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  1. He improved over last week (and consistency is a problem they need to address), but no, a lot of it was that the Rams are a very bad football team.
  2. Here's how it really ought to work: the supplier in the foreign country produces documentation that says he's legal. The buyer contacts his government to verify that documentation. Those two steps completed, the buyer should then be free to wash his hands of the supplier. If the supplier violates his own country's laws, it's his government's responsibility to discover that and take any remedial action it deems appropriate. The U. S. buyer should only be responsible for obeying U. S. law, none of which should concern itself with how other countries manage (or fail to manage) their resources. The Lacey Act is silliness. And once the finished product is in a customer's hands, as long as he can prove he purchased it legally (a bill of sale), that should bar the government from seizing it unless it can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he bought it knowing it was made with illegal parts. The government in this country takes entirely too many actions that really ought to be examined in a court of law. The IRS is particularly egregious in this regard.
  3. What this kind of thing does is encourage companies to leave the United States for countries where this kind if petty enforcement of pointless laws isn't the norm.
  4. "Do you expect me to talk?" "Nooo, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!" "Herrrrrre's Johnny!" "Your job is to help us. Not to f--- us up!!!" Almost any part of Sgt. Hartman's lecture of the boots during Full Metal Jacket, but almost no part of it is suitable for here.
  5. Researchers once conducted a study. It found that people whose objectively measured IQ numbers were 100 and above were fairly accurate when asked to guess their own IQ. But below 100, people started guessing higher the lower they actually were; the curve looked sort of U-shaped. The thumbnail conclusion was that dumb people do not realize they are dumb. If this is true, then public service messages aimed at correcting dumb behavior will be ineffective, because the people to whom such messages are most relevant will be certain the the messages are not for them. I used to call these folks DK-squared, which meant that they "don't know how much they don't know".
  6. That is hilarious! What would be even funnier is if, in 300 or 400 years, pastafarianism had actually taken off! I'm fairly sure by then no one will remember that Hubbard created Scientology either (a) to evade taxes, or ( as part of a bet with three other science fiction writers (depending on who you believe).
  7. It's pretty clear that NCLB is a failure. It's also clear, for other reasons, that the public education system in this country is a failure.
  8. Keep your voice down. Papa Joe's is too small to share! It's good bar fare. I've eaten breakfast there on several occasions and never been disappointed. Evidently, others feel the same way as it is usually filled near capacity.
  9. I think the Flower Drum Inn disappeared a few years after I started visiting there (I had a friend who lived over there - I grew up in Timonium). We'd visit Nino Taco from time to time; it was next to the Flower Drum Inn. That moved to somewhere over by Reisterstown Road a few years ago. Anybody visit the Olde World Deli when it was sort of next to the 7-11 on that corner? They moved out towards Marriottsville years ago and I don't know if they even still exist. I think some heating oil company was next door to their old location. I believe there are plans for Owings Mills Mall; I think David S. Brown Co. (the actual David S. Brown died years ago, and from what I hear won't be missed) plans to put in some kind of small shopping complex near the Metro Parking garage. Then they'll raze the mall and build the new thing: a shopping center like Hunt Valley is now. Which is what shopping centers were before they all became malls. Property owners have discovered that it costs less if they don't have to air condition spaces that don't generate revenue, like walkways!
  10. Randallstown took a nosedive into a big pile of shaving cream. I used to go there after school to meet friends from Randallstown High, late '70s. Now I wouldn't go near Randallstown High unless I was carrying and wearing riot gear.
  11. Hardly surprising. He's clearly been suffering from reduced blood flow to his brain for years.
  12. I disagree. The people who you're concerned about are morons, you see, and if it wasn't this idiot tricking them into hurting themselves, it would have been something else, like some Nigerian. Too often society is organized around preventing imbeciles from doing themselves wrong, and I have to wonder why. Not only does it cost a lot of money and impose undue legal burdens on others, but it's so funny to watch them harm themselves! And guess what? Camping now says the end of the world began on 5/21 but no one can detect it. It will end with utter destruction later this year, November 12 I think he said.
  13. As long as it's not 6 6 8. Everyone knows the neighbor of the beast is even more dangerous!
  14. True. However, doesn't the ease with which people corrupt these words and get other people to do horrible things argue that these are incredibly dangerous writings, as well? I feel this is rooted in the idea that faith and right to question are mutually exclusive, at least according to most clergy.