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  1. Eminem sings ..??? All I hear is talking. From what I can understand.
  2. Isn't the way of doing tax cuts also contain corresponding expense cuts ......
  3. Sounds like a TV show plot ........
  4. Did Trump call the other 3 soldiers families ..?? If he said the same to them, why no complaints ..??
  5. Took away his trails ......
  6. Each state loves their Senators but hate the other 49's ......
  7. Eminem was a after thought up until a few weeks ago where he did a rap on an awards show.
  8. So my family is one because my uncle died in WW2 .?? Guess I never heard too much about this since the conventions.
  9. She ain't the only one ......
  10. Likely. There is a construction project being done by a friend's company in Iowa that he cannot talk about. How much do these bids cost to put together ..???
  11. What is this Gold Star Family stuff..?? An American soldier is an American soldier. What do gold stars have to do with it. Is one soldiers life worth more because of a gold star.??