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  1. The Republicans do. They put a man in the Oval Office who doesn't think atheists should be citizens.
  2. How can an opinion possibly be a lie?
  3. Stop inferring things. I never said this was a right-wing problem, I said it was a Catholic problem. No one should trust NAMBLA with safeguarding their moral health, either. A key difference is that the Catholic Church pretends that is its job.
  4. Enough are to create a culture that likely still exists. It is dangerous to trust that organization with safeguarding your moral health.
  5. The biggest is probably racism, which is endemic down there. If you don't believe it, drive the back roads and look at folks' houses.
  6. Bonifacio tested postive for boldenone, a performance enhancing drug, and will be sitting in the principal's office for the first half of the season. A lot of places, here's one.
  7. The Browns are cursed. They must have build their practice facility on top of an Indian burial ground or something. Nevertheless, it looks like they are making smarter moves this off-season than they have in the past.
  8. The Republicans were okay with Trump speaking to foreigners because they hated Obama that much.
  9. Stereotyping occurs for a reason. A lot of southerners display these unsavory qualities. Maybe they could try to be better people.
  10. Does the Orioles front office have a track record of honesty? If not, then the biggest fools are those who believed it had any intention of improving the team or trying to win this year. They paid Angelos for vapor.
  11. I can't tell people who to honor, and did not try to. I said there was no good reason to honor Confederates, and there isn't. Those who do lose my respect, that's all. That means nothing to you, of course. But consider how many people feel the same way. Consider how many people look at someone flying a Confederate flag and think, "What a piece of filth." Far more than think, "You GO, brother!"
  12. You are disagreeing with the facts. The Church has admitted to molestation and enabling molestation. It has paid settlements. You can choose to ignore the facts if that's what you need to do to sleep at night. You cannot deny them and expect to be taken seriously. It continually amazes me that the Catholic Church still has members - those people are apparently okay getting moral advice from deeply immoral men.
  13. What she did should have been illegal, and wasn't. I'm not arguing that. What she did, like what Saucier did, was dangerously irresponsible and careless. I hope that answers your question.
  14. You have to be careful here because you still want it to be possible that Hillary did nothing wrong.
  15. The Supreme Court has its opinion, which is the law. And I have mine. I lived in that world for years. We were drilled pretty relentlessly. And the attitude has stuck.
  16. Granted. However, I need to ask how many data points you need before you realize what a lot of us already see: Trump is a racist.
  17. I don't have one. Don't need a surveillance SAI in my house, thanks! This is probably a prankster, not an indication Alexa is evolving.
  18. This guy is probably just an idiot, not an actual spy. Nevertheless, it's not okay to be cavalier in handling classified data. Not for a sailor, and not for a politician. His acts merited an other than honorable discharge, the time he spent in prison, and he should not have been pardoned. When dealing with classified data, careless isn't much different from malicious. It's interesting that people who wanted Hillary jailed are behind this guy getting a pardon.
  19. There are many things that might be "good" or "bad" for society. It's very difficult to see that who people love is either one (as long as they are consenting adults). Face the facts: you think your religion is good for society because you think it's good for you. Your religion's officials turned child molestation into an industry for decades. They're probably still at it. They're not good for anyone.
  20. That's a question you need to ask Duke of Earl. He seems to see equivalence in the two situations.
  21. There's no good reason to honor Confederates. There's a lot of bad ones to do so.
  22. Then why is he concerned enough about what happened that he started this thread and tried to conflate it in some weird way with the removal of Confederate statues? By definition, if you think someone's statue should never be removed, it's because you honor them and believe others must, too.
  23. The law is unconstitutional. Which means leaders of Mississippi are wasting their constituents' money. Leaders those people elected. That makes those constituents pretty stupid. Hillbillies seems like a fairly mild pejorative, no? If you think abortion is murder don't have one. Why do all you anti-choicers think you're entitled to make that decision for everyone else?
  24. The owl that lives in the woods behind my house wants me to ask precisely where you saw that skink.