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  1. One other observation over watching many football games. When Flacco throws a bonehead pick or something, why is he always on the sideline by himself. You never see him talking with his receivers or coaches, looking at pictures, or looking at how the defense played that particular play. Nothing. When you watch other games, I almost always see the QB talking with coaches/players. This Joe Cool crap has gone too far. Get some damn fire Joe!
  2. I just don't think this is a very good team. Pretty devastated by injuries but if all of our hurt players were in, do you think the Ravens would be noticeably better?
  3. 5-11 and that seat will be glowing hot!
  4. "I look at them, and then I look at us as a team, and I don't think they're doing anything wrong," Bisciotti said on the "Ravens Rap" show. "I think a lot of this comes down to ... I hate to tell you that all our planning comes down a lot to a bounce of the ball." "I have to evaluate people on their ability to do their job over a long period of time, and that doesn't satisfy short-term thinkers," Bisciotti said. "That frustrates me to no end, but I understand it. I'm not telling you or anybody else how to be a fan; I'm just not going to let you influence how I'm going to be an owner." "You have to trust me that if there was a weak link, I would extricate myself from that problem," Bisciotti said. "This is, unlike my business, a collaboration of everything going right. You really have to understand it before you start pointing fingers."
  5. The local media has had a 10 hour orgasm over this tragedy. 100% disgusting.
  6. I think he's also a diva. Cut him this off-season please!
  7. Huh? Maryland AD Kevin Anderson to take 6-month ‘sabbatical’ Two days after Maryland denied reports that it had fired athletics director Kevin Anderson, the Terps have placed him on a “six-month sabbatical.” InsideMDSports’ Jeff Ermann was first to report the news. This comes after MASN’s Bobby Blanco reported Saturday that university president Wallace Loh had fired Anderson, a report that the school disputed. The school will announce this latest move soon, according to Ermann. Anderson’s email to staff was included in Maryland’s statement on Monday: Dear Colleagues, During the past several weeks, I have received a tremendous response from across the nation to the Washington Post article that highlighted my work with our student-athletes through “Kicking it with Kevin.” This experience has led me to consider where I want to focus my energies at this point in my career. To this end, the University of Maryland has granted me the opportunity to remain in my position of Athletic Director while I take a six-month professional development sabbatical to engage in various projects focusing on leadership development, including work with a broad coalition of groups focused on issues of equity, student athlete activism and inclusion in college athletics and working with the NACDA/John McLendon Minority Scholarship Foundation. I will also continue my personal participation on certain NACDA and NCAA Committees. While on sabbatical, the regular duties of running the department will be performed by an administrator to be selected by President Loh. Please share this news with staff members in your areas. Sincerely, Kevin Anderson Athletic Director
  8. I'm bowing out of this thread..... but then continue to post over and over. But I'm bowing out. Fer realz this time! Sike!
  9. Maryland placed athletic director Kevin Anderson on leave this month and is slated to fire him, according to multiple reports Saturday. The first one:
  10. I agree 100%.
  11. Come on Houston. Take care of business vs NYY.
  12. Makes no sense to have 4 buses right behind each other.
  13. Is that a hint?
  14. The #29 to Brooklyn is a joke. Never on time. And two consecutive days, I saw 4 buses back-to-back-to-back-back of the #29. Every time I catch the #29 to work, it's 20 to 30 minutes late.
  15. I'm sorry but Dumpster Dan feeds us this "pitching is our #1 priority" garbage every off-season. And every year, we end up with somebody's else scraps. Until he actually signs a legitimate starting pitcher, it's more of the same GM-speak. He must be hanging with Harbaugh.