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  1. I'm not sure there are many people that act worse than that guy every day. He seems unhinged and this isn't his first encounter.
  2. Agreed in general, but did you watch the exchange?
  3. I hate Trump and think he is human garbage and anyone who thinks he isn't racist is lying to themselves. But he was clearly talking about MS-13 and not illegal immigrants in general.
  4. Then focus on the threads about football, which is not the purpose of this thread.
  5. In case anyone is interested in the number of championships won in the MSA/MIAA: SP: 25 Gilman: 16 Loyola: 12 BL: 10 City: 9 CHC: 7 Friends: 5 Poly: 5 McD: 5 STM: 3 Severn: 3
  6. Even though I'm sure you already know how Gilman did at the relays, here you go: 4x100: Gilman School (Baltimore, MD) 43.78 Mamandy Dangnokho, Nico Gozales-Reed, Khari Jones, Darien Lawson 4x400: Gilman School (Baltimore, MD) 3:28.99 Keith Roberts (53.59), Eric Gibson (51.64), Wyatt Hales (53.37), Nigel Parker (50.41) Long Jump: Mason Freeman Gilman School (Baltimore, MD) 6.63m (21-9)
  8. Could've fooled me. That's quite a diatribe for someone who doesn't care about reclassifying.
  9. Lol. Meanwhile, at schools like Gilman, BL, and the private feeder schools many kids are held back before 1st grade to give them a leg up re: maturity, academics, etc. Both my kids are in their standard grades based on their ages and both have numerous classmates at least a year older than them, some >1.5 years in grades 1 and 4.
  10. Indeed - thoughts and prayers to all affected by re-classification
  11. I don't know many people who thought this year's Gilman lax squad was playoff caliber. They have some good young talent and had more depth than recent years but aside from maybe 1-2 games it shook out pretty much like everyone I know expected.
  12. Players can come from anywhere, public or private, but is there any dispute that the MIAA A/WCAC have a much higher percentage of DI-level talent on their rosters than the average public school? They don't have a stranglehold on all the talent, but they typically have more talent.
  13. To be honest, the benefit at a place like SFA or DM is the talent you practice against more than the talent you play against, although that is a benefit as well.
  14. Yeah I know. I think it's closer to 3 though.
  15. Bresse and Anoma don't play the same position; Bresse would be a DE in Alabama's 3-4, whereas Anoma will presumably be a Jack or Will LB.