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  1. Caleb Joseph saved a run by gunning down that base stealer!
  2. I think a key would be for Hogan to get the Independent voters on his side and publicly praise him. Saying that he's no ones' flunky and will do what is best for Maryland. This might sway some Democrats to the Hogan camp.
  3. I apologize for forgetting to post the link to the story.
  4. I congratulate Governor Hogan for recommending that Congress go back to the drawing board and redesign their health care proposal.
  5. I just have to laugh! The Baltimore City Council passes a damning resolution immediately after Trump's election. Now, they go to DC, hat in hand, begging for help. That is akin to me punching somebody in the nose and then the next day, going to them and asking them to loan me 5 bucks!! LOL
  6. Great job by Brach!
  7. Sadly, it appears that Jiminez is most effective when he starts every other week. In my opinion, Nuno is flat out horrible!
  8. Steve, the Feds have created a maximum amount that lawyers can take out of your back money. This is $6,000.00 or 25% of your initial check. I used a law firm to get my money. PS: I started getting my money within about 3 months.
  9. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-40310563 The BBC is reporting that the ACX Crystal made a sudden U-Turn about 25 minutes before the collision. So maybe the Fitzgerald is not at fault. My prayers go to the dead and injured of the Fitzgerald.
  10. Nothing beats King Syrup on pancakes or waffles! Scrapple = The sweepings from the slaughterhouse floor!!
  11. A big fat meatball served up by Vidal OH NO!!
  12. The Orioles are battling, "For last place!" If they fall to last. My O's hat goes in the closet until 2018!
  13. My error, that is the amount her attorney is requesting.
  14. A slot machine will not print a voucher for millions of dollars. All the machines I have seen. When extra large payouts are won. Will display on the screen, "Hand Payout required, please notify slot attendant." As I stated on another thread. Maryland's casinos are a joke. You can win 6 grand on a slot in AC or Vegas without winning a jackpot. The reason why they told her to come back the next day. Was so they could review the security camera footage. I reread the linked article. Her attorney is asking that she be paid $6500.00 PS: The check they give you will have Federal taxes deducted.
  15. I'm glad the shooter is dead!! This was an act of anarchy, pure and simple!!