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  1. I cannot believe that in the comments to the news article. There are people questioning the officer's actions. Some saying that the officer didn't give the guy a chance to surrender. I think the video footage makes it unmistakable that the officer responded in an appropriate manner.
  2. There is already a Christopher Columbus statue near "Little Italy."
  3. A Telethon should be held in LV to raise money to help pay the medical bills of the injured.
  4. My favorite place is Pat's Pizza on Merritt Blvd. in Dundalk. Their pizza is the closest I ever tasted that was comparable to the pizzas i got in Little Italy!!!
  5. OMG! Now the sustained maximum wind speed is up to 175 MPH!! That is 25 MPH above the threshold for category 5!
  6. The latest information from the NHC is that Hurricane Maria's eye has wind speeds of 165 MPH. Also they are forecasting total rainfall amounts of 12 - 25 inches!
  7. Flyboy may be incommunicado for a while. Looking at the latest NHC projections. It appears the eye will go directly through Puerto Rico! My thoughts and prayers go to everyone that will be affected by this hurricane.
  8. Fantastic play by Schoop & Joseph!! They saved the game!!!!
  9. I'm baffled! The O's shut out and 4 hit the first place team and this place is quieter than Death Valley!!
  10. WTG Caleb!!
  11. My man Caleb!! 6 Home Runs and 22 RBI Not bad for someone who plays every 4 or 5 days!!
  12. Hmmm, no mention of the muggings and housebreakings in Little Italy.
  13. Remember that Caleb started the rally and scored the winning run!
  14. I'll go with Caleb Joseph!
  15. Now you have me wanting to break out my DVD of "Blame It On Rio." Which starred Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna, Valerie Harper, Demi Moore and a luscious and lovely Michelle Johnson. There are a couple of scenes that were filmed on Ipanema Beach. That had beautiful nubile young ladies walking around topless. PS: Michelle Johnson would later marry Matt Williams. Who was a 3rd baseman for the AZ Diamondbacks and the SF Giants.