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  1. That could be, he might think its a way to get chocolate cake.
  2. He's starting to look into pardons for himself and his spawn, so there is apparently some dim awareness flickering in there.
  3. Traitor.
  4. John McCain cancer is ‘godly justice,’ alt-right claims
  5. That's what they voted for.
  6. You get what you vote for (or worse what you don't vote against.) Not sure why some of you are upset, this was never a compelling issue for you. Here's a trip down memory lane to December 2015, back when we had leaders:
  7. It will be interesting if she can get across the threshold without lighting on fire.
  8. The fact that there is a ban in the first place is completely insane.
  9. So you guys are down to trying to turn it around when liberals accurately notice the right's hypocrisy on this issue. Seems desperate, but will it work on stupid people? Let's see.
  10. The gift that keeps on giving. Watching the Republicans try to destroy America and failing. Over and over. Precious.
  11. It's either that or the Pee-pee tapes come out.
  12. Maybe you can ask yourself that when you go off one one of your loopy rage-rants about the ooga-booga "progressives" you hate so much.
  13. Keeping it classy.