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  1. I don't know about never...they were pretty passer friendly with Kasim was behind center, although he still ran a lot.
  2. seems like both were arguably higher rated than Anoma either way except in 24/7 where they're all basically ranked even: Anoma: 0.9987 Alaeze: 0.9916 Abiamiri: 0.9861
  3. I was really posting in response to your claim that "the only game [you] saw him do anything this past season was against Loyola", but you're right re: Sutton
  4. Anoma had like 3 sacks that game and almost had a 4th (which was a 1-yard gain), didn't he?
  5. Abiamiri was def. a better player than Alaeze but I don't think he was always ranked higher than Melvin. Alaeze: Rivals: #4 player in the country, #1 DE Scout: #6 DE USAToday: first-team All-American on defensive line Consensus first team all-state and All-Metro Defensive Player of the Year (Baltimore Sun) Abiamiri: Rivals: #23 player in the country, #3 DE ESPN: #8 player in the country USAToday: first-team All-American on defensive line Consensus first team all-state and All-Metro Defensive Player of the Year (Baltimore Sun)
  6. That was a great game.
  7. No doubt GC won fair and square, but they won by 5 and Gilman had the ball near the goal line to end the game before GC stoned them on a 4th and 1 from like the 5, no?
  8. Is that GC team the one that barely beat Gilman w/ Cockerille at Navy? That Gilman team was better than this year's SFA as well in my opinion.
  9. Yeah, I heard about the change in policy when I was looking at Gilman and a few other local schools for my son about 3/4 years ago. I agree it's a great benefit to the faculty and school, which is why I was surprised to learn that the assistance had been decreased. When I questioned why I was told that the local private schools had all been decreasing such assistance. No idea why; my guess would be that it was done during the recession when revenues were decreasing. But you're right - with an endowment like Gilman's, they shouldn't be nickel and dime-ing one of their most important resources.
  10. I know they did offer major tuition breaks for sons of faculty for decades, but I heard that the amount has been decreased.
  11. They went to Fork Union Military Academy together in 2011 I believe, but that's technically a prep school, not JuCo, so it doesn't affect eligibility in college.
  12. Did you even read the article? There were numerous examples in the article explaining exactly how Navy has changed its recruiting approach in the DMV, including consolidating the entire area under Sykes. Also, are you suggesting Coach Niumatalolo is a liar? He has no problem giving credit to Sykes: “Napoleon Sykes has done a phenomenal job recruiting the DMV for us. He is the complete package – great people skills, great evaluator of talent and great social media ability,” Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo said. “Above all else, Napoleon works hard at recruiting and people love him. Recruiting at its core is building relationships and Coach Poe is really good at that.” The extent to which you contort yourself to deny any credit to private schools or their alumni is absurd.
  13. If true, that wouldn't be the first time McD had a hazing scandal. That's what led to Working's departure.
  14. Yes, I'm aware of your position on these issues; roughly 75% of your 7000+ posts restate the same tired old song and dance.
  15. Trust me - I think it's ridiculous. He's claiming to have won a national championship of this game, which is interesting considering that the series of games doesn't even bill itself as a national championship: