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  1. I would re-sign Mike Wallace. Crabtree Wallace Brown Pretty good 3-some.
  2. Now we're talking.
  3. From what I've been reading, the Ravens didn't like his attitude and he seemed to be just playing out the string instead of trying to contribute.
  4. Another free agent bust. Ozzie has really lost his touch. Both in free agency and the draft.
  5. Tillman is done.
  6. Totally understandable.
  7. The Orioles make me sick. Going to be tough to watch these guys this year when they've made ZERO improvements on a last place team.
  8. Rob bleedingorangeandblack Stoneman Slidemaster Saint-Just X Tootsie tjb13 VirginiaLonghorn
  9. This thread is 100% tongue-in-cheek. For those who didn't know.
  10. Ties don't count! It's not a LOSS but it's not a WIN either!!! LOL
  11. ..... but starting 0-4 in Spring Training games, meaningless or not, is not a good omen. Only AL team without a win!
  12. Great to have all of you back for another fun season!
  13. Welcome back bro!
  14. Hello again. Welcome to another installment of my Pick 'em Contest. Just putting out an early feeler to see who wants to play this year. Playing is open to everyone. Playing is easy. I post the schedule of games (95% of the time all games are Sunday) and all you do is pick the winners. I compile the results and update the standings each week. It's pretty fun. So who's in??