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  1. Sunday, Apr 15, 2018 Boston N.Y. Yankees St. Louis Tampa Bay Pittsburgh Cleveland N.Y. Mets Washington Chi. Sox L.A. Angels Chi. Cubs L.A. Dodgers Oakland San Diego Houston Monday, Apr 16, 2018 Baltimore
  2. And his WHIP is 2.82 - which means he is basically loading the bases every inning!! Wow....
  3. Obviously, I have no idea what Buck and the rest of the Oriole brain trust (is there such a thing???) are thinking but I know what i have seen in the three starts this year as well as the disaster that was Tillman's 2017 season. He is done. No need to keep trotting him out there in hopes of him finding 'something'. No hard feelings towards Chris but it is painfully obvious that he can no longer get MLB hitters out. With Cobb coming aboard the top 4 SPs are better than we've had in a while - use the 5th spot to work in some of the young guys. Next question is what to do with Davis....
  4. Sunday, Apr 8, 2018 N.Y. Yankees Tampa Bay Cleveland Pittsburgh Philadelphia Houston Chi. Sox Seattle Milwaukee St. Louis Toronto Colorado L.A. Dodgers L.A. Angels Washington Monday, Apr 9, 2018 Baltimore
  5. Saturday, March 31, 2018 Philadelphia Arizona Milwaukee Sunday, Apr 1, 2018 Baltimore Toronto Boston Pittsburgh St. Louis Chi. Cubs Kansas City Houston Oakland Cleveland Washington L.A. Dodgers
  6. 3rd place in AL East with 86 wins - will fall short of making the WC game
  7. It's a shame Wilson didn't get the goal - or even an assist - on the play but it was all due to his net presence that the Caps got that goal. Willie is slowly but surely rounding into a decent top-6 forward.
  8. Rob - thx for the time and energy you put into this, allowing the rest of us to have a little fun during the long baseball season! SUNDAY, SEP 10, 2017 Toronto N.Y. Mets Washington Atlanta Tampa Bay San Francisco Minnesota Pittsburgh Chi. Cubs Texas Houston Arizona L.A. Angels L.A. Dodgers Baltimore
  9. If only there were an obvious culprit for this...
  10. SUNDAY, SEP 3, 2017 Cleveland Miami Baltimore Cincinnati Washington Minnesota Chi. Sox Houston Chi. Cubs Texas Colorado St. Louis Oakland L.A. Dodgers N.Y. Yankees
  11. Sunday August 27: Yankees Toronto Cleveland Pittsburgh Miami Atlanta Boston Philly White Sox St Louis Houston Oakland Arizona Dodgers Nats
  12. Article in the Wash Post today re: the dropping of football programs in high schools around the country. Very timely given the Centennial situation (Centennial is mentioned in the article). Two of the main reasons cited are demographics and head injuries - which mirrors much of the talk in this forum.