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  1. Those kinds of kids are called "failure to launch" and are a failure of parenting.
  2. Any time you see the phrase "savage theology of capitalism" you know the writer is a cretin.
  3. He could. He could fill the park and get more people watching. But there are businesses where the owner has no idea how to make the business better, so he drones along in a kind of auto-pilot mode and hopes that keeps working.
  4. Shame is a good sign. It means there's a little part of their conscience still left. It's the ones who don't have any shame who worry me.
  5. Sounds like you gave your kids a solid grounding that will help them even after you are gone. I'm glad to hear that.
  6. I meant, of course, why would I bother with you? Really, why would anyone?
  7. Snark from Calamari. That only happens on days that end in 'y'!
  8. Angelos knows what every owner knows: there are enough diehard fans to keep the money rolling in even if he puts a terrible product on the field. He doesn't care about winning baseball because the model is broken, so he doesn't have to.
  9. I heard a story about parents who never ask their kids to help around the house, under the general idea of "let them be kids while they can, soon enough they'll be paying taxes and working". No, probably not. They'll be failure to launch kids because, Mom and Dad, you didn't prepare them for the world properly.
  10. D1ck Cheney's
  11. It serves the worthwhile purpose of pointing out that what Trump has and what he thinks you ought to have are very different. This message is lost on most of his supporters.
  12. Exactly. Although I wouldn't cry for Angelos if they managed to get out of the contract either, but that's mostly because I like it when it rains on his parade - a little taste of what he does to Orioles fans.
  13. I love the "I can't control him" attitude of the parents in that article. Somehow my parents kept me in line. Part of it was training me how to behave in public, part of it was they didn't go off and do their own thing and let me run amok, and part of it was understanding that with young children, there are activities you just can't do unless you hire a sitter and leave the kid with that person. Modern parents think everyone should adore their children regardless of how they behave; they apparently cannot understand people who do not. I went to see a movie - I forget which one - that was violent and loud. In comes a Mom with a little kid who should never have been exposed to that, and of course he's terrified and starts to scream. The ushers finally had to make her leave.
  14. Why would I bother?
  15. I actually had to check to see if it was April 1, not March 2, when I saw this. No vision, at all. None.
  16. Hahahahahahaha! Breitbart, the racist's choice! L'il guy, you're the gift that keeps on giving. Please don't change.
  17. The Dow *really* did not like the orange idiot's tariff idea.
  18. You've found a list of rules that says people shouldn't be mean to politicians, even if they're terrible, and now your riposte is going to be endless cites of your list? That's special.
  19. Let's face it, anyone who still supports Trump at this point clearly needs to do a lot of soul searching. All of the defenses of the worst president in history just sound so lame.
  20. I'll let you know when I see some lies. Still stealing my schtick, l'il guy? I guess it's okay, I know you l'il fellas are still learning about the world and you can't come up with your own stuff.
  21. No, l'il guy. I'm applauding them for telling us about Trump the imbecile. Step away from the computer and get back to your reading lessons - you need 'em! And come up with your own schtick, too!
  22. CNN reporting how Trump cratered the market yesterday with his idiotic tariff idea stuck in a couple of second of Mr. Magoo driving. Hey, if Trump doesn't like being mocked, he should improve his... well, everything. But start with brains and education, both of which he lacks. His drones don't like the media when it points this out.
  23. Keep in mind that millennials are still building their careers and lives for the most part. Generally speaking the Republicans recruit from older people fortunate enough to have achieved enough financial success that they can be lured by a party using threats (real and conjured) to their newfound wealth.
  24. Someone was paid for this.
  25. Stand a better man for president, he'll be called fewer names.