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  1. Thanks Smarter. I would never have known that had you not pointed it out. Perhaps someday I can repay you for the favor.
  2. Oh it was rude and embarrassing I just think it is overstated.
  3. Listen, here is an example of what I dislike about the media. As most can tell from my postings, I am far from a Trump fan. However, saying he "shoved" another leader is sensationalist journalism in my opinion. He was rude, and he did edge him aside, but the word shove has a connotation that doesn't belong in this article. Again, in my opinion.
  4. How long did it take to find out the names of the sources in Watergate?
  5. Time, and Donald will take its toll on all of us...
  6. So, free speech for all that agree with you. Nice. I thought you guys were coming after the second amendment, not the first.
  7. So you wish to argue against what you think Deltoid would have said if he was exactly how you think he is, rather than discuss what he actually said? Seems kind of pointless in a forum such as this.
  8. I know. It is all about winning. Donald was right. I'm getting tired of winning. That winning health care bill. Winning at tax reform. Winning at border wall funding. Winning at finding enough people willing to work with you to fill all the vacancies. Winning at draining the swamp. At least, so far, he is winning at staying out of jail.
  9. Isn't the term "white trash" racist? It seems to me it should be offensive to everyone. Think about it...
  10. There were other candidates. I chose the fairly idiotic Johnson (why wasn't Weld on the top of that ticket?) rather than vote for either major candidate as I considered both unacceptable. Living in Maryland gives me that luxury as I know me vote won't change the outcome. If I lived in Pennsylvania, I MAY have voted democrat for president for the first time in my life. Not because Hillary was not a terrible candidate, but because I thought it a safer choice than putting a bumbling idiot racist with apparent mental defects in office. But that's just me.
  11. I think of myself as fairly stable in my viewpoints. Which means that I was very conservative in my youth (except fairly socially liberal) and more middle of the road now. My views didn't change much but the definitions of the political right, middle, and left have careened wildly.
  12. What is the half life of the "but Hillary" argument? And Hillary ain't my gal. I haven't voted for a democrat for president in, well, forever.
  13. Yea, I don't get it any more than I got the voters who expected hope and change to come from the Chicago political machine.
  14. They were undone by their own ambitions. Had the field been whittled down to three quickly it is my opinion that Trump would have lost.
  15. Impossible experiment to quantify. If they had more job opportunities by virtue of a college degree they may not stay in the rust belt. If I'm living in Michigan and I get a degree in Aquatic biology I doubt Michigan is where I would look for employment. I mean this as no put down to those without a college degree. Hell, I don't have one.