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  1. I asked for evidence of "the right" not "some on the right". Apparently "some on the left" are happy that congressmen were shot. Should I presume that includes you? You do a wonderful job of parsing language when it helps your argument and you have a wonderful ability to ignore that skill when it hurts your argument.
  2. Exactly. Calamari hasn't changed his schtick in 15 years.
  3. If your point is that there are horrible people all along the political spectrum i will grant that you are correct.
  4. Group think is so interesting.
  5. Check in if you can sir. I hope you are safe.
  6. TNF

    The bum should have had 5 td's. Five runs inside the 2 and can't bring the bacon home. Yes, I'm a little bitter. I could have used those additional 12-13 points.
  7. Am I precluded from buying property in Little Italy?
  8. TNF

    I loved the commentary on the "12 men on the field" call. "You can't hide in that yellow".
  9. Perhaps it is "unfair" that the world has tried to limit nuclear weaponry to those who got it first. Do you think the world would be a better place now if most modern to semi modern countries all had a nuclear force?
  10. I'm not sure why. It would get the states competing with each other to provide the best plans for its residents. Why would it be more complicated for a state of 30 million to administer a program vs. a country of 300 million? Let the states experiment a bit. I would provide for some federal guidelines that must be met. The only complications would come from out of state treatment but some form of plan reciprocity shouldn't be too difficult to achieve.
  11. I don't disagree. In fact, my plan which I have outlined here on many occasions would be to tax everyone for the single payer plan with an offsetting tax credit for those who wish to be privately insured.
  12. Why do you say that? Dollars are dollars whether they are taken out of our check in a federal column or a state column.
  13. Interestingly, some of the Republican opposition to the proposed state block grant plan is based on insuring (no pun intended) that states don't set up their own single payer systems.Which kind of begs the question if all states were allowed to set up single payer at the state level so health care would be a state service as opposed to a federal service would Republicans in general support that idea? Would Democrats?