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  1. question .... do you think they will make any more moves ?
  2. I could not agrree more. Arrieta and Strop both needed a change and the NL is the perfect place to move them because if either or both get the mental part down they can be dominating pitchers
  3. check that 4 of us posted it within a minute
  4. for Arrieta and Strop what do you think ?
  5. I'm glad the Terps are moving maybe now they will get a fair shake with Big Ten refs instead of Duke and NC's personal refs several questionable calls went against an undermanned Terps football team tonight.....I'm proud UMD ... Hey Carolina YOU SUCK
  6. a man marrying another man is "NOT" the norm a woman marrying another woman is "NOT" the norm a man and a woman marrying is the "norm"..it's always been that way. God created a man and a woman (opposites) so that they may have children. If this wasn't true, we would become extinct. It's just that simple. I'm not a homophobe I'm not a gay basher I was for civil unions and all the same rights that a marriage provides I am against the using the term "marriage" when it comes to same sex relationships it's what I believe in....................it's what I will always believe in and I could care less if people dislike me for my beliefs. it really amazes me how you gay supporters twist everyone's words around that don't think the way YOU do
  7. look for any angle you like....... men and woman making babies are the normal/natural way.. If God created a man and a man or a woman and a woman....gee I wonder what would have happened
  8. wrong...another stupid analogy
  9. sorry to break the news to ya Ken... pay attention this time gay couples CANNOT REPRODUCE.... without a man and a woman making babies our species would become extinct. Same thing if all heterosexual women were incapable of conceiving... twist the facts anyway you like to fit your point of view....but these are the FACTS and they are indisputable man, woman = children = normal
  10. just had to say....excellent post
  11. and the only reason a woman who can't conceive can have a family is because another man and woman provided the child for them.. As for the highlighted statement above....nothing can be further from the truth. but hey, like to put words in other peoples mouths do ya...I knew sooner or later you would do it. It's who you are.... one more time a man and woman have a child (THE NORM).....without this equation extinction would occur....it's undeniable.
  12. it takes a man and a woman in some way to have children sure there's alternatives like adoption, in vitro ....and others but in the end it still takes a man and a woman to have a baby without that formula extinction would occur at some point so flip it around all you like...these are the facts signed the dense guy
  13. ah, yes it is.... do you need a course on sex education Ken and how children are conceived ?
  14. first you know the answer but I will play your little game normally....no... but, there are other alternatives that still involve a man and a woman in some way
  15. so now it doesn't take a man and a woman to make a baby ? news to me... please enlighten me Saint Ken....