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  1. Very misleading. Gun shows are always on Saturdays and Sundays. Gun shows are huugggeee in Texas. All the gun enthusiasts were at gun shows.
  2. Great for America, not so much for "progressives".
  3. Nope, still Makin' America Great Again in spite of "progressive" attempts to make it Venezuela 2.0
  4. The nation woke up. Then they elected Trump.
  5. That's one good thing about antis, there always one dip***t willing to step up to the plate and keep the subject alive.
  6. Why shouldn't they? He's the best recruiter the NRA has ever had.
  7. Hmmmm, a federal crime no less. Let's see if this is followed in addition to the state statute. VI. KNOWINGLY POSSESS OR MANUFACTURE: 18 USC § 922(k), (o) & (v); 26 USC § 5861. Punishable by up to 5 or 10 years imprisonment, depending upon specific violation. G. Any firearm which lacks a serial number or contains an altered or obliterated serial number. https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/usao-ut/legacy/2013/06/03/guncard.pdf
  8. Can you relate one that you personally have knowledge of? The only people who believe those stories are those ignorant of the process of buying a gun. They are totally ignorant of the record keeping and paper trail required of gun shops and FFL holders. If an FFL holder is actually stupid enough to try to falsify the transaction history as soon as one gun is traced their records will be "aggressively" audited by BATF and every thing they've done wrong, including minor clerical errors, will be be exposed.
  9. Are you sure it wasn't a simple case of racism? The reality is that gun shops refusing to sell guns to people that give them the creeps happens pretty regularly. The reality also is that law enforcement can't follow up on all of them.
  10. Eight additional sets of brothers on the Juneau were lost. At Pearl Harbor there were 38 sets of brothers on the USS Arizona and 23 sets were lost. This amounted to a total of 79 individual brothers serving on the USS Arizona, of which 63 died as a result of the attack. There were three sets of three brothers: the Beckers, the Dohertys, and the Murdocks. One from each set survived. One wonders how many other brothers were lost on other ships. I'm pretty sure that I read where father/son were lost also. I think Naval policy is the same today as in 1942: siblings are not encouraged to serve together, exceptions can be made as long as the ship is not in a hostile firing zone.
  11. LOL Are we "righties" hated at SUNSPOT by the snowflakes as much as they make out?

    1. Guido2


      Maybe not all but some for sure. I think what they hate is when you present a logical discussion or ask a question that requires FACTS...and not op-eds. they get all nuts because they know they are backed in a corner.

      I mean look at naïve....and guns....you ask a direct question like....so what do you think about really punishing bad guys....answer....well they should get rid of gun shows.....ask again...what about mandatory sentences...answer....well it is a known fact that most guns that are sold are illegal......ok prove it....answer there are too many guns.....

      Round and round. I have given up trying to have a logical discussion with her and HST.

      I can't decide if; 1- they are incredibly lonely    2- totally locked in to the agenda    3- just plain Cuckoo  for Coca-Puffs   4- annoying trolls    5- all the previous. 

    2. Wild Eyed Southern Boy

      Wild Eyed Southern Boy

      They ARE run by emotions.

    3. Guido2


      Not entirely...not all....but some ......wwwwhhhhhhhwwwooooosssshhhhh

  12. That's not as unseemly as you make it sound. Think "The Lion King", "circle of life", "Hakuna Matata"