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  1. Maybe he read somewhere they were rerouting it but got it confused with A/C ......
  2. Good one ......
  3. They just did that last month ......
  4. Everyone should be for charity, but how long will it before fans set up funds to pay a player to stay home ..???
  5. Did the crime problem go away ..??
  6. You sure you are on the right site ..???
  7. With your white demise thread, can't say I'm gonna miss you .....
  8. Is it Newark NJ or Delaware ..??? Wasn't Newark's crime rate worse than Baltimore's at one time ..??
  9. More mouths to feed with less skills .....
  10. Missed that one ...... If the other was merged, you could see why my question about who started it.
  11. Did he change his name to Struds ........???
  12. All the names Trump's called and you are pointing that out ......
  13. Use ignore and you won't see it ......