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  1. North Carolina has accused drugmaker Insys of various illegal acts in connection with the company's attempts to boost sales of its fentanyl-based pain medication Subsys, meant for cancer patients. The roots of the opioid epidemic may well be discovered in the sales practices of greedy drug companies.
  2. You can't maintain the same position for five posts! Are you offended by the term, or is it just a phantom? Bonus question: is there a difference between mocking people for what they believe, and mocking them for what they are (and have no control over)?
  3. Try thinking harder next time. I guess you're in the club with Smokey and Duke of people who try to excuse the Confederacy? I'm sorry to hear that.
  4. I've heard of people who think the slaves actually had it "pretty good" and argued that they lived better here than they did in Africa, or than some free men did. That's a contemptible viewpoint, but it's one of the revisionist history things neon-Confederates trot out from time to time in their ongoing effort to rehabilitate that terrible state. I certainly hope you are not one of these people. Things like the Confederacy can happen again if we do not keep in mind the evil that lay at the core of it. This is why I find defense of it both difficult to understand and easy to condemn.
  5. The Orioles have been known to mislead fans in the past, for marketing reasons. My position, expressed tongue-in-cheek, is that I would need to see this from a source not controlled by the team. I realize you are merely the messenger in this particular instance and no attack against you was intended.
  6. I have never advocated that position. I don't mind if you disagree with things I write. Don't make sxxt up so you can disagree with that; it's as dishonest as pretending the Confederacy had any kind of virtues at all.
  7. MASN is basically the Orioles' propaganda arm.
  8. You and the Duke are a pair of attempted rehabilitators whose opinions lack much value.
  9. I'm certain you, an advocate of the Confederacy, find arguments against it hilarious.
  10. I'd like to see how the 18 story building works for a few years, then maybe try one in the 30 or 40 story range. Then 60. I wouldn't jump right to 80, if it were my money and liability.
  11. The Confederacy was a slave state. Those who support it advocate the existence of a slave state. How is this difficult for people to understand? Some try to convince the world that the Confederacy was about states' rights. Sure - the right to enslave men. That was the basis of their economy and the easy lifestyle of the wealthy plantation owner. They saw that threatened by (slightly) more moral men and they panicked, and started a war.
  12. That's just it: Peter doesn't have to care about that because he extorts money from xFinity and Verizon subscribers.
  13. EnochRoot already said she was a politician. You're just pointing out one of their principal qualities, here.
  14. Do you, or do you not, honor the Confederacy? Please be honest. The reason it wanted to exist was to preserve the slave-based economy of the plantation owners. Any other reason is revisionist, as has been explained to you. I'm actually kind of glad you're offended. That's your conscience telling you something. Listen to it.
  15. That makes them more, rather than less, evil in my view. Yes, I understand that we have a lot of immoral businessmen in the modern era, too, and mostly this is because immoral businessmen escape all serious punishment for their misdeeds. That does not excuse their behavior, or that of the Confederate "government".
  16. Your natural rights argument rings a little hollow considering you are one of two big advocates here for a slave state.
  17. That is a big question. I don't understand why a school wouldn't have a parent-supplied list of those allowed to sign a child out of school. They should also be able to supply a password to be used for the (hopefully rare) case where they must rely on someone not on the approved list; that individual can sign the child out only if they provide this password. Of course, the parents should not share the password with the child. At that age, people love to be loved and don't care by whom, making them vulnerable to manipulation. Only later in life do (most) people learn to temper that.
  18. I'm fairly sure you need a signed release in order to use someone's likeness for commercial purposes. Seems like there's a lawsuit possible here.
  19. The absolute LAST THING anyone should want a Trump government to have is a greater ability to murder.
  20. Because it agreed to be part of the United States many years ago. That comes with obligations which correspond to the benefits. In both the Texas and California cases, too, it's unlikely they mean to secede so that they can maintain a slave state, which is why the Confederates wished to secede. So there's no moral equivalence. The Confederate government and landowners were evil men and women. One deals with evil differently.
  21. And that would be wrong. Unless the entire nation decides as a whole that the United States is over. Texas also makes those noises. That's all it is, noise. For now.
  22. It belonged to the United States, by previous agreement. What do you think the government's reaction would be if you or I decided to "secede"?
  23. Miami elected to tag Jarvis Landry, who rumor had it was being courted by various Ravens. It would cost them two first round picks to get him (as the tag is non-exclusive), a price they won't (and shouldn't, IMO) pay. Jarvis tagged
  24. Then those who formed the Confederacy were traitors. The leaders should have danced on air after the war. If you decide instead that they were NOT Americans, they could have left. What they couldn't do was take our stuff, which is what they tried to do. So... traitors or foreign enemies? Which is it? You can only choose one.
  25. In order for the Twins to have kicked the Orioles' butts, the Orioles would have had to play the game. They make increasingly clear each day that they are utterly uninterested in winning baseball. They don't want to go for it. They don't want to blow up the team. They just want to collect money.