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  1. WTG Caleb!!
  2. My man Caleb!! 6 Home Runs and 22 RBI Not bad for someone who plays every 4 or 5 days!!
  3. Hmmm, no mention of the muggings and housebreakings in Little Italy.
  4. Remember that Caleb started the rally and scored the winning run!
  5. I'll go with Caleb Joseph!
  6. Now you have me wanting to break out my DVD of "Blame It On Rio." Which starred Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna, Valerie Harper, Demi Moore and a luscious and lovely Michelle Johnson. There are a couple of scenes that were filmed on Ipanema Beach. That had beautiful nubile young ladies walking around topless. PS: Michelle Johnson would later marry Matt Williams. Who was a 3rd baseman for the AZ Diamondbacks and the SF Giants.
  7. Looking at some YouTube videos. She speaks English quite well.
  8. If Ubaldo didn't start the O's might be winning (or have won) this game.
  9. Psst, don't look now. But Caleb is now tied with Mancini for the highest batting average on the TEAM at .304!
  10. I guess I'm still dreaming. His batting average is now .299.
  11. Larry will be re-elected. It said so in the fortune cookie that I got with my shrimp fried rice.
  12. Exactly
  13. There is no need to be insulting because I am a fan of his!
  14. Mandy Bell at MLB.com wrote a nice article about Caleb Joseph. http://m.orioles.mlb.com/news/article/242331066/os-caleb-josephhttps://www.fantasypros.com/mlb/news/123476/caleb-joseph-is-lone-bright-spot-os-loss.php?partner=razz-nets-2-rbis-in-loss-to-cubs/ An interesting tidbit is that at present he has the third highest average on the ball club (.293)! IMHO they should try to move Castillo (he gets hurt too much) and bring up Sisco as the secondary catcher. Here is what a fantasy site has to say about him. https://www.fantasypros.com/mlb/news/123476/caleb-joseph-is-lone-bright-spot-os-loss.php?partner=razz
  15. Caleb Joseph had a great game today. 2 for 3, drove in 2 of the Orioles 3 runs and his BA is now .293! I still think it was a bad move not having Joseph PH for Tejada last night. Yeah, I'm a Caleb Joseph fan. He is a talented player who was left to linger in the minors for too long! I still believe the reason for last year's miserable season, was because of his testicular injury. That he was forced to play through. He still wasn't fully healed after he came off the disabled list. I also believe that he worked hard during the Winter to get himself back to his full capabilities.