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  1. He had not. People need to stop assuming that being against someone automatically means being for someone else.
  2. No, but its not being true means it's not true. Just because you refuse to accept that doesn't make it any less factual.
  3. Not in the investor class. If by "a lot" of people you mean less than 10%, perhaps you are correct.
  4. Certainly. I am one of them. That still has nothing to do with your inability to answer a simple question. I know you are just a silly troll but I like to give everyone an opportunity to prove they are not. Apparently, you are not interested in being anything but a silly troll. Heck, you are probably a far left leaning person just trying to make (faux) conservatives look bad. If that is the case you might want to dial it back a notch. It would be more effective if it was more believable.
  5. So you cannot answer why going from 8000 to 20000 was "poor performance". Duly noted.
  6. You mean that terrible performance that saw the DJIA go from a bit over 8,000 to just under 20,000? In order for Trump to maintain JUST THE SAME PERFORMANCE, the DJIA would need to be at about 55,000 by the time he leaves office. These are simple facts. They aren't based on emotion. Hell, I didn't much care for the Obama administration. How is going from 8000 to 20000 "poor performance"? Can you answer that, and only that question? My guess is no.
  7. I'd be willing to bet he wants to prove he can win without Brady.
  8. You keep saying this thing in one form or another. You do realize that you are constantly bragging about what a fool you are with money, right? My dog made money in the stock market during Obama's presidency. In order to have lost money during this period you would either have to be trying on purpose, investing in lottery tickets as your retirement plan, or be in the bottom 10% in intelligence and emotional maturity. One wonders in what category you fall?
  9. I think the interest is in whether you were being straight with everyone when you said your retirement was halved during the Obama years. It seems to me there are only two possibilities here. One, you prevaricated, or at best, misspoke when you said you lost money during the Obama years which would make your postings somewhat suspect. Two, you really did lose money during those years which would show really bad judgement which would make your postings somewhat suspect. I assume you will ignore this post. You could try a straight, non-trollish answer but I have my doubts that you can.
  10. As it should be.
  11. You really need to get your sarcasm detector checked. Here is a hint. I even put a little winky face into my post to guide the clueless that it was sarcasm. It seems you have missed that.
  12. So, what you are saying is a world class model probably doesn't marry a middle class Joe? That is some insight there. Thanks. I had been holding out waiting for a world class model to find me and because of you I have decided to change my standards. I cannot tell you how much you have changed my outlook. Thank you again.
  13. It's Obama's fault somehow.