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  4. Believe so... he has said he used to be post on the Sun board.
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  6. It's been great to see so many of you sign-up... in addition to ivanbalt, Thirteen, FromTS, JBMAD, themamba, catatonia, and bleedingorangeandblack ... we've also now seen Mr. Buzzcut , JohnPolitics (registered as OldSchool), bmore_ken, tommysocks, weird-O, Waggle Pass, Stallion77, Tootsie, and Dutch register... I asked bleedingorangeandblack who else should join, and a few of the names he mentioned were: Pitbull OriginalColtsFan mdrunning Rob Babylinux Eastside Terp Ravens2006 Rob A DJGregg All of you are welcome!
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  10. Hello all, I've posted this in a few threads, and sent a few PMs to people... so again, apologies for being repetitive. I hate being this spamy; but this board is dying and I want to make sure I reach as many of you as I can. I operate the site Baltimore Sports and Life. You can find our message board here. You can find background on our contributors here. You guys need a new board... and our site needs some new blood. You like talking O's, Ravens, Terps, NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Golf, Soccer, High School etc? Come join us. You will certainly be welcomed. Check us out for a few weeks, join the discussions, and see if we can be your new home. ivanbalt, Thirteen, FromTS, JBMAD, themamba, catatonia, and bleedingorangeandblack have signed up already... my thanks to them! "Baltimore Sports and Life is, hands down. the smartest place to talk about about Maryland-area sports on the Internet. It has excellent analysis, and a vibrant message board community that is constantly teaching me something, and discussions don't get bogged down by the usual trolls that tend to ruin the rest of the Internet. With the steady decline of traditional media outlets, I've been looking more and more to blogs to follow local teams, and BSL consistently gives me witty and nuanced insights I can't get anywhere else. " - ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg Contact me with any questions. (Including any issues registering.) Best regards, Chris
  11. Great... went ahead and added a HS section.
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