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  1. Still dragging your vendetta onto this board? you are proving him right every time. sad.
  2. Border patrol agents are gibbering idiots - one of the lowest and least qualified breed of cops. I wouldn't rely on them for moral decisions.
  3. There's a reason she avoided linking directly to the snopes story: No comparison. The lying right went straight to their usual "but Obama" without checking the facts - because they never need to.
  4. You seem upset about something, but my attention kind of trailed off after the third word. Good luck with whatever it is you are on about.
  5. But her emails! Thanks again, Republicans and their wishy-washy "moderate" enablers. Here's a tune that I'm sure you both will enjoy: Listen To Children Newly Separated From Their Parents At The Border (AUDIO)
  6. Hello, my name is Billy Bob and I don't give a damn I got myself some white sheets straight from the Ku Klux Klan I got myself a daughter and she's a Mongoloid Because I married my sister and our gene pool's been destroyed, let's do it! This is a tiny town And we don't want you comin' round This is a tiny town And we don't want you comin' round We got ourself a sheriff and his name's Bobby Joe One day he said to me "them punk rockers gotta go" So we hopped into his pickup truck with a gun rack on the back And we beat up on them punks and we beat up on them blacks because This is a tiny town And we don't want you comin' round This is a tiny town And we don't want you comin' round
  7. Getting while the getting is good, aren't ya? Another poster who exemplifies (see bold) the reason this toxic and ill-moderated forum is getting put out of its misery.
  8. Apparently vandalism was invented by Nikki Haley. Who knew! Gosh, wonder why these boards are getting shut down.
  9. Shameful and cowardly that you have to continue your petty vendetta against that person by dredging it up here, where you have made sure they can't respond.
  10. Just as well, it's become a cesspool of right wing gutter trolls and the moderation is incompetent. Certainly, these two things are a coincidence. Good bye and good riddance.
  11. Maybe you've started to keep up with recent events? if so I applaud your new found sense of awareness.
  12. It's so low it even disgusts Mrs. Bush, who married the loathsome fellow who only escaped being the nation's worst-ranked president due to Trump.
  13. That's nice. Problem is, it usually doesn't so the school system has to deal with that reality.