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  10. Love O'Day... but the payroll has to be going up right? The one thing you have in abundance now is cheap RHP bullpen arms. Also... the O's didn't seem interested at all of discussing a 4th year for Miller last year... To be clear, every year O'Day has been healthy in his career, he's been $. He will perform. My concern is if payroll is +/- $120M, allocating those funds to him when you had cheaper options with some upside.
  11. I previously argued for Samardzija and Kazmir... Samardzija now gone to the Giants. Would like to see the O's get Kazmir done. Kamir: DOB: 1/24/84 6′, 185lbs LHP 2013: 10-9, 158 ip, 162 hits, 19 hr’s, 47 bb’s, 162 k’s, .735 OPS against, 40.9 GB%, 3.36 xFIP, 2014: 15-9, 190.1ip, 171 hits, 16 hr’s, 50 bb’s, 164 k’s, .648 OPS against, 43.8 GB%, 3.59 xFIP 2015: 7-11, 183ip, 162 hits, 20 hr’s, 59 bb’s, 155 k’s, .678 OPS against, 42.9 GB%, 4.14 xFIP How much will Kazmir cost? MLBTR predicts he gets a 4 year, $52M contract. CBS Sports predicts he gets a 3 year, $39M contract. By comparison, both MLBTR and CBS Sports has Chen at 5 years, $80M. To me, Kazmir represents a strong replacement for Chen. I think Kazmir has a higher ceiling, but also more flame out potential. I think Chen’s higher floor is being appreciated in the above salary projections. Swooping in now, and wrapping up Kazmir in that 3 to 4 year, $39-$52M range seems like a smart decision to me. His fWAR in ’13 was 2.7 (worth $19.9M in production according to FanGraphs). In ’14 his fWAR was 3.2, worth $24.1M in production. In ’15, his fWAR was 2.4, worth $19M in production. You aren’t paying for that prior performance, but I think he would at-least provide equal value to those contracts. It’s reasonable to be scared off by his prior arm trouble (and paying for his age 32, 33, 34, and possibly age 35 seasons); it’s also reasonable to think he might out-produce his contract. Are there reasons for pause? His fastball velocity has dipped from 92.1 in ’13, to 91.5 in ’15. His K% in that time has dropped from 24.1% to 20.3%. I’m not overly bothered by either, because he has one of the best change-ups by velocity and movement in the game. Also because his Swinging Strike percentage was actually higher in ’15 vs. ’13.
  12. Durkin was interviewed during the Terps basketball game last night... just between that and the initial press conference, you see someone that is a quality public speaker. Not shocking that he's a strong recruiter.
  13. Hi all... My name is Chris Stoner, and I run the site Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL). Info on our site is here, and our message board is here... We are always looking for good posters and new blood. Hope that some of you will come over and try us out for a few weeks. Even if you are just restating your comments here... come interact with some other local fans. Any questions, you can reach me at Thanks!
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