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  1. donald does know his supporters and he plays them like a fiddle or is it a can of spray tan (discarded after use). His 'very fine people' are a sad bunch.
  2. SMH, maybe he'll just quit and go back to NY. #resist
  3. I'm going to assume you knew the woman or girl. Signed: never had to steal a kiss.
  4. Attorney Scott Anderson said Republican state Sen. Bryce Marlatt, R-Woodward, submitted his letter of resignation to Gov. Mary Fallin on Tuesday afternoon. Marlatt, 40, was booked Tuesday morning on one felony count of sexual battery, arraigned before a judge and later released on a $5,000 bond. A married father of four children, Marlatt was charged after the Uber driver told police he grabbed her head and kissed her neck after she picked him up from an Oklahoma City restaurant June 26. http://www.kwch.com/content/news/Accused-Oklahoma-Sen-Marlatt-resigns-after-arrest-444185063.html could be buds with disgusting donald
  5. This murderer we'll hear from again, some PD will probably hire him and we'll be right back here again. It never surprises what some cops can get away with.
  6. McCain has more integrity in one sliver of hair than donald could ever possess.
  7. not to worry, your bigot supplies all the ammo....deny all you like.
  8. This is crazy and desperate, I'd wager a few got a good zap in the process.
  9. Apologize? said the unapologetic hate monger. TAOWTTH donald
  10. A while back here in AACO criminals would go to our local gas station/mechanics shops and take the catalytic converters off of cars customers left to be serviced for other issues. They actually caught one and he was a welder......now he's inmate #********.
  11. Scrap 'A Sheriff’s Office pawn shop database search showed Apeler had completed 73 pawn transactions this year, 72 of them scrap metal-related'
  12. The tweeted image shows a long pipe precariously roped to the top of a Kia Sorento pulled over Wednesday morning on Wonderwood Drive and two shirtless men handcuffed and seated nearby on a curb. The Sheriff’s Office tweet simply states that the pair were “caught stealing a JEA pole just this morning,” indicating that someone saw the Kia’s balancing act and called it in Wednesday. http://jacksonville.com/news/public-safety/2017-09-13/stolen-jea-power-pole-nets-2-arrests-police-said Warning: this balancing act is not intended to be duplicated.
  13. with this bunch of goofs in the WH probably not. Stand firm America.
  14. UPDATED: Here’s a list of 24 charities leaving Mar-a-Lago http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/local-govt--politics/updated-keeping-track-home-here-list-charities-leaving-mar-lago/Cq9HrDBsT1YB8A9EF6OijP/