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  1. You have basically been calling a regular poster a liar for 11 years yet I'm the jerk?
  2. You mean the V-name?
  3. I don't think Jealous is an empty suit at all. He is a Rhodes scholar, after all. I do think his proposals, much like Olszewski's in the county, are long on feel good rhetoric and short on how to bring the ideas to fruition. I doubt a 1% tax increase on the top 1% of earners will come close to bringing in enough money for all he wants to do. Nor will a cigarette tax increase. I also think Hogan has done a good enough job to warrant his continued position in the governorship.
  4. The one with the leader who can be shown a video of him saying something and still insist he never said it and his followers believe him rather than "their lyin' eyes"
  5. The others aren't petulant, pathological lying children. I have little doubt that there is absolutely no moral compass with Trump. He seems psychologically incapable of separating what is good for Trump from what is good for the country.
  6. You had me right up to Trump is the same as Clinton/Obama/Bush. Trump is an entirely different disease.
  7. Oh come on. The Irish were discriminated against in the 50's and 60's. Were there marauding bands of slave holding Irish in 1960? I believe my interpretation is closer to the truth. My ex wife was part Irish. My daughter in law is part Irish. A whole lotta people are "part Irish" which takes a whole lotta people out of the "hating Irish" pool. Some day far from now when 60 - 80% of Americans have a different race partner, brother in law, mother in law, step-child, etc there will be a whole lotta less people in the "I hate that race" pool.
  8. Fair enough. I was using racism as a catchall for discrimination. I shall attempt to be more precise over the next 10 days...
  9. I have been noticing many more WM BW pairings lately than used to be the norm. Once we are all "tan" the issue can surely go away. We can breed our way out of racism. There used to be great racism against the Irish. Now so many of us have some Irish blood it would be silly to be biased.
  10. You'll have short memories. The Koch's didn't support Trump much at all.
  11. Ok, so let it be the end of the story. If it truly was a great life triumph, you may wish to revisit your priorities. But I will let you get the last word in. I'm done here.
  12. Well, since my posts are always reasonable and well thought out I haven't had to answer this question. But seriously, I have had Matt delete posts of mine. I sometimes know why, but other times I ask him. Sometimes I agree with his reasoning, other times I do not. It has never made me feel negative thoughts about the man. I have met him and he seems a decent guy. His disagreeing with me on whether a post was acceptable or not has not caused me to change that opinion. But then again, I'm not looking for a reason to be indignant.
  13. And you have watched too few Jonestown documentaries.
  14. Personally, I think everyone here is correct to a certain degree. I liked Mom as a person. She seemed very nice. I did think her moderation was biased (and I am a conservative so biased towards my opinion) so her removal as a moderator was probably a reasonable action to take. I also think those gloating about it look not just a little bit petty. Let it go. It's not like you brought down a dictator or president. You got a somewhat biased moderator removed from a local chat forum. Let us all bow our heads to you for your exceptional service to our society. There, now we can put it in the past.
  15. He got us into that war? Damn, that is one powerful talking head.