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  1. Out of the mouths of babes... Maybe this little girl is a saint on earth. Thanks for posting this video, Sprightly.
  2. What a beautiful young man. My heart aches for this family having lost their sweet baby boy. Who wouldn't love him?
  3. Ditto
  4. Baltimore Solicitor Andre Davis said the city will not drop its case against White. “We have to see the process through,” he said. “It may appear to be unwarranted or ill-advised, but we believe that the process is important. People need to see that the Police Department really is committed to the process.” Looks like the decision was not Kevin Davis' to make.
  5. Above is the article to which you referred. Don't see the ideas you threw out earlier, unless I'm mistaken. (Touch Point Baltimore, a community resource center, exists.) Seems the meeting should be held wherever it is most advantageous. Anything strange about that? I
  6. Guido, you are absolutely right: Mr. Mwinnyaa is extraordinary. What a brilliant and humble man! (His joy and exuberance in the photo are stunning.) Congratulations to him on his graduation from Johns Hopkins University! Thank you for posting in celebration of Mr. Mwinnyaa's important milestone, and thank you for your persistence in drawing attention to this remarkable man and his remarkable story. Anyone who did not read it is missing out. Your ideas for the Baltimore Sun (features on success stories) are excellent. (I guess you posted them on Locals.) Outstanding, Guido!
  7. I salute Lieutenant Collins. He was a beautiful, accomplished young man with unlimited potential. His killing hurts all of us and should be widely noted.
  8. We will have to agree to disagree with your characterization of these individuals as "losers." I believe work incentive programs are generally good. What you describe here is not a work incentive. On the face of it, it sounds punitive. There seems to be no potential for long-term human growth, and I'm uncertain of the feasibility. Frankly, the resources required to plan, implement, and manage such a program would be much better spent on work incentive(s) with the beneficiary's needs and development in mind.
  9. Thanks for the response. Many fine thinkers agree with Mr. Holmes' views. Where possible, some of the best reasons for work incentives are a person's dignity and self-respect. And I bet Mr Holmes did not refer to anyone, let alone an entire generation, as a "loser." As you quoted, he came to hate the "system," not people.
  10. Good, beneficial video. I appreciate your subtle introduction. Appears the fine young "pranksters," and possibly their parents, are highly uneducated. How else does one explain such blatant racist ignorance?
  11. What exactly does this statement mean in terms of public education? And literally how many generations of "losers" have infected "the next generation"?
  12. Matt, news of your retirement inspired me to post. Congratulations (for now) to one of the nicest people ever! I say "for now," because you can always go back to work after you heal. You may have a new career(!), or you may love retirement. You will remain in my very best thoughts, and it will be great to hear how things play out. lily