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  1. No. I bailed on a 29 game plan. Six is enough!!!
  2. And that is so troubling! Because, you know, he’s done such a fine job working with and developing...Mike Wright, Nolan Reimold, et al.
  3. Close. He’s the antithesis of competence.
  4. Happy days ahead. Unfortunately, there is no one in the Front Office competent enough with the wherewithal to trade Machado or to evaluate a #1 pick.
  5. Most of the time, on any given day, those #’s are reversed.
  6. Another epic free agent acquisition by Big Dan Duquette. He just can’t judge pitching talent, period.
  7. Absolutely mind-boggling! Its a well-known fact that Peter Angelos canned arguably the best announcer in the game, Jon Miller, for not bleeding Black & Orange. Wonder if Jim Palmer will suffer the same fate.
  8. No. I don’t need to ask anybody - I have season tickets and I’ve never actually witnessed Davis bunt or go opposite field. You have also attended games. Maybe you can enlighten us?
  9. So, all that crap Davis said about working on his bunting and going the opposite way was a lie?
  10. Are you being sarcastic? Hellickson sucked here. Trust me, I have season tickets and I watched it unfold before my eyes.
  11. Saw an article in the Baltimore Sun indicating that O’Day’s “minor” elbow injury is worse than originally envisioned. What is it with this organization’s medical staff that they continually mis-diagnose injuries???
  12. Welcome back to the One-Dimensional Offense. Three solo home runs! If the O’s pull out a stunning victory, Big Dan will remind everyone what a powerful offense the Orioles have within their dugout.
  13. It’s hard to believe that team won 89 games. For all the negative attention Showalter has received for leaving Britton in the bullpen, most fans forget we had, like, one hit after Ttumbo’s home run in that Wild Card game. The team hasn’t recovered from that offensive letdown.
  14. Do you really think the 2016 squad was a “good team,” even with its one-dimensional offense & subpar starting rotation? Even if the O’s won the play-in Wild Card game, who would have been in the post-season rotation? Tillman, obviously, but after him... Gausman. Ubaldo shouldn’t have been on a post-season roster for anyone in MLB. Dylan Bundy was at (or near) his innings limit. Mike Wright? Tyler Wilson? Wade Miley? Gallardo? Vance Worley? Heck, TJ McFarland was probably an option.
  15. But not unexpected from this sadsack, hapless offense.