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  1. PITTSBURGH -- Todd Haley is out as offensive coordinator for the Steelers. "I have made the decision to not renew the contract for offensive coordinator Todd Haley," coach Mike Tomlin said Wednesday in a statement. "I would like to thank Todd for his contributions to our offense the past six years, and we wish him the best in his coaching future." Quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner, who has worked closely with veteran signal-caller Ben Roethlisberger for much of his career, is expected to be promoted to offensive coordinator, according to ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen. Haley had a successful six-year run with Pittsburgh, helping the Steelers post top-10 scoring offenses in each of the past four seasons, the franchise's longest such streak since the 1970s.
  2. The five-year anniversary of the defining moment of the Ravens' Super Bowl run seems even more miraculous when you consider what has unfolded in the five years since the Mile High Miracle: Flacco has only thrown one winning or tying touchdown in the final minute of regulation. In the snow game of 2014, Flacco's 9-yard touchdown pass to Marlon Brown with four seconds remaining propelled Baltimore to a 29-26 win over the Minnesota Vikings. In total, Flacco has three touchdown passes in the final minute of regulation (two of which came in losing efforts and had no effect on the outcome). With less than a minute left in regulation and the game on the line, Flacco has attempted two passes that traveled at least 50 yards in the air. Both fell incomplete. In a 2014 regular-season game, he couldn't connect with Brown on a 54-yard pass with 49 seconds left and Baltimore lost to the Colts, 20-13. In a 2014 divisional playoff game, Flacco's 52-yard pass resulted in an incompletion with four seconds remaining in a 35-31 loss to the Patriots. Flacco is 5-for-15 (33.3 percent) on passes that have traveled at least 50 yards in the air. The strange part is Flacco, who has one of the strongest arms in the NFL, has only attempted one such deep pass in the past two seasons. It was a 54-yard strike to Mike Wallace last season in Oakland. Flacco has two touchdowns on passes that have gone at least 50 yards in the air. In 2013, he delivered a 66-yard deep ball amid strong wind gusts to Jones, who burned former Ravens safety Ed Reed for the score. In 2014, Flacco became the fastest quarterback in NFL history to throw five touchdowns when his 56-yard pass to Steve Smith Sr. put Baltimore ahead of Tampa Bay 35-0 just 16 minutes, 3 seconds into the game. That means Flacco has gone 54 games without throwing a touchdown on a pass 50 yards or longer.
  3. The Baltimore Orioles have agreed to terms with closer Zach Britton on a one-year, $12 million deal to avoid arbitration, according to multiple reports. Britton is likely to miss the start of the 2018 season after rupturing his Achilles tendon in December. He told ESPN at the time that he hopes to be back a "little quicker" than the six-month projections. The 29-year-old was also slowed by injuries in 2017, including an MCL strain in his left knee. He was limited to 38 games and had a 2.89 ERA, 1.527 WHIP and 15 saves. Britton was the most dominant reliever in baseball in 2016. He led the league with 47 saves and had a 0.54 ERA and 0.836 WHIP. He was an All-Star and finished fourth in Cy Young voting.
  4. Lee Evans. :smdh:
  5. That the Ravens practiced indoors all week prior to the ice cold home game against the Bengals? Wouldn't simulating game conditions help you? This really boggled my mind and angered me. Is this why we were so terrible in the 1st half? Weren't prepared for that cold and wind? Here's Flacco's quotes: Flacco likes the fact that Baltimore doesn't practice outdoors in the freezing cold all week. The Ravens' workouts have been held in the indoor field house. "We do not feel like we have to do that in order to prepare and say that we are tough and do all those things," Flacco said. "We just do what we feel is right, and that is kind of how we always have been. We have definitely leaned on going outside and things like that, but personally, not really. And I would say the team, we really just do what we feel is right in the moment."
  6. I just noticed that Flacco didn't have a single 300 yard passing game in 2017. Not one.
  7. Exactly.
  8. Last 5 years for Harbaugh and the Ravens: 40 Wins 40 Losses No Playoffs in 4 of 5 Years
  9. That was a disaster. I said when we got the ball with 6 minutes left, I don't want the Bengals to touch the ball again. If they do, Ravens are going to lose 31-27. I hate being right once in awhile!
