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  1. That isn't quite true. This kind of nut routinely tries to get his religion made the law of the land, and he has co-opted the Republican Party. If they couldn't do those things all they'd be is funny!
  2. True, but why did he become a traitor? If your answer isn't "religion" then what is it?
  3. I hope you're right. Much culture would be lost (see: Buddhas of Bamyan for an example of Islamic respect for non-Islamic faiths and cultures) should they supplant you.
  4. You're entitled to your opinion. I simply have no respect for their twelfth century religion and culture, and am saddened that the are so successfully exporting it to Europe.I don't have much use for any religion, really. But that one is particularly bad.
  5. Just keep letting Muslims immigrate and you'll have those punishments back soon enough...
  6. I suspect Room222 is on a lot of ignore lists. I'll bet THAT report is interesting reading.
  7. Anyone who enters someone else's home brandishing a weapon may be safely assumed to be there for violent purposes. Shooting such a person should be self-defense, always. I believe that the law should be changed, so that no one may sue for what happens to them if they were committing a crime (nor may relatives sue, in the case where the criminal dies). However, this indemnification would exist only if the police determine that the harmed party was committing a crime. A mere statement to that effect from the homeowner would not be sufficient.
  8. Um, no. If you make an assertion of fact it is incumbent upon you to prove it, unless it does not matter to you whether you are taken seriously or not. Basic threadiquette.
  9. Waaaahh... he's got a better lawyer than meeeee! As arguments go, this is not one of your better ones. Individuals generally do not have the funds to fight school districts. Why is it wrong for the ACLU to use its funds for this purpose - funds, I might add, that were freely donated to it. If the school district then chooses to "take its ball and go home" that is simply a comment on the maturity of is members.
  10. There was a patch on my lawn today that was brown and green, not white. I kind of remember that's some kind of plant that grows there...
  11. I suppose that's possible for some. I find it hard to accept responsibility for things done by people long dead, to people long dead.
  12. But if YOUR decision is to scratch something into the car's paint with a key, well, that's vandalism and I hope you're prepared to deal with the ramifications of that!
  13. An adult should never threaten a child. But a responsible parent shouldn't complain if that child does something to earn a reprimand from another adult. Why is that child interacting with other adults to injure them? I'd guess it's because the parent lost control of the child at some point. I can assure you that if I'd hit an adult growing up, a reprimand from that adult would have been the least of my worries. These days, it seems that a lot of parents don't care how their kids behave in public, based on observations of the kids' raucous behavior and the parents' bland indifference to it.
  14. Some places, like family style restaurants, screaming children are part of the territory, especially given the fact that the modern parent seems inclined to let his child do whatever he or she wants. It's unpleasant, but if you don't like children skip those places. Other places, like nicer restaurants, museums, movies, etc. require quiet. Parents whose children are still at the screaming age need to be prepared to immediately leave with screaming children, to skip those events until their children outgrow the screams, or to secure child care and attend without the children. This is basic courtesy. Based solely on observation, it seems that parents of my generation are laxer than those of the previous generation. Even in nicer restaurants you sometimes see older children playing with toys and making noise. Children who lack sufficient attention span to attend such places without diversions and without making noise don't belong there. Any child that actually hits or slaps a stranger is clearly completely out of control. If the parents don't immediately remove that child the stranger should ask the management to remove the child and his or her family, and management should do so. No adult should hit a child. That's probably what caused the problem.
  15. Fine! Were you checked to see if you''re one of the lucky 11? Almost all of them post on Nationals pretty much exclusively. A few of them post on the Orioles forum pretty much exclusively...
  16. I have eleven names on mine. Mostly because their posts are incomprehensible, inane, juvenile, or some combination of these. How many people that actually is remains unclear; some folks like their sock puppets.
  17. True. But it is also accurate. And sometimes, in the interest of getting along, moderators will succumb to temptation and grant their friends special favors. It is, after all, lonely at the top, whether you're running a Fortune 500 company or a message board. I would guess that a series of extremely racist threads posted on Nationals a few weeks back led in part to this decision: they wanted people likely to be around a lot who could quickly get rid of such trash.
  18. I plan to take a wait and see attitude. I am most concerned about edits, unless there is a change log that permits disputes between the poster and the moderator to be impartially evaluated by Talk_Admin. I think if site administration doesn't like a post, they should be limited to deleting it in toto.
  19. Excellent! Then she should be champing at the bit to sign up. Don't stand in her way, let her go over there and do her part!!
  20. If you keep saying it, it must be true, huh? But just in case, why not get yourself and your daughter down there and sign up.
  21. Even bomb and run requires troops - so, when will you put your family where your mouth is? And, "bomb and run" has never worked in the long history of warfare, Armchair General. Read a book once in awhile.
  22. So, you'll be signing up your daughter, then? She's just about the right age, based on the comments you've made. Yeah. I didn't think so.