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  1. Please use Uber if you go anywhere. I was almost killed by a drunk driver almost 18 yrs ago. My injuries made me retire 3 yrs ago.
  2. Guess it was better to have Obama with her than Bill hitting on her .....
  3. Nope, someone has that covered .....
  4. You could take a break like you did the other day.
  5. Might take his mind off gun threads .......
  6. I don't know. Can the Mods ban Yahoo links .??
  7. That teacher didn't deserve to own that car ....... How's that one.? We can think up some more.
  8. You just asked one. Maybe you know how to stop it.
  9. Didn't have too many stories there to start threads.
  10. If she has posted any rants on Facebook about Trump, she would likely make the news shows round and late night.
  11. At least you didn't say she should die ........
  12. Is there a way of keeping the OP off Yahoo ..???
  13. In all these stories did the police say they found the car.??