  10. Agreed weird.... great post and 100% accurate!
  11. Completely false.
  12. LOL!! I loved it personally.
  13. Fun little simulator. It let's you pick the winner and loser of the last 3 weeks of the season, and how the seedings would end up. Here was how mine ended up for the AFC: Patriots v BUF v NYJ 2-0 beats Bills + Jets Bills @ NE @ MIA 1-1 loss to NE, win over Fins Dolphins @ KC v BUF 0-2 loss to KC, loss to BUF Jets v LAC @ NE 0-2 loss to Chargers, loss to Pats Steelers @ HOU v CLE 2-0 wins over Texans and Browns Ravens v IND v CIN 2-0 wins over Colts and Bengals Bengals v DET @ BAL 0-2 loss to DET, loss to BAL Browns @ CHI @ PIT 0-2 loss to Bears and Steelers Jaguars @ SF @ TEN 2-0 wins over 49ers and Titans Titans v LAR v JAC 0-2 losses to Rams and Jags Texans v PIT @ IND 1-1 loss to PIT, win over Colts Colts @ BAL v HOU 0-2 losses to Ravens and Texans Chiefs v MIA @ DEN 2-0 wins over Phins and Broncos Chargers @ NYJ v OAK 1-1 win over NYJ, loss to OAK Raiders @ PHI @ LAC 1-1 loss to Eagles, win over Chargers Broncos @ WAS v KC 0-2 losses to WAS and Chiefs Playoff Seeds: 1st: NE 2nd: PIT 3rd: JAC 4th: KC 5th: BAL 6th: BUF Wild Card Matchups: BUF @ JAC BAL @ KC
  14. Every O must go: After losing Zach Britton, it's time for Orioles to trade Manny Machado here are a few excerpts from the story: Do the O’s stand a greater-than-zero chance of signing Machado a year from now? Sure. But it’s hard to imagine them, or any other team, really, competing with the Yankees, who seemingly removed themselves from next winter’s Bryce Harper sweepstakes when they traded for Giancarlo Stanton earlier this month. Now, when next offseason rolls around, the Yanks can focus their attention (and dollars) on Machado, who grew up worshiping fellow Dominican-American Alex Rodriguez, wears the same number as the former Yankee (13), and would have the opportunity to play the same position that Rodriguez once manned in New York, a city that’s teeming with proud Dominican heritage. Do the O’s stand a greater-than-zero chance of reaching the World Series next season? Sure. But it’s hard to imagine them, or any other team not named the Astros or Indians, competing with the Yankees. After all, Baltimore’s starting pitching was absolutely brutal last season, to the tune of a league-worst 5.70 ERA. And that was without having to face Stanton 19 times. Now that the former Marlins slugger is in the AL East, an ERA north of six seems entirely attainable for a perilously thin O’s rotation that features Dylan Bundy, Kevin Gausman, and … um … did I mention Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman? Even if Duquette and skipper Buck Showalter manage to once again do their smoke-and-mirrors thing and finagle a rotation that somehow keeps the team in games, the lineup is still one-dimensional, the defense is still average at best, and the bullpen -- long a strength that masked the rotation’s weakness -- isn’t what it once was, not without Britton. All of which is to say, the Orioles need to act now. Not just with Machado, but with all their chips. When teams call on Brad Brach, whether it’s now or in July, listen. When teams call on Adam Jones, listen. When teams make better offers for Machado, listen. Listen like a team that knows it has a poor track record of drafting and developing starting pitchers. Listen like a team that, whether it’s because of financial constraints or because of a small park that scares prospective pitchers away, knows it has trouble seducing starters via free agency. Listen like a team that knows its best bet to acquire pitching is through a trade for talented arms that have already been identified and developed by other organizations, and that belong to controllable players who have no choice as to where they work. Listen long, listen carefully and act.
  15. Everything is about sponsorship now. I hate it. I miss the days of just normal bowl game names: Peach Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, etc.
  16. WeatherNation (Ch. 205) gone also. Xfinity SUCKS. Raises prices and drops channels. Useful channels. While keeping 75% of channels nobody wants. Time to find a cheaper alternative as my Triple Play nears $300 a month.
  17. Orioles threaten to pull Machado off market Manny Machado has been the focus of widespread trade speculation since last week's winter meetings, but Orioles general manager Dan Duquette says the team will take the third baseman off the market if the offers don't get better.
  18. I wonder why Xfinity dropped WeatherScan again.
  19. Also I discovered this: Titans need to win out to take 5 seed and knock ravens to #6 1st: NE 2nd: PIT 3rd: JAC 4th: KC 5th: TEN 6th: BAL Wild Card Games: BAL @ JAC TEN @ KC
  20. Seizures/Epilepsy is why I cannot drive.
  21. My fantasy #1 player. Yikes!
  22. Only the Orioles would shell out too much money for a bum (Davis) but won't pony up for a potential Hall Of Fame talent (Machado).
  23. Baltimore Orioles: Will they go all-in, or fold? 2017 record: 75-87 2018 World Series odds: 60-1 Vote: What should the Orioles do this offseason? That's the prodigious question facing the Baltimore Orioles this winter. Given the way the O's have behaved at the trade deadline in recent years -- they're routinely a seller in buyer's clothing -- folding seems unlikely. What's more, GM Dan Duquette is in the final year of his contract (as is skipper Buck Showalter), and going all-in makes for a much sexier swan song than going all "Hamilton" and planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. So as much sense as it makes for Baltimore to flip superstar Manny Machado, who becomes a free agent in a year, for lots of prospects this offseason, it probably won't happen (dealing closer Zach Britton seems slightly more likely given the team's bullpen depth). Just like Duquette landing a couple of blue-chip starting pitchers in free agency probably won't happen either. Instead, he'll raid the clearance rack one last time. If those bargains pan out and the Birds are lucky enough to be sniffing their fourth playoff appearance in four even years come July, it'll be buy time once again. If not, Duquette had better start planting. -- Eddie Matz