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  1. As usual, politically motivated, disingenuous "selective outrage" by liberal Dems playing to the cameras. Hollywood drama queens indeed! Here's a Border solution. Just put up multi-lingual signs facing Mexico. "Attention - If you enter the US illegally (breaking the law), your children won't be allowed to join you in jail. (Just like in all other jails). Don't let that happen! Good news, though. You've already left your terrible country and are out of harm's way! Please enjoy asylum in Mexico while we do a proper background check. (If we didn't, you'd be joining a country who doesn't care about its citizens). By the way, many of you children traveled alone without parents, right? How many of you are over 16 and shave? Just asking because facts don't seem to matter any more to our mainstream media. Very inconvenient for the upcoming election season! Important - Please remember that Dems are not your friend. They're looking for cheap labor to pick fruit, clean pools, and walk poodles. All they ask for is your perpetual obedience and VOTE to keep them on the public dole. Unlike you, they have no other skills. So sad." ------------------------ All this because Dems hate Trump. Still chaffing from the "Atomic Wedgie" they received in November, 2016. (Lots of Dems lost lots of money because they blindly betted on a nag). If they'd only realize that "draining the swamp" is an environmental clean-up project. The southern breeze from Washington stinks. What a world.
  2. To All: Since a deep "official" explanation of this action is not likely, I encourage honest (or outrageous) speculation to continue. Fun to read now and in the future. Can't see any downside!
  3. Is this a hoax?
  4. When will we learn that channeling water is a big part of the problem, a partial solution at best. Replace asphalt parking lots with porous asphalt.
  5. Speaking of Oprah 2020, I bet she's got Richard Sher's support: From Sun Magazine: Oprah -- Built in Baltimore Richard and Oprah
  6. The Ravens are dead to me.
  7. Seen any 17-year locust in your part of town? We've got them in Ellicott City. http://www.cicadamania.com/cicadas/brood-vi-17-year-cicadas-due-in-spring-of-2017/ Any locust on the locust trees in Locust Point?
  8. Martin is throwing in the towel. Waiting for his official announcement shortly.
  9. Perhaps the mother should be aborted and the child saved? That seems fair.
  10. Ah, a deep, thoughtful answer! I suspect you're a latch-key kid, restricted to the basement? If so, just know that there's a middle ground between piss and vinegar and a glass of fine wine. Meanwhile, carry-on with your hair-on-fire, low value rhetoric!
  11. No critticism intended, but what's the foundation of your Dem Party loyalty? Are there any conservative ideas you support? Also, do you believe liberal social and economic ideas are sustainable?
  12. Gambling = Voluntary Taxation (involuntary for those not good at math)!
  13. The operative word was "SO" offensive. How was that measured? Just saying it was SO offensive doesn't mean it was.
  14. Help me out. How long has it been "so offensive"? Got any numbers?
  15. I can't believe there's ANY sincerity behind the name change, (or most other "political correctness run amok" causes.) Bottom line: A few people with strong interests in social media, way too much time on their hands, and the gamesmanship to attempt a false tipping point of support.