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  1. Stupid voters elected the idiot, most of the Americans did not vote. Remember only stupid people voted for obozo or the people who want their free cell phones, food stamps, and all the other hand outs they receive. Obozo needs to be impeached
  2. He demands bipartisanship only it they agree with him. Obozo is a worthless p.o.s. I can't believe people are still supporting the low life. Stupid voters put the idiot is office, stupid people think he is doing a good job.
  3. Maybe you just don't look for God, Jesus or good things in your life. Just like many liberals who want God and mention of God banished. If you look at the photo of the inside of his shop you can clearly see Christian symbols. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2272429/Aaron-Klein-complaint-Baker-refuses-make-wedding-cake-lesbian-couple-calls-abominations-unto-Lord.html#ixzz2JnVwQgWA
  4. It is just what came to mind while reading the story. They could have chosen a "FRIENDLY" baker or one who "KNEADED" the dough, they selected a Christian Baker so they could attack.
  5. So he has to file a report even if that would be a violation of his 5th amendment right. I think the carpet munchers selected that bakery knowing he would refuse.
  6. http://mandarin.firstcoastnews.com/news/news/95633-man-arrested-charged-girlfriends-murder
  7. Here is a follow up story http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2013-04-08/story/jacksonville-police-charge-57-year-old-murder-girlfriend
  8. I avoid using terms like "ALL" or "EVERY" because there are exceptions to most rules. And if you inferred that my comment was directed to "ALL" gay men that was just you reading what was not there. Must every time I post a comment include all points in my thought. I am consistent in my position, what consenting adults do is their concern, not mine, leave children alone. NAMBLA is a criminal organization. As are groups who exchange child porn.
  9. Actually my post was not broad based but limited to the group NAMBLA, who do promote pedophilia. I repeat that my position is clear. What CONSENTING ADULTS do is their business. Leave children alone. My further statement was there are no groups (I know of) who promote heterosexual pedophilia like NAMBLA promotes their position. The men in the Australian story are disgusting, they should spend many years in jail.
  10. Just because I post in the same thread is not an agreement with the OP. Just continuing the discussion. Seems threads are merged here. And that is not a representation that all agree or disagree with the entire merged thread. Also for some reason some threads disappear. One recent one a joke about George Zimmerman. Not sure why that one bite the dust. You commented on my post, however why ignore Gonzo's post painting all Catholic Priest as pedophiles?
  11. You bias shows again. Where did I slander any homosexuals? I do think that I have clearly posted on this form more than once that I do not care what consenting adults do, just leave the children alone. Fact: there is a public organization called North American Man Boy Love Association. in most states having sexual relations with humans under the age of 16 is illegal. Yes there are networks of pedophile heterosexuals, I don't know of any public groups who promote man girl love publicly. So keep to the facts, I am not anti-gay, I am pro-child, as are you.
  12. I do not approve of the death penalty. Let the low life rot in jail for a very long time.
  13. There is a difference, can you cite a heterosexual group like N.A.M.B.L.A.?
  14. obozo is a public figure, he is screwing up our nation. I gladly point out how wrong and evil he is. Terrorist deserve no respect. I have not spoken ill of all muslims just the terrorist. Also I am not a Site Moderator you are.
  15. Is that similar to some activist gays who out gays in the closet? Are the activist gays interfering in the private life of families as well? While I disagree with Stemberger calling him a bigot is not necessary.