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  1. I’m not sure what that means either. I spell a helluva lot of my hard-earned dollars on my seats and products sold at the ballgame.
  2. I saw Chris Davis admitted he felt like he “wasnt there” for half the games. Ya think?
  3. Specifically, who quit?
  4. ?????
  5. Anyone think Big Dan will make changes in the off-season or will he continue to make excuses? "This pitching staff had a track record."
  6. Doesnt surprise 99 percent of the people here...
  7. The so-called "power struggle" occurred in 2014-2015 when Big Dan was supposedly a candidate for the Blue Jay job. Of course, can't believe anything the Media says. Hillary would be President.
  8. 5.2 walks per nine innings. $12 million option for 2018. Asta la vista!
  9. I saw Crush Davis hit a "bomb" with the Orioles trailing by 7, Mister Clutch.
  10. Interesting perspective from homer Jim Hunter on tonite's broadcast, he seems to be advocating bringing back JJ Hardy. Seriously.
  11. Don't be surprised if Big Dan brings back Wei Yin Chen on an incentive-laced deal.
  12. This should be fun. Everyone should check out a recent column by Dan Connolly of BaltimoreBaseball.com. Big Dan still likes the team "overall" but admits the starting pitching (that he mostly assembled: Miley, Ubaldo, Hellickson) was subpar. He said the organization relied on guys with "track records." "We're going to upgrade it. We're going to rebuild it." Let the record show that Big Dan isn't accepting blame or admitting he did a bad job assembling this (so-called) pitching staff. He's simply just throwing bad pitchers under the bus.
  13. Nice tribute by the Camden Yards faithful.
  14. ????? You think the Front Office will make the much-needed changes?