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  1. If Mallet comes out and moves the team quickly for points they could play the kid against the 1st & 2nd team.
  2. Was the one Antifa guy, Kermit the Frogkin ..????
  3. So who's left .?? As long as Trump is there nothing will change. If he does leave, its on to Pence.
  4. Getting the Navy to rename the ship .......
  5. So the counter people didn't stay where they were permitted to. Shouldn't they be arrested ..???
  6. Likely hardly any but the recently offended ......
  7. Let's see if the other side starts the trouble this time then you will still blame the Free Speech people.
  8. But you know this will be all the Free Speech people's fault if a riot breaks out by the counter protesters.
  9. Of course. Egged on by a willing media looking for headlines ........
  10. There were a few in the United States around then .......
  11. Maybe they should all march down Yawkey Way ....
  12. So much for keeping them separate ....... Looks like the counter protesters don't understand where they were supposed to stay.
  13. For disgusting as this story is, why did it take over 2 yrs for a civil suit to be filed ..?? Is there more to this story than the Huff is saying .....
  14. What would the defenders on here say .......