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  1. I see he's wearing a neck brace. He'll probably sue for pain and suffering and win.
  2. Maybe their using a Bible app.
  3. Maybe they can use Edgewood as a shining example. It sure worked well there didn't it?
  4. Way to go Struds. I love helping people, especially the elderly. We are all going to be old one day and will probably need help ourself. I truly believe, what goes around, comes around.
  5. Finally an arrest.​ Only a 20K bond on this guy with a pending drug and weapon possession trial staring him in the face. Unbelievable.​ ​
  6. Can't blame Fox for this one.
  7. Hell, she helped flush the City down the crapper, may as well do the same with the State.
  8. Way to go Rural. I helped reunite a lost dog with his owners a couple months ago. There is no better feeling helping a scared and hungry dog get back to their family, their comfort zone
  9. Still comes up double murder for me, anyway... I never can figure out judges sentencing guidelines... First degree murder should be life, period.
  10. Hopefully she has about as much chance to win a higher office as Owe'mally has... Zilch.
  11. Doesn't the prosecution have to turn over all of its findings over to the defense?
  12. It was reported on the news tonight that the power was canceled when the last tenant moved out. This family did not request power to be turned on. An electric meter was illegally installed and Delmarva came out and disconnected it for safety reasons.
  13. Yes, I bet that nest "stinks to high Heaven". Its funny, when the eaglets get older, when they go to the bathroom, they always stick their butts outside the nest to go. Like pooping in the nest will foul it up.