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  1. If Brady's been making all the recent decisions... hoo, boy, are we fans in for a long run of futility.
  2. Baltimore's slogan for 20xx.
  3. This is in Britain, first of all. Secondly, parents are rarely objective about the health of their children. Doctors generally are - the ones that can't handle the emotional part of the profession wash out early. They have to watch people die every day. They're not murdering this kid. They're saying that further treatment is pointless and inhumane. But by all means try to turn this into a political issue - poor Terri Schiavo demonstrated there's no depth people aren't willing to plumb to generate political capital.
  4. I wasn't aware he had a brother. Yeah, give him whatever the will says (usually half) and then the rest to Cruz's victims.
  5. It should go into escrow until his victims sue. That way Deschamps can't spend it before it can be paid to them. Even better would be simply dividing it among them, so as to cut the lawyers out of it.
  6. Don't take these creatures lightly! Why, they've even been known to wear shows with human-sized feet on the bottom, so you never know where they're lurking... until... it's TOO LATE! Yahhhhhhhhhhh!
  7. The only evangelist Dad ever had any use for. One of the rare genuine ones. Maybe the last of them. Rest in Peace.
  8. Never having served, she still beats Trump!
  9. Sunfire (Yoshida Shiro) is a Japanese mutant and X-Man with fire powers and flight. Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh) is a Vietnamese mutant and X-Man. She can control minds and sometimes has other powers; she and her family fled the fall of S Vietnam. Those are from the comics, off the top of my head. Mexicans, I'd have to think about. They are more modern and less well known characters (the X-Men in the movies mostly go back to the team's origins).
  10. They made the character to make money, sure. But they made a lot of characters who were allegorical - stand-ins for people with problems caused by bigotry and other social ills. They knew characters with problems would let them tell better and more compelling stories. Especially then, Marvel was good at creating characters people could relate to.
  11. Did you hear the latest about that? MTA knew in 2016 many of those turnouts were bad. They claim riders were never in any danger.
  12. I got laughed at by friends for saying Buck does not understand pitching. Not everyone does everything well. I'm going to have to go talk to them again...
  13. I suppose it depends on how one defines mental illness. The majority of mentally ill people are neither violent nor dangerous. But a person who picks up a weapon and uses it to kill people who are not threatening him - if that isn't some form of mental illness, nothing is. I have never, ever felt like doing that. And I find it difficult to imagine how someone who does want to do that thinks.
  14. I haven't seen the film yet, but I give Marvel credit. Boseman is exactly the right actor for how I imagine Black Panther when I read comics he's in.