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  1. Ha ha! That is all I have to say.
  2. If he strung up an AA that would boost his election prospects considerably.
  3. Especially those pesky 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. Those are the ones he and his base really hate.
  4. It has become infested with ideological rabies.
  5. Trying to whitewash racial chattel slavery would make one unfit for dog catcher among the civilized. Not so much so among barbarians.
  6. They will stop fighting it when AAs are returned to slavery.
  7. Firefighters across Southern California are battling six major wildfires, and brutal Santa Ana winds are expected to continue fanning the flames through Thursday. California's Department of Forest and Fire Protection tweeted Thursday afternoon that the new fires, the Lilac fire in San Diego County and the Liberty fire in Riverside County, are now being fanned by continued Santa Ana winds and low humidity. Flames from the Lilac fire are growing at a "dangerous rate" with more than 1,000 structures threatened, the department's San Diego office tweeted. At least five structures have been destroyed and an "unknown" number of structures have been damaged, officials said. California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in San Diego County due to the Lilac fire, his office announced Thursday afternoon. The weather is not cooperating with the hundreds of officials trying to contain the flames in the region. Red flag warnings have been extended across much of Southern California through Saturday, and high winds warnings are in effect for mountains and valleys in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.Sustained winds were gusting to 66 mph at Boney Mountain in Ventura County, according to the National Weather Service. Winds could gust to 80 mph in the early hours Thursday, causing embers to spread even more. Much of Southern California is also experiencing humidity levels in the teens or even single digits. The Thomas fire in Ventura County, the largest of the four blazes, started Monday night as a 50-acre brush fire in foothills east of Santa Paula and grew to 10,000 acres in just four hours, authorities said. ************************************************************************************** Yikes! I visited LA a couple of years ago. Nice place to visit but I am glad to be safe here in the nation's capital where extreme weather events are essentially non-existent.
  8. The decline of the middle class started under Reagan and accelerated massively under Bush II. Obama could hardly be expected to reverse a thirty year trend when the GOP blocked most of his program. And essentially Obama traded the life of the US auto industry for a diminished pay scale for future workers. If workers make less, then they have less to spend.
  9. They sell store brand milk plus they save $ by having a lean staff and lower inventory costs and superior logistics. Aldi literally arranges for milk to arrive on racks so it can be stocked in seconds. They then plow the savings back into core products such as milk. Aldi's basically is an unapologetically bargain store and does not attempt to seem "fancy" or "upscale."
  10. Bamas. That is all that needs to be said. Denizens of the former Chocolate City (may it RIP) know what I'm talking about.
  11. Even Whole Foods, aka, "Whole Paycheck," is getting in on the discount trend: This Whole Foods won’t consume your whole paycheck. New York City’s first Whole Foods Market 365 — a cheaper offshoot of the upscale supermarket chain — is set to open in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, on Jan. 31, the company said this week. The 40,000-square-foot store on the ground and basement floors of a new high-rise at 292 Ashland Pl. plants a flag for the brand just blocks away from the Trader Joe’s at the City Point retail complex, which dropped anchor in June. Both the Whole Foods Market 365 and Trader Joe’s grocery chains are targeting the budget-conscious foodie: In a news release announcing the opening date for 365’s first location on the East Coast, president Jeff Turnas stressed it would “provide a fantastic combination of convenience, quality and value to families, students and commuters alike.”
  12. Walmart has a new competitor to worry about — and this time it’s coming from overseas. Aldi, a Germany-based chain whose supermarkets offer deep discounts on a selected assortment of groceries, announced big expansion plans Monday, saying it will spend $3.4 billion to enlarge its chain to 2,500 stores nationwide by the end of 2022. That’s up from the current tally of 1,600 stores across 35 states, which Aldi has quietly amassed since it first entered the US in 1976. Aldi says the planned growth spurt will make it the third-biggest US supermarket behind Walmart and Kroger, serving 100 million customers per month. Walmart, which currently is the No. 1 player in the $800 billion US grocery market, with a 17 percent chunk of the total, will have to invest $3 billion to $5 billion over the next five years to maintain the lowest grocery prices. That’s according to Brittain Ladd, who has advised retailers — including Amazon — on strategy, supply-chain management and groceries. He has also has been studying Aldi since 2008. “Aldi is gunning for prices 21 percent below competitors in the US,” Ladd told The Post, saying his big-dollar spending estimate is what will be required for Walmart to “defend market share” in groceries. Aldi sells mainly private-label groceries and focuses on the top 20 percent of supermarket product lines that generate 80 percent of sales, according to Ladd. As such, Aldi stores average just 12,000 square feet, versus 50,000 square feet and up for traditional US supermarkets like Kroger.
  13. Throwing those lazy bums off welfare and into the job market will boost hard working peoples' wages.
  14. Marshan Man: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
  15. May he RIP. Too bad he delivered America to Ronny Raygun. We are still suffering the baleful effects of that infamous 1980 election.