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  1. Agree with all that's been said here. This young man is special and by far the best QB last weekend
  2. Operations think we need to go to Vegas
  3. You could clearly see the difference in the two schools. LB needs to reload ith players more in line with CHC to be successful
  4. Going out on a limb LB 21 CHC 17. Just got a feeling this will be close
  5. Bmagic33...... That's great was actually pulling for HT. After KI took out North Caroline thought they'd go on a roll
  6. GA I'm aware of what the match up would have been. CHC looked like they didn't want to be there last Sunday. Play 1 vs 2 and be done. Anything can happen. Hounds are getting curb stomped anything ain't happening
  7. GA.... I've seen your beloved hounds if they can prevent a running clock consider it a victory. SFA is by far the class of the "A" conference. Have to agree with Ops with only 7 teams why have a playoff the B and C conference do it right 1 vs 2. Time for the states private schools to come together and come up with a state private school playoff format
  8. This weeks predictions.......Unfortunately Harford Tech's Cinderella season comes to an end as Kent Island comes to Harford county and easily beats one of this seasons best stories. But Harford county's other Cinderella Edgewood continues to surprise and upsets Milford Mill. Hereford's season ends as Gwynn Park takes out the Bulls by two scores. Walkersville pulls out a tough game getting past Damascus by 3 in the the powerful 2A classification. Havre de Grace easily beats Bo Manor
  9. North Caroline upset by Kent Island
  10. Looking for Edgewood score
  11. Ops... Going with Gilman in the upset of the Hall. Harford Tech takes out Elkton. And the upset alert Edgewood over Franklin
  12. #7 looks really good at quarterback, #5 is just plain good and #36 looks like he could be a stud
  13. One thing that was brought to my attention that has not been mentioned here is the state of Baltimore County schools. I have been told by quite a few people that have decided to send their kids to private schools rather than public schools that conditions are poor at best. I also have friends in the system that say the same thing, this is probably the case if the kid is a good athlete
  14. MOP my apologies...
  15. MOP - I've watched Loyola and you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Their QB is reading a dive read and a pitch read he is just making the wrong reads. So before you come on here spouting off know what you're talking about