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  1. It was no mistake. That's pure malicious white "humor"
  2. I am shocked that Clinton would tie Trump in those racist states.
  3. I thought the troops fight or die for the country. Of they fought or died for the President wouldn't that be some form of dictatorship?
  4. They always cheat to make themselves "appear" to be superior.
  5. This is why Repubs love a small government. This way they can print their own money without oversight.
  6. Ojeda? Is that Latin?
  7. LMAO. long as you're against Obama and the Democrats you can be temporarily be forgiven by the Republicans.
  8. The words maybe known at a white party, however, black people won't know the words. I only remember hearing that song in Blazing saddles. Black AND white people would know the lyrics to this song.
  9. Only 20 years? This guy willfully went to a man's house to intentionally murder someone and he only gets 20 years? Arguing over some female. SMH.
  10. Baby had burns over 90% of his body. Some people should never raise children.
  11. Yes you do. That's the only reason you posted the rest of that drivel that I chose not to quote.
  12. BINGO!!!! First Lady saying "she is finally proud of her country" spoke too soon.
  13. Always been here. The election of a black President brought them out of the our media is every where.
  14. They will never learn. Their narcissism won't allow it.