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  1. Flacco, who has thrown for eight touchdowns in nine games, will face much softer defenses the rest of the way. Four of the final seven defenses on Baltimore's schedule rank 20th or worse. Flacco will go against only two pass defenses ranked in the top half of the league (Pittsburgh and Cincinnati). This will help Flacco salvage what has been a tough and painful season. -- Jamison Hensley
  2. I would draft Zeus 2.0 He's on Kiper's Big Board at #14. Mel Kiper's Big Board: Ranking top 2018 prospects Orlando Brown Jr. 6' 8" 340 lbs Offensive Lineman, Oklahoma I wrote about Brown earlier this season, when the 6-foot-8, 345-pound left tackle was outstanding in the Sooners' win at Ohio State. He helped protect OU quarterback Baker Mayfield from a defense that is loaded with future NFL talent. Brown is nimble for a big man, getting to the second level with ease. He has great feet and can slide easily outside to pick up blitzing linebackers. Don't worry about Brown having to move to the right side in the NFL. I think he's a left tackle all the way. or #13 Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame 6' 8" 315 lbs You might remember McGlinchey from my preseason Big Board last season. He decided to remain in school for his senior year. McGlinchey is a massive athlete (6-foot-8, 315 pounds) who looks like a tight end with pads on. He was dominant from the left side in the rout of USC last month. He plays with solid technique, and he can get to the second level for combo blocks, all while driving defenders off the ball in the run game. He played right tackle in 2015, then replaced first-round pick Ronnie Stanley on the left side last season, and he has stayed at left tackle in 2017. The versatility will help him in the NFL, where I think he's a lock for the first round in 2018.
  3. Maryland placed athletic director Kevin Anderson on leave this month and is slated to fire him, according to multiple reports Saturday. The first one:
  4. 26. Baltimore Orioles 2017 record: 75-87 The team fell apart in September, going 7-21 to finish with their worst record since 2011. You never want to bet against Buck Showalter, but it's hard to see this team competing with the Red Sox and Yankees in the AL East, which means Manny Machado and Zach Britton will likely be traded before they hit free agency after the 2018 season -- if not this winter, then certainly during the season when the front office realizes the team isn't very good.
  5. The Long Island Ducks
  6. I just saw that. Stupid ESPN!
  7. Joe's QBR for each game: average quarterback will have a QBR around 50 @ TEN 56.9; v MIA 55.7 a Pro Bowl-level player will have a QBR around 75 @ OAK 85.7; v CLE 74.2 anything under 25 is a below average QBR @ MIN 15.2; v CHI 14.9; v PIT 18.7; @ JAX 0.6; @ CIN 29.5
  8. That's because the Ravens usually have 0 points nearing halftime!
  9. Wade Miley and Chris Tillman. One year offers for low dollars. Dumpster Dan is well on his way piecing together another horrific pitching staff. O’s Have Reportedly Reached Out To Tillman, Miley By Steve Adams | October 30, 2017 at 1:25pm CDT The Orioles have reached out to impending free agents Chris Tillman and Wade Miley to explore the possibility of retaining them on incentive-laden one-year contracts, reports Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun.’s Roch Kubatko wrote earlier this morning that such an agreement with Miley seems unlikely and suggests that their talks may not have been especially recent. Talks with each free-agent-to-be are characterized as “preliminary” by Encina, if not “procedural.” Still, the Orioles need to add at least two arms this offseason, so even early talks with a pair of potentially outgoing rotation members are at least notable.
  10. He doesn't even go up after the ball...... waiting for it to drop into his bread basket???? And several more that bounced off his stone hands. He did double his yards for the season. Cut this loser PRONTO.
  11. Great game today by Breshad!!!
  12. Too little too late for our stinky offense.
  13. Perriman has to be the worst receiver in the league. Our offensive line is still garbage. Playcalling abysmal. Is the season over yet?
  14. And now the D folds. TD Titans
  15. But.... he was good for a month..... he carried the staff.....
  16. Ahhh.... no tax in MD. I suppose TEX does. That's ridiculous.
  17. Make me #3. The turd has been flushed, once and for all. Don't use a plunger to bring the turd back.
  18. Every game would've been 14-2. 16-5. 11-1. Regardless of who they were playing.
  19. Social Security Benefits are not taxed.
  20. Since Tucker entered the league in 2012, the Ravens are the only NFL team to score more often via field goals than touchdowns.
  21. A few co-workers were trying to sell their tickets for tonight's game and had ZERO interest from anybody. Even at less than face value. One pair of seats was lower level at the 40 yard line. $150 dollar seats and he couldn't even get $50 for them. Other pair were upper level seats at $92. No bites.
  22. ESPN says the Jets would consider trading the little used RB for a 5th round draft pick. It's just speculation and not prediction but it did get me wondering..... does Matt Forte have anything left? And would the Ravens be interested?
  23. Good question. Better question. How do you let yourself go into a game with only Wallace as a viable WR? We actually had to use Buck Allen as a WR because we didn't have enough receivers. How does that happen? Why wasn't someone brought in just in case. This front office does mysterious things sometimes.
  24. No receiver will have good stats with this offense.
  25. Also with the emergence of Collins.