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  1. Maybe you just don't look for God, Jesus or good things in your life. Just like many liberals who want God and mention of God banished. If you look at the photo of the inside of his shop you can clearly see Christian symbols. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2272429/Aaron-Klein-complaint-Baker-refuses-make-wedding-cake-lesbian-couple-calls-abominations-unto-Lord.html#ixzz2JnVwQgWA
  2. It is just what came to mind while reading the story. They could have chosen a "FRIENDLY" baker or one who "KNEADED" the dough, they selected a Christian Baker so they could attack.
  3. So he has to file a report even if that would be a violation of his 5th amendment right. I think the carpet munchers selected that bakery knowing he would refuse.
  4. http://mandarin.firstcoastnews.com/news/news/95633-man-arrested-charged-girlfriends-murder
  5. Here is a follow up story http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2013-04-08/story/jacksonville-police-charge-57-year-old-murder-girlfriend
  6. obozo is a public figure, he is screwing up our nation. I gladly point out how wrong and evil he is. Terrorist deserve no respect. I have not spoken ill of all muslims just the terrorist. Also I am not a Site Moderator you are.
  7. Is that similar to some activist gays who out gays in the closet? Are the activist gays interfering in the private life of families as well? While I disagree with Stemberger calling him a bigot is not necessary.
  8. You may have missed my point: I think you can do better than insults to gain acceptance of your position.
  9. I think your opinion of John Stemberger being a bigot is not based on fact but you your bias of this issue. John Stemberger being wrong on issues does not make him a bigot. Calling someone a bigot only shows intolerance of alternate points of view. Opposing views on issues does not make someone right or wrong. Opposing views of the majority of the population does not make someone right or wrong or necessarily a bigot. I think you can do better than insults to gain acceptance of your position.
  10. Bet he did not see that one coming.
  11. Go ahead and worship the piece of crap. I know he is worthless.
  12. obama is a socialist, and a piece of crap. Just because you idolize the low life S.O.B. does not mean he is God.
  13. His promise of destroying America? Obozo is a failure, just because many can not see what a low life the s.o.b. is does not make it right.
  14. Republicans did not support obama care. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704117304575138071192342664.html It is bad law from a bad leader. Remember nancy pelosi said we have to pass it to see what is in it. We see what is in it and we don't like it.
  15. Tell me how there is hate in truth?