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  1. While I don't support the reparations movement, I would assume you can see quite a bit of difference in the two scenarios...
  2. Presumably your reparations were paid on the installment plan. Probably once every two weeks.
  3. If that reason is because you are beholden to a foreign power I would disagree with you. If that were the case it could still be both the right thing to do AND treason.
  4. It is possible to do the right thing for the wrong reason.
  5. You would wait until tomorrow and then choose where you currently are. At that point, one of them would be "most". To be precise, if you started posting and it was half, by the time you were done you should know which was longer.
  6. He has probably gotten richer. And really, in the end, isn't that all that matters (to him)?
  7. Trump supporters don't want a president. They want a king.
  8. Sat, I am reasonably sure Trump could spin around, fall down, stand back up, and urinate on his interviewer and you would marvel at his political genius. The man is a fraud, a huckster, and in many important ways, simply an idiot.
  9. I'm a math guy and mathematically all possible choices are represented. Further break down is possible, but not necessary for the purpose of the poll.
  10. Up, I'll buy you a drink even if the sale falls through.
  11. How can none of the choices work for you? If you never lived in Maryland there is a choice for that. Otherwise, if you currently live in Maryland there are two choices, one of which would apply. If you currently live elsewhere, there are two choices, one of which would apply.
  12. Well, I'm pretty sure Senator McCain can make that determination for himself. In fact, it sounds like he has.
  13. Everyone is different and his mother is 105. It may end up being a waste of resources but if anyone has earned it, he has.
  14. Or Kennedy's. It wasn't a bad speech. It was pretty good. If you grade him on a curve that he set for himself maybe it was one of the best