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  1. Can someone explain why Big Dan didn't bring back Tommy Hunter?
  2. Tillman with a five-spot today
  3. I forgot what it was like to yield 5-runs per game...
  4. Jim Hunter: "Ubaldo Jimenez has been unable to throw his fastball for stikes." Then, why is he in the Major Leagues and why is he Big Dan's most expensive Free Agent ever?
  5. Right, maybe Big Dan will deal another decent Minor League pitcher for Gerrardo Parra.
  6. The more and more I read this quote the more it has become obvious that Big Dan doesn't know how to fix the problems that have long plagued this team (1-pitching, 2-situational hitting, 3-manufacturing runs), nor does he want to. As broadcaster Joe Angel would say, time to waive him BYE-BYE.
  7. Only serious answers apply... Big Dan should have been fired. Yesterday. It has been ONE-EIGHTH of the season where this "pitching staff" has literally been a joke.
  8. Who is "underperforming" in the bullpen? Britton is out and ODay are out. They can't keep backfilling with Double-A talent when the "talent" isn't Major League caliber. That is Dan's fault. Its not like they are losing 3-2 every night: they have yielded five runs per game for 20 consecutive contests!!!
  9. Correct. I pointed out many of these same things several weeks ago and you vehemently disagreed.
  10. I was wondering when this would occur. So, essentially, Big Dan is throwing the roster he assembled (which isn't any good & the majority of fans agree) under the bus. Seems like he is on the Hot Seat & laying blame elsewhere --- which is unacceptable, since accountability starts at the top, and he hasn't done his job.
  11. What fans believed this "bill of goods?" Not anyone on this forum.
  12. I've been wondering this myself. Seriously, how does Dan Duquette have a job?
  13. 20 coming at ya!!!
  14. "Four score," and seven years ago. Marching onto history!!!!
  15. It's already 3-0 in the 1st, i betcha Big Dan is quivering in his boots!!!