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  1. I am a state of Maryland retiree. So I want to set the record straight. The bill or amendment to cut off prescription drug coverage was passed before Hogan took office. It was to take effect at the end of the 2018 Fiscal Year. Which is June 30, 2019. This year the General Assembly modified it to expire on December 31, 2018. That is 6 months earlier than the original bill called for. I believe that M&M and the Democratically controlled Generally Assembly cooked up this change in an attempt to cripple Hogan's reelection chances.
  2. I just looked at his 2018 Norfolk stats at MLB.com. He is batting .273 at Norfolk!
  3. Will they also be bringing his poop back home with him?
  4. Back in the day, Slugs were made of lead. However, here is something to ponder. If even just 1% of the population of the USA bought only 1 of these coins. They would rake in over 30 million dollars!!
  5. Free with a $9.95 shipping charge. What a fraud!
  6. I even cancelled my X-Finity cable tv service. I refuse to hand over any of my money to the Orioles ownership team. The reasons are the shabby way that this team has been run by this group and the shabby way that Caleb Joseph was treated this year. Before the season began. It was touted that Caleb would be the primary catcher and Cisco the backup. The Orioles soon thereafter reneged on that statement and switched the roles. Then to add insult to injury. They demoted him back to the minors. Many of you have mocked and insulted me for my views about the catcher situation. That is fine, because I don't care. I truly wish that they would trade or release Caleb so that just maybe he could get a chance with another team. Another thing, I am pretty sure that after Duquette's contract expires. Another team will pick him to be it's GM. He performed well with teams prior to coming to the Orioles. With the Orioles and trying to do his job successfully. He was like a sprint runner trying to win a race while wearing lead boots!! Due to the interference from the owners and others. I will probably be dead before the Orioles have another winning season!
  7. Don't forget the possibility of a presidential pardon!
  8. That is so stupid! To ruin your career and reputation over a measly 2 grand!
  9. I'm not that upset that the Orioles didn't draft him. The pitching coaches in the Orioles' organization, would most likely have ruined him anyway.
  10. Probably, Manny's replacement.
  11. 37. Baltimore Orioles: SS Cadyn Grenier, Oregon State
  12. Here is an interesting fact I found at MLB.COM. Susac is 28 years old. He has a career Minor League record of a .221 batting average. So, he wasn't all that to begin with. The Orioles should try having Caleb be the primary catcher again and let Cisco be the back up. Because it seems after Cisco's hot start. MLB pitchers have adjusted their pitching to him. Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with Cisco being the primary catcher. I just think he needs a little more seasoning in the bigs.
  13. If the Orioles continue at their present pace. I can see them finishing 50 games out of first place.
  14. Now it's .120 !