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  1. Maybe get TA involved. They seem to remove people pronto .....
  2. I said maybe he didn't like that person either. Maybe he didn't want to deal with her. Not many here want to.
  3. Guess that's we are not dead yet ......
  4. But like I said, he might have really wanted to dealing with that person.
  5. You run away because you did something. Wouldn't you stick around if you did nothing wrong ..??
  6. Need to see who owned or had the 2 guns in their possession. If they weren't theirs, why run ..??
  7. Did you get an invite to Baustias Battalion ..??
  8. Let me know where you go. Do you post on RSR.??
  9. You should ask Calamari how it feels to be ignored or warned to stop complaining.
  10. Did she do something to you to or are you just going along with the others?
  11. The kittens claws come out ...... Meow .....
  12. If you consider Song a friend, you should watch your back.
  13. I can picture you looking like him. When you said Matt wouldn't do what you want, did you shout, " you're messing with the wrong Marine ..."
  14. You would have to ask him that. But I wouldn't blame him having to deal with the nasty queen.
  15. Did you ever think that Matt didn't care for you either ..??