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  1. Really, Trump shouldn't have attempted to violate free speech by ordering the owners to shut up the players.
  2. Trump ordered the owners to order the players to stand. That crosses some serious lines.
  3. The right gets so upset when they get hints like this that they are on the wrong side of history.
  4. If certain people can't deal with Kaepernick's classy protest, that is their problem - it reflects badly upon them. But it's reaching people and it has been damn effective. Which is your ilk's real problem with it.
  5. I think you have it backwards, his message is reaching everyone despite deplorables hating him for having the courage to say it.
  6. Trump should be fired for singing at Memorial Day, if he wants to play that game. What a dotard SOB.
  7. Exactly. Orange Foolius has no clue what is going on.
  8. Actually your "rent" isn't supposed to just go directly back to you. That doesn't make sense under any metaphor.
  9. Don't forget the NRA spokesman, as repeatedly mentioned. And it's a very widespread notion. Denial is not healthy, neither is moving the goalposts a valid tactic after someone gives you the evidence you wanted.
  10. Just like any other tax, it would be part of the "rent" you factor in when you decide that you want to enjoy the many advantages of residence and citizenship.
  11. A racist and a dotard. Does he have any good qualities? If decrepit, deranged, syphilitic old Trump is going to be so whiny about having to break from golfing occasionally, maybe he should quit? Hmm...
  12. Age is more than a number. And Trump is a dotard. Li'l Kim may suck, but he isn't wrong about that particular thing is he. And we know that you know it, with your feeble attempts to change the topic to Clinton.
  13. True, and the best and most sustainable economic models are "mixed" economies. Go too far either way and you get, as you put it very mildly, an "overcorrection."
  14. Aaaand, like clockwork, when cornered with an uncomfortable fact about Trump, it's "b...b...but Clinton!" Weak.