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  1. And you are still green ...... ( likely deleted )
  2. Just don't use the M word ........
  3. Just like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ........
  4. NBC said 20 dead, 100's injured. No speculation yet.
  5. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree .........
  6. Hillary's IT guy got immunity but still took the 5th ........
  7. It's been said on here they could go it alone if they succeeded. They might try it.
  8. It might be if the subsidies are cut off those people might not be able to afford it. So instead of trying to make it on their own they will give it up.
  9. Baltimore has bad neighborhoods ...??? That's not what's being told on locals.
  10. Don't get them started on ice cream .......
  11. Sorry if this is off subject but I've seen people of all ages that can't handle a drivers license. And I am starting to believe new cars don't come with turn signals. Sorry, rant over ......
  12. Has someone super imposed Hitler in there yet ...???
  13. Sitting back is not starting threads about it. Budgets are changed all the time. Stop running around and find a hose.