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  1. First pc was bought in 1997 486sx25I think. Had windows 3.1 with a 500mb hard drive and a b/w monitor. The look on my face must have been priceless when the man I bought it from connected the dial up modem to the internet. It was later upgraded a "green" cpu chip of some kind. It lasted me through an upgrade to Windows 95. Finally bought an Acer desktop in 1999 and the processor speed was AMAZING compared to the 486!
  2. Yeah it's called making reservations with Southwest Airlines! Possibly in May!
  3. Starting to get that yearly urge for a visit to Vegas!
  4. I'm hoping to go again in the Spring. We'll see how the money flows between now and then.
  5. I'm scheduled for jury duty starting October 1st but we close on our house we're buying in Delaware on Sept. 28th. Not sure how to handle that one yet.
  6. What makes you say that after just one year of being Head Coach? Now if this was year 3 or 4 and the Terps were fighting to have a winning record I'd agree. But this is year two and with his recruiting bringing in better players the future is looking bright to me.
  7. Love going to Vegas. Would like to move there but I doubt it will happen.
  8. Well, I'm in the process of buying a house in Delaware. My GF and I both work in Delaware and the double taxes thing is eating us up moneywise each tax season. So we've decided to buy a house together and make the move. We only live 5 miles from the Delaware line now as it is. But after the move we'll be about 5 miles from the Maryland line. The scary part for me is that it looks like I'll be paying two mortgages or at least 1 1/2 mortgages. My current house that is only in my name is for sale but hasn't sold yet. It's older and needs a lot of work and is being sold in as is condition. The land it sits on is worth pretty much what the asking place for the whole thing is. But we haven't had any nibbles yet. As for renting it out I don't feel it is in the best condition to rent it out either. So money is going to get a bit tight until it does sell. I guess if it comes right down to it I'll pick up a part time job to help. But overall we both are excited about it. She is especially because it is her first home she has bought. So this is a big accomplishment for her.
  9. To make it even sweeter the ladies won their Championship too!
  10. There is one out there that might work for you. Android x86
  11. I see that you can spot lurkers now by the Online Users link. Damn thing tells right where you are on the site. I don't think I like that feature.
  12. Mock, *big hugs*, have you thought about putting your pain down in written words? Maybe keep a diary type account of your feelings and what you have been going through. It might be easier than putting them into spoken words and you'd still be able to release them somewhat. It might help and it might not but it can't hurt to try.
  13. The Terps had to be ranked 1st at the end of the 2002 season didn't they?
  14. C'mon Norman, please? I can even throw in my Staying Alive walk from Saturday Night Fever.
  15. Back in the late 80's we got to watch a Bison being born at the Salisbury Zoo. Of course my son was the first to notice and said in a loud voice, "Hey Daddy, what's that sticking out of that Bison butt?" It the baby Bison's leg coming first. The Mom walked around as the baby slowly was born. She then turned around and cleaned it up. After a few minutes the baby Bison tried standing. It fell several times but eventually made it to all fours. The baby got a loud ovation.