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  1. Perhaps the most important implication is that we don't reward a kid toucher by sending him to the Senate. I'll take that other stuff you're upset about. Look, you want Republicans controlling all decisions, I understand that. You're a partisan. But at least this once let your basic sense of decency give your partisanship some advice, and back away from Roy Moore. If Trump and his stooges in the Groping Others Party keep going the way they're going, one Democrat more or less could be the least of your problems in a year.
  2. One might also conclude from Trump's endorsement of Moore that Trump is soft on one crime in particular, a horrible crime - pedophilia.
  3. You visit my threads for the sole purpose of trolling me, and then you're surprised I find your personality unpleasant?
  4. Clearly your purpose in commenting on my posts is to give me another dose of your unpleasant personality.
  5. Having made a mistake, you double down on it. Interesting choice.
  6. You are mistaken. I said that I did not vote for a presidential candidate. That should not be taken to mean I did not vote at all. Glad I could clear that up for you.
  7. Folks should go to the newspapers, not the Office of Compliance. Of course, then they'd get nothing.
  8. Not capital. Greed. The GOP is basically like that character Michael Douglas played in Wall Street, and the Democrats aren't too far behind them.
  9. The last guy Trump said was soft on crime will presently be inaugurated governor of Virginia. One may hope that this endorsement is as effective.
  10. Trump has made it clear enough that he's a racist. Those who can't see that are simply blind. What's going on with Moore is not racism, though. It's about putting GOP power ahead of common decency. There's no kind of bad motivation Trump hasn't at least experimented with.
  11. I am asking you to honor the generally accepted rules of debate. Usually when people don't support their assertions it means they can't. Sometimes it means they are deliberately misrepresenting others. Sometimes it means they are lazy. Which describes you? These, or do you have some other reason?
  12. Trump's repulsive appointee (but I repeat myself) to the FCC, Ajit Pai, intends to scrap net neutrality in a move that will help Comcast, Verizon and other large carriers decide what you can see, when you can see it, and how much you will pay for it. Article
  13. Why is it so difficult for you to back up your assertions?
  14. Angelos' past history suggest that he does not like "wasting" money. That's how he would regard sending Trumbo anywhere that didn't take his salary. Heck, you pointed this out (more or less) in connection with his attitude towards pitching. Angelos has basically given me no indication that winning matters to him in any significant way. I very much doubt that the future will be any different than the past.
  15. Even easier. Simply quote that post.