place is night and day from about 5 years ago), and 20 million in Pimlico. I don't know where on God's green earth that 20 mill went towards, and suspect they dug a hole and buried it in the infield. That being noted, it doesn't make much sense for an an owner to operate two tracks not much more than half an hour apart. The traditionalist in me would love to see a whole new Pimlico (I believe it to be structurally beyond the simple renovation stage), and to provide an economic, entertainment, and recresrional engine to the surrounding neighborhood as a multi use facility. But the realist in me believes that the Preakness years in Baltimore to be very numbered.
  5. Awful news. My thoughts and prayers go out to the fallen officer and her family.
  6. Thanks for the information. I have never "seen" a race like that before with such poor visibility, and wonder if those unusual conditions had any effect on the horses. I enjoyed the movie Sea Biscuit. And the book was great. A helluva story about persistence and redemption, both equine and human. And a true story to boot.
  7. Thanks, I was due for some good handicapping luck. Did you happen to catch the race on TV? I am curious how it looked through all of the fog.
  8. I am pleased to report that I made up for my Derby losses and then some, thanks to a blessed Trifecta Box in the Preakness. I don't know how things played out on TV, but the heavy fog made it nearly impossible to see large parts of the race from the jumbotrons, let alone from any kind of real distance. Somewhat surreal to be cheering from the grandstand as the horses make their final turn into the home stretch, and having no idea visually who is in the lead. But hell, I can't complain.
  9. Damn, you knocked that one right out of the park.
  10. Ha! Lately, my love for the ponies has not been reciprocated.
  11. Sure looks like another sloppy track for the Preakness. While I suspect that Justify wins, I want to box in a few longshots to make it interesting. The one who may intrigue me most is Tenfold. Great pedigree (Curlin) and trainer (Asmussen), and I like lightly raced horses in the hope that we have yet to see their best showing. Which all means he probably finishes 8th.
  12. I must admit to always finding amusement in the outcry over deleted posts. First of all, this isn't likely Pulitzer material being flushed down the cyber toilet. Secondly, if you post like an adult, the possibility of any deletion is zilch.
  13. Time and again, Baltimore is failed by its "leaders". It's a sad commentary when you long for the days of Sheila Dixon.
  14. Did someone say the crabs are on Matt? Count me in for a Spotfest that weekend.
  15. He is killing it in Norfolk. And Tillman is getting killed (an understatement) in Baltimore. Of course, I don't expect this to happen anytime soon.
  16. Looking forward to some fellowship with nature while camping at Audra State Park in West Virginia next month. Good start to the camping thus far with weekend trips taken at Susquehanna and Elk Neck State Parks.
  17. It's like shooting Archie Bunkers in a barrel.
  18. I go to the Horseshoe often, and have never once paid to park. And no, I'm not a Platinum, Diamond, Seven Star, or any other kind of member.
  19. Ha! Very well played. But take heed, I plan on redeeming myself at the Preakness. Or not.
  20. I have a free ticket for tomorrow night's game to cheer on the O's following their memorable road trip. Should I go?
  21. Not surprisingly, a very intimate gathering. My guess is 12,000. No wave yet.
  22. Pathetic. Pathetic team and pathetic that any O's fan would take joy in the team being so horrid.
  23. Holy Hell. It's a good thing this was a free ticket.
  24. Very well said. I am intrigued by Brady's future with the O's.
  25. I will be attending. With Bundy on the mound and a bad KC pitcher, I figure their chances of an actual victory to be about 18%. Give or take 3%. If nothing else, it's a beautiful ballpark on what should be a nice night. And somewhat affordable soft pretzels.