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  1. I totally disagree. Take voting in the old Soviet system. The choices given you are totally unacceptable. To choose one is to give validity to those who brought you those unacceptable choices. To be unwilling to vote for an unacceptable candidate is a valid choice.
  2. There are only a very few ISP's at the top end of the chain. You don't get to choose them. All traffic gets routed through the backbone. Do you think that Comcast should be able to decide that Netflix downloads will be limited to 56k/second? If so, the new policy is just what the doctor ordered. Should Verizon be able to throttle all web traffic to T-mobile for any web page traffic that passes through their routers? Let me put it another way. Suppose the DNC were the top level provider. With net neutrality you could still get to Fox News. Without it, the DNC could totally block access to Fox News or charge you a $30 a month surcharge for the privilege.
  3. Can you explain why this is good news?
  4. Not being able to bring yourself to vote for either terrible candidate does not indicate a lack of caring. It indicates a discerning intellect.
  5. Under your thought process, every person gets one free rape.
  6. In what world is one credible allegation not enough? If someone you know got raped are you going to disbelieve them until someone confirms their story?
  7. Perhaps you should wear clothing depicting police officers as pigs to your place of employment and report back how that goes.
  8. Not really. Middle of the road. 16 overall. 5 rushing, 22 passing.
  9. The company would have been called "Johnson & Smith".
  10. Seattle Computer. From what I understand, he did pretty well for himself over the life of the company but on that particular deal, well I imagine he still mutters to himself in a dark room over that one. A quick, similar story. For the sake of anonymity, I have a friend whose last name is "Smith". The story I was told was Mr. Smith was approached by another man about a business deal in the medical supply. Mr "Smith" looked over the deal and decided against it. The man then decided to go into business with his brother. A Mr. Johnson. Ooops.
  11. Was their strategy to go back in time and have Roy Moore mess around with underaged girls? If so, I also applaud their ingenuity and technological prowess.
  12. Parody or idiot? Sometimes hard to tell. Must be parody. The alternative is to troubling to contemplate.
  13. Yes, Guido, but SS is more than just a put it in / take it out system as those who want to privatize it often overlook during their arguments. SS pays to children who have never paid in. Most of the time that is a good thing. However, don't you think some aspects of SS should be means tested for benefits? If Bill Gates had died at 40 should his kids receive SS until they were 18 even though they each would be worth many, many millions? Sure, he paid in. I get that. I also get that SS would be more able to cover those that need it if it didn't have to make payments to people who don't need them. In my humble opinion, if your positions on social security are vastly different than they were 30 years ago, it is a pretty good indication that you aren't looking at it objectively but rather letting personal situations alter your viewpoint. When I was 25, I planned for the future fully expecting SS would be gone by the time I was ready to retire. Now that I'm getting closer it would be hypocritical of me to be against moving back the retirement age to a more sustainable age vis a vis life expectancy.
  14. By not cutting the debt, we are screwing the kids, or more likely, the grandkids. Entitlements are 58% of the budget. Since SS was formed, life expectancy has greatly outpaced the average age of retirement. Hey, I feel everyone's pain on this. I'm 54. I can almost taste retirement. It would hurt some to have to get less than I was told to expect. But we as a society have taken out a huge credit line, run up the dept so we can maintain our lifestyles and basically said "Screw it. I'll die with a lot of stuff. Let the kids deal with it".
  15. Oh no doubt. The left wants to say all the waste is in the military and the right wants to say it is all in the entitlements. Any large government program has a fair amount of waste and it accumulates and inefficiencies grow until someone decides to start cutting them down to size. The very first thing that must change is the language. When a program gets a 5% increase over last year's budget but the year before got an 8% increase, their budget WAS NOT CUT BY 3%. When Maryland increased their sales tax a few years ago, from 5% to 6% it was not, as often reported, a 1% tax increase.