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  1. I have no idea "what other thread" you're talking about. But, by all means, show me where I criticized political appointees for shutting down traffic. While you're at it show me where I've excused this incident.
  2. two questions: 1.) When did I excuse him for one of his appointees shutting down three lanes of traffic on the GW Bridge? 2.) When did did I criticize others for closing down three lanes of traffic on the GW Bridge?
  3. sick bastard
  4. Nothing in VS fits me, either, but I've bought stuff in there for my wife & daughters. It is the holiday season, and people do buy gifts. VS also sells perfumes and other non-wearable items.
  5. What makes you pretty sure of that?
  6. Could someone tell lane17 when Victoria's Secret started selling 6x drawers. He really wants to know.
  7. It's interesting that the video starts as the fight starts. Was there enough of a verbal altercation prior that someone would start making a video of it?
  8. Not the smartest of thieves. The Dominoes driver wasn't too bright either. As soon as the one guy asked him to get out of the car and come out in the intersection, he should have left.
  9. He was a wanna-be Harry Houdini, I suppose.
  10. Based on the prices from the Amazon vendors and, I'd guess the book is out of print. Not available in the Harford County Library. It looks like an interesting read, but I don't pay $119 (minimum) for any book. (well, except my daughter's college textbooks....what a rip-off) ETA - Barnes and Nobele has the Nook edition for $10.49. That's much better....