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  1. I'm done.
  2. Juuust a bit outside.
  3. Not good.
  4. Leadoff walk again.
  5. Eeesh
  6. That was Markakisesque.
  7. All right, enough is enough. Davis hit a homer this inning.
  8. Three walks in the 4th really sucked.
  9. Less we forget the "Praying" Matusz and his surefire 20 win seasons.
  10. Living in Cleveland would be enough to tick me off.
  11. In order to save the pitcher's arm, if they are going to IBB the batter, why not have one of the infielders come in and throw the IBB? Ok, that's my insanely ridiculous comment for the evening.
  12. Where is Mr. Mo®on these days?
  13. Double play would be just lovely here.
  14. Yeah I would have thought they would have given Gausman another start before Britton. But maybe Gausman pitching 2 innings on Sunday factors into that.
  15. Playing nearly 40 games against the Twins and ChiSox each year helps.