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  1. Fentanyl and oxycodone for a former heroin abuser? I hope his doctor knew what he was doing and didn't just give him what he asked for...
  2. Uh-oh. Time to shave a few points off the results of that cognition test!
  3. The things the CA law requires - warrants and subpoenas - are things the employer should ask for without a legal requirement to do so. Why would anyone let the Feds run roughshod over them without seeing the source of their authority to do that?
  4. Boy, he sure takes a lot of vacations, doesn't he?
  5. What it was designed for is to make Zuckerberg wealthy. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be wealthy, or achieving that, as long as one does so ethically. Zuckerberg has demonstrated that he is not ethical; he simply does not care about the enormous influence his site has, as long as the cash keeps rolling in. It's also a single point of failure; if the government ever decides to get into the Internet censorship business, as China does, it starts with Facebook. And all the sites that might have offered an alternative are gone, because Facebook drove 'em out of business. Zuckerberg personally appears to be the sort of person who thinks having money entitles him to do whatever he wants. Look at his conflicts with his neighbors in Hawaii for some more about that.
  6. Ooo, a conspiracy theory! Know who believes in conspiracy theories? Sure you do.
  7. Sure. The old Mark I eyeball. You have a set, too, probably.
  8. Then tries to pretend it's not political. It's a lot of places; I chose this one because it makes Mulvaney look particularly like Nazi villain Toht from "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
  9. The Confederacy, as has been explained, wanted to be independent so that it could continue to be a slave state, something it saw threatened. Its right to independence is questionable under any circumstance, but powered by that evil motive? It was evil. I'm aware that some revisions are trying to peddle the idea that the Civil War was about Federal overreach. This is an attempt to sanitize treason and slavery. No one except the people peddling that garbage buys it.
  10. Don't get your news from Facebook. In fact, don't use Facebook. It's one of the worst inventions of the Internet era, and I can't wish enough for Zuckerberg to fail hard.
  11. What would be the point? You live in a Trump reality. When you suggested the photos of him were photoshopped to make him look fat, I knew you were either a troll or hopelessly incapable of accepting that Trump isn't a good president and isn't a good person.
  12. That's... Joe Flacco!
  13. What the Democrats have to do is make a clear connection between that lack of support and how they're going to do something about it, if given the chance in the fall. That's their only chance. But as I said, it's a very tall order. People are very stupid, mostly.
  14. Do you really think they're going to be able to convince people of that? You teach school. You know folks today have a ten second attention span, at best, and are mostly incapable of critical thought.
  15. Trump, compromise? What part of his personality makes you think he would ever want that? He thinks he's right all the time, the best at everything he does, etc. It isn't true, but that's what he tells himself in order to win his daily battle with the shreds of self-esteem Fred left him.
  16. The Republicans are laying a trap and the Democrats are blithely walking right into it. The Republicans will claim the Democrats "shut down the government". Remember that in marketing, perception is reality. The Democrats best strategy is to compromise to keep the government working, and then position the Republicans as so opposed to DACA they were willing to shut down the government over it. Then they need to explain how you keep this from happening again: fire enough Republicans that the party no longer controls Congress. That could be done later this year if those affected by Republican plans have the will.
  17. When I see the Confederate flag, as I occasionally do in Southern PA and around here, I know that person's more likely than not a racist. I even saw one on a work truck in PA not long ago; that's a business I wouldn't hire.
  18. "Not likely, Reggie!" The whole Bridgegate affair revealed that Christie is just another Jersey machine politician. While it's true that the GOP has been making staggeringly bad choices in who they stand for election, I don't think Christie could have beaten Cruz, and Cruz (another repulsive human being).
  19. I'm telling them they should rebuke evil, yes. Those who honor evil might just be evil themselves. I don't have a problem with Civil War re-enactments, but I do consider them kinda silly. Do people recreate that war accurately? i.e. the Confederacy gets its *** kicked in the end?
  20. Your "facts" are routinely refuted.
  21. They're not making that many mistakes, and they're correcting the ones they make. Trump has lied hundreds of times - lied, not mistakes - and never corrected a one. When you call him out, then I might take you seriously about the media. Because then you'll have demonstrated a single standard.
  22. The next time you drop an irrefutable fact here will also be the first time!
  23. Then you should be disturbed by the hundreds of Trump lies that are never corrected. Oddly, you don't seem to be. Why is Trump permitted to lie, and never correct his lies, but the MSM is pilloried for actually fixing its mistakes by you? You got two standards, and you ain't ashamed, two standards and you love 'em both the same!
  24. You think people can't accept a correction? I'll bet even a typical Trump supporter is smart enough to do that!