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  1. So first the off-topic stuff, now down to insults. Thank you for your participation, such as it were.
  2. So it turns out this guy choked his own dog to death too.
  3. And? What are you on about? Take a few deep breaths, calm down, check the topic.
  4. What's great about this thread is that all the folks who claim not to defend trump are outraged and... defending Trump.
  5. The inability to discern with your intellect indicates a discerning intellect? It looks like our both-siders have reach full newspeak in their attempts to pat themselves on the back for their failure to prevent any of this when the opportunity presented itself.
  6. And? That answers your question about how it is evasion.
  7. "Ode2Joy" tried so hard though, and that's what counts. SMH.
  8. This board could really use a moderator.
  9. Originally they said there was a surveillance video. Interesting, has it disappeared?
  10. Defend this, trumpanzees.
  11. It must hurt to still be nursing a grudge about losing to the Kennedys, after all this time.
  12. PA starting to redeem itself, well at least the non-garbage parts of that state are. Our president is indeed a punk, and not the fun musical kind.