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  1. 'MURICA went to the Moon & All I got was this stupid Tee-Shirt
  2. How do you know he's not lying?
  3. "Although nobody knows for sure, many estimates say the ship, which held 1.5 million gallons of oil, went down with about 500,000 gallons still on board. (The rest went up in smoke as the ship burned for nearly three days after the Japanese attack on that day that will live in infamy.) Currently, the ship is believed to be leaking about 9 quarts a day, which is why tourists who take the Pearl Harbor tour see that telltale rainbow sheen when they look at the battleship below the water. Given the estimated volume of oil and current rate of leakage, there’s enough gunk to trickle out for another 540 years." http://www.bnd.com/living/liv-columns-blogs/answer-man/article121187228.html "Descent into Darkness: Pearl Harbor, 1941―A Navy Diver’s Memoir" details the salvage effort at Pearl Harbor. They lost some divers trying to recover bodies and decided to stop recovery effoerts and left the unrecovered in the ship after determining the keel was broken and the ship could not be refloated whole.
  4. But doesn't that video look like some of the shoot/don't shoot videos that are shown in training? I get that reaching to pull up his shorts was probably an instinctive move and was suspicious to the cop, but the cop looked really stoked.
  5. More and more depts are exchanging shotguns for AR carbines. That makes sense as one 5.56 round is a lot more accurate than 9 #00 buck pellets and present less of a danger to others.
  6. There may be more here who have actually bothered to get some training, who knows? You're making me feel bad, now I feel like I need to go get a refresher. When I used to shoot in IPSC pistol matches, I was constantly surprised at the level of ability, or more appropriately the lack of skill, that seemed to be displayed by the LEOs that occasionally shot in them. I've had several tell me they usually shot less than a box in yearly qualifying. Look at the gun in the video. It's a parts gun. It has a Spike's Tactical bolt carrier (spider emblem visible through ejection port) and the stupid custom dust cover, ( I can't believe any dept would allow that). The lower receiver has an integral trigger guard, so you know it's some off brand like a Anderson Arms, Aero or Spike's. That MLOK rail is not standard OEM. Most depts that allow personally owned weapons, specify certain brands, usually manufacturers with a NSN like LMT, Colt, FN or Daniel Defense.
  7. I didn't know you were LEO, (and I did specify the term "short of a sworn officer"), but I'll bet you agree with me on the general level of police firearms training.
  8. He couldn't restrain him at that point because they did not know if the room with the open door that was directly behind Shaver was empty. They asked more than once if there was anyone in the room. BUT NONE of the other cops shot.
  9. I'll bet I have more training in this area than most anybody here, short of a sworn officer, and this looks a lot like the "if you do this you'll go to jail" training aids I've been exposed to.
  10. Would you have shot him 5 times? Their training? Shoot till the threat is ended? Looked to me like the threat was over after one shot.
  11. I've been there when several cops were screaming directions at a guy, some of which seemingly contradicted each other. I have also had cops put their hands on their gun in a threatening gesture. You ever notice that it mostly the younger cops that like to scream? I've seen older more experienced cops use a lower tone of voice to deescalate a situation. Most males can not help but hair up on a bullying voice. This was wrong and should have been prosecuted as much. That cop murdered that guy. He may not have set out to shoot him, but he clearly did not take any pains to keep from it. His picture has short cop syndrome all over it. He should never touch a weapon again.
  12. Been there - done that (giving high-five dude salute)
  13. Under the old covenant or law, Jewish men could divorce a wife for any reason and she could just be kicked out into the cold. Jesus's statements on divorce were mostly directed towards them. He also knew about woman at the well who had, what, seven husbands?
  14. Nope just a run-of-the mill Church of Christ doctrine. I'm sure sure about the Catholics. I don't think Presbyterians care one way or the other.
  15. adultery is a Biblical reason for divorce allowing the aggrieved spouse to be able to remarry in the eyes of the church.