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  1. Now they have to keep their foot on the Steelers' necks!
  2. keep those penalties coming!
  3. Ravens need to eat some clock right now.
  4. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-mva-audit-20171201-story.html This is disgusting. Over 800 drivers licenses were issued to persons using phony documents. In the vast majority of cases fraudulent addresses were used. Thus making it extremely difficult to track down those individuals and confiscate those licenses. Md's MVA alleges that only 2 individual employees were engaged in this fraudulent activity. I'd bet a dollar to a donut. That these persons profited from this illegal activity and that possibly other employees were involved as well. I'd also bet that also phony names are on those licenses!
  5. In my opinion, the Dems & Repubs, asking the public to choose between Clinton and Trump for the office of POTUS. Was akin to asking the public to choose between horse or bull feces as to which smelled better! When in fact they both STUNK!!
  6. Kudos to Gov. Hogan in his rebuke of Roy Moore's candidacy for U.S. Senate! I've been waiting to see if anyone would comment on our great governor's repudiation of Moore's fitness to sit in the U.S. Senate. He is truly honest and worthy of praise and respect from Maryland's electorate!!
  7. I cannot believe that in the comments to the news article. There are people questioning the officer's actions. Some saying that the officer didn't give the guy a chance to surrender. I think the video footage makes it unmistakable that the officer responded in an appropriate manner.
  8. There is already a Christopher Columbus statue near "Little Italy."
  9. A Telethon should be held in LV to raise money to help pay the medical bills of the injured.
  10. My favorite place is Pat's Pizza on Merritt Blvd. in Dundalk. Their pizza is the closest I ever tasted that was comparable to the pizzas i got in Little Italy!!!
  11. OMG! Now the sustained maximum wind speed is up to 175 MPH!! That is 25 MPH above the threshold for category 5!
  12. The latest information from the NHC is that Hurricane Maria's eye has wind speeds of 165 MPH. Also they are forecasting total rainfall amounts of 12 - 25 inches!
  13. Flyboy may be incommunicado for a while. Looking at the latest NHC projections. It appears the eye will go directly through Puerto Rico! My thoughts and prayers go to everyone that will be affected by this hurricane.
  14. Fantastic play by Schoop & Joseph!! They saved the game!!!!
  15. I'm baffled! The O's shut out and 4 hit the first place team and this place is quieter than Death Valley!!