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  1. Body camera footage from two Cincinnati officers showed they never left their patrol car to investigate the 911 calls about a teen being stuck in a minivan last week. Kyle Plush, 16, called 911 twice on April 10, 2018, from inside a minivan begging for help and providing a dispatcher with a description and location of the vehicle in a school parking lot. Plush suffocated after he became trapped under the third-row seat that flipped and pinned him while he was trying to reach his tennis equipment. Police said Amber Smith, the 911 operator who answered Plush’s second call, failed to relay information to the additional officers who were at the scene. During the call, Plush explained to Smith the call was not a joke. "I am trapped inside my gold Honda Odyssey van in the parking lot of the Seven Hills...Send officers immediately," Plush pleaded. "I’m almost dead.”
  2. I think you are confusing WPA with the Civilian Conversation Corps, which had dorms in rural areas.
  3. A high-ranking Japanese political figure has resigned in the wake of sex harassment allegations, a further blow to a government beset by scandal. Junichi Fukuda, administrative vice minister for the Ministry of Finance, said Wednesday that he was leaving his post following the release of recordings containing what a female TV reporter said were sexually harassing remarks he made to her. The resignation came as Ryuichi Yoneyama, governor of Niigata prefecture, also announced he was stepping down in the wake of accusations he paid students for sex. The journalist, who works for the TV Asahi network, recorded a conversation between her and Fukuda following what she alleges was a campaign of harassment by the finance official for a year and a half. The allegations were published in the weekly magazine Shukan Shincho.
  4. Shoot the messenger, a tactic that's as old as the hills.
  5. It is so amusing how our rampantly sexist society assumes that any position a woman takes is rooted in some form of romantic disappointment. Such a presumption is never made for men. In the minds of the obsessively sexist, a woman cannot just observe rampant police brutality and be opposed to it, she must have a grudge against cops rooted in being dumped by someone in law enforcement. Amusing but not surprising.
  6. No, all Caucasians are by no means "racist devils," but the vast majority are willing to tolerate racism because they reap the rewards and benefits of the systemic oppression of AAs.
  7. America is held hostage to savagery because many Caucasians are so terrified of AAs that they will endorse any level of brutality against them. And as a result they also endorse brutality against their fellow Caucasians. It is tragic.
  8. The fascist blue shirts are so bloodthirsty that they are slaughtering fellow Caucasians when no AAs are available. May the child RIP.
  9. Sad, may he RIP. it seems as if being about to hit the big 30 is a danger zone for some musicians.
  10. Murdered Nigerian singer was previously beaten into coma by husband: Nielsen, who is 53 years of age, reportedly has a history of domestic violence. According to Alizee’s father, Ali Madaki, the Dane, who was “of good character” at the start of the marriage, started to become violent towards his wife in 2017, and beat her into a state of unconsciousness late that year. “Last November, a case was reported at the police station when he beat her to a coma,” Ali Madaki told The Punch, a Nigerian newspaper. “He then wrote an undertaking that he would never batter her again.” It's unclear how long Nielsen and Alizee were married, but Ali Madaki said in the interview that he has known his late daughter's husband “for over seven years now." *************************************************************************************************************************** The African race has no dignity. What type of father allows a man to beat his daughter unconscious with no repercussions? “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou
  11. A huge cache of stone inscriptions from one of Africa's oldest written languages have been unearthed in a vast "city of the dead" in Sudan. The inscriptions are written in the obscure 'Meroitic' language, the oldest known written language south of the Sahara, which has been only partly deciphered. The discovery includes temple art of Maat, the Egyptian goddess of order, equity and peace, that was, for the first time, depicted with African features. Scientists investigated the archaeological site of Sedeinga, located on the western shore of the Nile River in Sudan, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of the river's third "cataract," or set of shallows. Archaeologists first heard of the site from the tales of 19th-century travelers, who described the remains of the Egyptian temple of Queen Tiye, the chief wife of Amenhotep III and one of the most illustrious queens of ancient Egypt, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Amenhotep III's reign from about 1390 B.C. to 1353 B.C. marked the zenith of ancient Egyptian civilization — in both political power and cultural achievement, according to the BBC.The sandy area was once part of ancient Nubia, known for rich deposits of gold. Nubia hosted some of Africa's earliest kingdoms, and a few even ruled Egypt as pharaohs, according to the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. The site of Sedeinga is home to a large necropolis, known as the "city of the dead," stretching more than 60 acres (25 hectares). It holds the vestiges of at least 80 brick pyramids and more than 100 tombs from the kingdoms of Napata and Meroe, which lasted from the seventh century B.C. to the fourth century A.D. These kingdoms mixed the cultures of Egypt and the rest of Africa in ways still seen in Sudan today, researchers said. Napata and Meroe formed a civilization known as the kingdom of Kush by their ancient Egyptian neighbors. Meroitic, the language of Meroe, borrowed written characters from ancient Egyptian. "The Meroitic writing system, the oldest of the sub-Saharan region, still mostly resists our understanding," Vincent Francigny, an archaeologist at the French Archaeological Unit Sudan Antiquities Service, and co-director of the Sedeinga excavation, told Live Science. "While funerary texts, with very few variations, are quite well-known and can be almost completely translated, other categories of texts often remain obscure. In this context, every new text matters, as they can shed light on something new." Now, the scientists revealed they have unearthed the largest collection of Meroitic texts yet. The inscriptions are funerary in nature. "Every text tells a story — the name of the deceased and both parents, with their occupations sometime; their career in the administration of the kingdom, including place names; their relation to extended family with prestigious titles," Francigny said. From these inscriptions, "we can, for example, locate new places, or guess their possible locations, or learn about the structure of the religious and royal administration in the provinces of the kingdom," Francigny said. The texts "also tell us what kind of town or settlement was connected to the cemetery we are excavating," he said. Based on evidence from texts, the site's context, and numerous imported goods found in the graves there, the researchers think Sedeinga was a key place for commercial roads that avoided the meandering and the cataracts of the Nile to the north "to go straight to Egypt through desert roads," Francigny said. "The town would have developed and become wealthy around this activity."