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  1. MOP - I've watched Loyola and you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Their QB is reading a dive read and a pitch read he is just making the wrong reads. So before you come on here spouting off know what you're talking about
  2. I asked that question to someone I know in the program. I was told the admin would never let that happen forget what might be in the best interest of the kids in the program
  3. GA saw all 3 teams last year Pallotti would have matched up well against both CHC and Gilman could have went either way
  4. Since SFA has their own thread let's leave them out of this thread. Any thoughts on how the rest of the teams in both the "A" and "B" Conf. are going to do this year
  5. Excellent preview couldn't agree more the 2A class looks by far to be the toughest and most competitive this year
  6. Watchfulreader80 Curley runs the double wing not the triple option. Two completely different offenses. Navy runs the triple, I believe the new OC is very good with it. I know he did well at JC a few years ago
  7. Heard Stickel from JC is the new OC, the option comes to the A conf.
  8. heard that option football is coming to the "A" conf. Stickel from JC is the new OC at Loyola
  9. Yeah hopefully Sandora doesn't pi$$ them off he may be looking for a job sooner than he thinks
  10. i have a friend on the staff. He said the administration did not care for Murphy especially the principal and others that included the soccer coach. When he didn't get the AD job it was for that reason. Murphy told his guys he thought they may be a long shot to get the job for that reason. He also told me 3 or 4 of the assistants got interviews but he thought that was all smoke. He also told me on Murphy's last day nobody from the administration came down to say goodbye or wish him well. Nice way to treat a guy that turned around a bad program and gave you I think 15 or 20 years. The admin must be real class acts, my friend made the joke about their slogan about "brotherhood" must not have included Murphy nice way for a catholic institution to act
  11. Let's see how inspired Fort Hill is when they play Dunbar they won't be playing the likes of Kent and Havre de Grace
  12. Day walker. Not disagreeing with you but I think year in and year out Fort Hill and Dunbar will be in the hunt. 1A football by nature because you are drawing from a smaller pool makes I difficult to be a force consistently. Dunbar with its magnet program and Fort Hill because of the quality of the program should keep them near the top. You'll get teams that rise up but they'll be the exception not the rule. As dominate as Perryville was a couple years ago they've come back to the rest of the pack. Hopefully teams like that will keep 1A interesting
  13. 1a will become a two horse race between Dunbar and Fort Hill. Everybody else is playing for 3rd
  14. Operations, agree with your picks the only one that may be in question Elkton could pull the upset
  15. Why is it stupid to have a 4 team playoff ? Imagine the excitement a SFA, Spalding, McD, and MSJ would generate. These kids should experience playoff football. I've had many friends that have had kids in the public state playoffs not to mention a friend that coaches at Curley, all of them say the same thing the kids love it. It should be about them