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  1. Look at that list. Valencia, Cruz, Schoop and Machado. They must be teaching something right in Baltimore!
  2. and...didn't Rich Hill suck for us when he pitched here????
  3. Yes but he had Oriole-itis. Swung thru two pitches.
  4. The Orioles win a series! Savor this epic moment.
  5. Fluky? Even platoon, utility players get sac fly RBIs.
  6. Everyone is swinging from their heels in our lineup now. Back to normalcy.
  7. Seth Smith is even swinging and K-ing at pitches in the dirt now.
  8. That's a Front Office issue, regarding the # of pitchers that are being carried. Wonder how many the A's are down to? If the Athletics put a position player out against us, he'll probably fan the side
  9. Correct. That is Peter Angelos and Dan Duquette's fault. Big Dan traded for Trumbo a month befor Angelos overpaid for Davis and his .220 average and 200 K's.
  10. O'Day is coming in soon. I love the guy for his past contributions but he doesn't have the moxie anymore. Better win it now.
  11. I think Trumbo is a decent .255 a year hitter who will average 75 RBIs and 25 homers. Otherwise, Hardy and Davis are both duds.
  12. Adam Jones is reverting to old form: flailing at pitches in the dirt.
  13. We have Castro versus Castro at the Yard now.
  14. And in a shocking turn of events, the A's are unable to score after a leadoff double.
  15. Yeah, this team had its window in 2014-2015 but as we all know Dan Duquette dismantled a Division Championship team (see also: Cruz, Markakis, Miller). Buck did his job but a lot of these players are past their prime now and just not effective anymore (see also: Davis, O'Day, Hardy).