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  1. Sounds like that 60s protest song. All slogan no substance. At least Ten Years After had the honesty to suggest they didn't know what to do... Slogans are easy. Dealing with reality and unintended consequences is hard.
  2. My anti Trump credentials are as beyond reproach as anyone's but it is possible that he stumbled into a decent strategy here. While I know he is a monster, Kim is young enough that he may end up deciding that he could end up being the toast of the town if he were to actually make a real peace. Certainly nothing came of Obama's, Bush's or anyone else's NK strategy. Trump may have some luck trying a different, more dangerous tactic. I don't care who gets credit if it improves the lives of those affected.
  3. Yes, you have complained about how everyone at your job is a racist and they take your food, etc. Not every job is like that. You should find a better company for which to work. Much like Joba and his finances. If my financial advisor treated me the way his treated him I would fire them. If my company treated me the way they treat you I would find a new company.
  4. Sorry, having trouble formatting the quote in the browser.
  5. He should at least try to have pride in his work.
  6. Is there anything on which you won't spew your own special brand of noxious venom?
  7. Spoken like someone in their fifties. I'm just messing with you. I'm smack dab in the middle of mine...
  8. I have a different take on this. I think we will have overcome racism when you can freely use people's skin color as a describing characteristic without feeling funny about it. You see it all the time, especially in the workplace. People will go to great lengths to not use race as a differentiating characteristic. They say stuff like "Do you know Jim in accounting? You've seen him, big guy, beard, always wears those sweaters." while Jim, being the only black guy in accounting, would be more easily described using that characteristic.
  9. Most do. Don't fall for the stereotypes. Today's young work just as hard as the young always have.
  10. I am offended by that extraneous "u".
  11. Actually, I always thought her original show was the most realistic sit com on TV. Every character was both decent and flawed. I never cared much for Barr as a comic but the show was actually quite, umm, I guess honest is the word for which I'm searching.
  12. Hey! Welcome back.
  13. Don't you find it the least bit ironic that you decry people judging a group of people by one single characteristic and in so doing you judge a group of people by one characteristic?
  14. That is true. I personally try to be the same on the board as off but many here assume I much different persona when they post. However, if you are the same in real life it would go along way towards explaining why you think people don't like you. In my personal opinion, of course.