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  1. My best wishes to President Bush.
  2. So much hate. Don't allow such hatred control your life, my friend, because it will destroy you.
  3. Was she the one with the hatpin?
  4. A Japanese driver will be defending his win at the Indy 500 on Memorial Day.
  5. Wife and mother of Presidents. Barbara Bush is a great American. Fair winds and following seas...
  6. Well, being in a rural area, I have to drive 22 miles one way over a mountain ridge to get to the nearest grocery. It's not a Giant or Martin's or any chain store. It's Wayne's Meat Market. Terrific fresh meats, a wonderful bakery, but not a great selection of vegetables and fruit. I frequent the roadside farmer stands, as well as grow my own veggies, but it's not easy and involves multiple stops.
  7. Good! I'm happy for the family. I've always liked Queen Elizabeth. She reminds me of my grandmother. She takes her job seriously, but seems to keep a twinkle in her eye.
  8. Facebook profited from the Russians purchasing ads on their social media platform. Now they want to self regulate disclosure of who is purchasing "those" type of ads in the future. What could go wrong?
  9. That was fast. Facebook vice-president for state policy is now drafting Maryland legistration? My Spider-sense is tingling! Who does this concern? Who will be censored? Who will be uncensored?
  10. This should be Trump's military parade.
  11. One could really see this as a paradigm shift. Instead of cowering in a closet, you teach children how to fight back and defend themselves. It's a good lesson to learn regardless of the circumstances.
  12. "Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex." ~Frank Zappa
  13. Luckily the First Lady had her husband beside her, with his arm around her, and caught her stumble.
  14. I could do a work up, but SNL wouldn't think it funny.
  15. I saw two politicians and a so-called film maker looking to expand public welfare.