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  1. I said the same to whatever a few hours ago. Ask how many houses it owns ......
  2. Another fun subject on the forum .......
  3. Couldn't come up with a better name .......????
  4. Or use Rawstory, Littlegreenfootballs, etc to refute it .......
  5. Just another swipe .......
  6. Another in the MM camp ........
  7. So will the video driver receive a citation for using his phone while driving ..??? It does look like the car driver tried to hit the biker then lost control of his car.
  8. Ask yourself why would he do that.? Wouldn't that mean he did collude with the Russians. Or that's what you want to believe ........
  9. Obama may have looked at the praise and hate thrown Comey's way after the Weiner computer finding, and didn't want to get involved with the election so close.
  10. They can make a bundle on the drug trade but your life expectancy is short .......
  11. I sometimes think the same thing. He says something, the media goes into a frenzy, and he sits back and laughs. It sure works on here. Got the OP to bite ......
  12. How many you get right ..???