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  1. Don’t worry, Big Dan is analyzing the parameters of a deal. He has a plan.
  2. You disagree? He certainly didn’t do anything to improve the team in 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018.
  3. Big Dan sure did miss his “shot,” remember when he dismantled the 2014 team by letting Markakis and Cruz go? By the way, he hasn’t replaced either.
  4. What does it take for the Orioles to have “financial match” - anyone know?
  5. My oh my. What will Big Dan do to fill this void? Many of our GM’s naysayers will reply “nothing” but his steadfast supporters will reckon he’s had a plan along.
  6. Don’t worry fans, Big Dan vowed he’d find “new pitchers” over the offseason. Based on his track record of keeping promises, we should have every reason to believe him! Keep the faith. Big Dan has a plan!
  7. Maybe they can pitch for us too...
  8. Correct. It’s all about getting lucky.
  9. What track records is he referring to? Cashner’s career record is, without looking it up, about 15 games below 500. And the candidates for fifth starter? All of their track records are lousy.
  10. ^THIS^
  11. It’s a done deal. Meanwhile, Big Dan does nothing.
  12. It’s been obvious for a while that Big Dan doesn’t have foresight or vision - in other words, he’s clueless. So much for an offseason plan.
  13. I was just counting the “new” pitchers
  14. Don’t worry. Big Dan has a “plan” - - - he is getting three new pitchers! Remain calm.
  15. Big Dan paid an assload of money to have Ubaldo “bolster” the rotation for four years.