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  1. I like this article from before the season, and specifically this quote: If the defense falters, the blame should be placed on Pees, not the players. A defense shouldn’t continue to give up leads at the end of the game when the team has spent the last two years bringing in elite defensive backs and drafting pass rushers in the first three rounds. At some point the coaches need to be held responsible. The defense doesn’t need to be perfect, but fans shouldn’t have to get anxious about their ability to hold a lead during the fourth quarter. They should be able to hold up their end of the bargain after all of the resources that have been spent on that unit. If it can’t, then the Ravens should move on from Pees and find someone that can better utilize the wealth of talent Baltimore has built up.
  2. Yeah. He was awful last night. Canady was bad too.
  3. Ravens’ Dean Pees responds to criticism of his defense: ‘I’m tired of the sky falling around here’
  4. Dean Pees deserves the blame in this loss. He had no answer for that Pittsburgh offense.
  5. Manny to Miami. I think that's a real possibility.
  6. I'd have Hays start in CF, Jones moves to right, Mancini in left. Dump the chump Trumbo. Or platoon DH him.
  7. Nick is a below average player. Why would we want him back?
  8. So it's ok for a #1 draft pick to have zero catches for the entire game? Absolutely no impact again.
  9. Our offense is embarrassing. They never improve. We've had bad offenses almost the whole time the team has been here.
  10. Another stellar game by our #1 pick: 2 Targets 0 Receptions 0 Yards 0 TD And he tackled his own player preventing him from scoring.
  11. Their offense is unwatchable.
  12. Offense is pitiful. Just embarrassing.
  13. Tonight: Ravens 24, Texans 3.
  14. Packers up 14-6 on Steelers. Hundley 3 of 4 for 98 yards, 2 TD
  15. Last time I checked, San Diego didn't have a team anymore.