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  1. He could be the next Roberto Clemente. No all Rule 5 draftees are busts.
  2. I'm confused. Almanzar was the only one picked in the major league portion. Julio Borbon (who has acually played in the majors) was taken in the AAA portion, and I don't believe he needs to stay on the 25 man roster.
  3. Josh Reddick's reaction to the ban on home plate collisions. I suppose I don't really have a problem with the ban if it's a malicious hit, but if the catcher is blocking the plate and the only way there is though him, well then by all means, make him move.
  4. the only reason the Orioles didn't take him is that it would have cost them $12,000. Only the major market teams like the Rangers can afford to be so frivolous
  5. Do the Orioles ever LOSE anyone to the Rule V draft?
  6. They don't have to keep Flaherty & McFarlane on the major league roster anymore. It's just the year the pick them. In fact, I think Flaherty went down for a while last year.
  7. Wouldn't be terrible if they picked him up to play in the minors for a year or two to get a look. But sadly, that's not the case. Why does this team feel like they MUST pick up a Rule V player every year? It wouldn't kill them to say "pass".
  8. You're squishy.
  9. Fantastic. I have Johnson on my fantasy team.
  10. Oh, how exciting
  11. Someone whose grandfather isn't born yet (and the old cockroach will still be alive and owning the team)
  12. I have no idea "what other thread" you're talking about. But, by all means, show me where I criticized political appointees for shutting down traffic. While you're at it show me where I've excused this incident.