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  1. Correct, so he would have fit in nicely with a rotation that would have had at least two other #5 starters.
  2. Nah, Big Dan and Peter Angelos don’t believe in locking up young talent that happens to be a once-in-a-generation player.
  3. Does anyone really truly trust Big Dan to execute this type of trade? He clearly can’t judge young pitching...
  4. Big Dan’s original starting rotation last year consisted of three guys that stunk (Gallardo, Miley, Ubaldo), one guy that ended up stinking (Tillman) and two above average MLB starters. Most competent fans knew before Spring Training the rotation was going to be garbage and unfortunately, that prediction was correct.
  5. ?????
  6. Nick is a right-fielder and Mancini is a left fielder, at least on this club. Big Dan still hasn’t found a suitable replacement for Nick since 2014. I’m not holding my breath that he’ll find something adequate this year either. Looks like Hays is the guy, for now.
  7. Because he’d be an upgrade over any of Big Dan’s other so-called “solutions.”
  8. Jimmy “Cheerleader” Hunter is known for those types of hard-hitting questions.
  9. I would to know whom the Baltimore Front Office uses as its medical personnel and why they continue to be employed. Clearly they were wrong about not giving Markakis (and Cruz) a fourth year on their contracts.
  10. I would love to find that clip following the 2012 ALDS when Angelos declared the Orioles would be back every year (paraphrase). The Front Office did nothing to upgrade the 2013 team, which missed the Playoffs. 2014 was the year, when the pitching staff exceeded expectations. But many people forget that Wieters was hurt all season and so was Machado. Davis also got suspended and missed the playoffs. Naturally, instead of upgrading the team for 2015 and going “all-in,” Peter Angelos and Big Dan dismantled a division winner, letting Cruz and Markakis walk (by the way, how is that whole right field situation working out?). The offense was one-dimensional and the pitching staff gradually regressed in 2016 while the Orioles barely qualified for a Wild Card spot. Naturally, Peter Angelos and Big Dan did nothing to upgrade the team over the offseason and the team fell to last place in 2017. Poor poor Peter missed his window.
  11. ...if BS were music, they would both conduct a brass band.
  12. Big Dan has been quoted saying he is looking for “trade partners.” Question, who, specifically are his trading chips?
  13. Big Dan already kinda said that a few weeks ago when he declared (paraphrase) that he was going to get some “new” pitchers although he didn’t “know where they’d come from.”
  14. Where is he projected to go?