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  1. There's trouble bruin...
  2. My sincere condolences on your loss.
  3. You correct that Mueller has been quiet. But imagine, if you will, that his investigations prove everything Trump has been saying about the Democrats has been true. Nobody knows what he has found, but I see fertile ground on the Left side of the aisle.
  4. Ellicott City has always had a history of flooding. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellicott_City,_Maryland Quote: "The town is prone to flooding from the Patapsco River and its tributary the Tiber River. These floods have had a major impact on the history of the town, often destroying important businesses and killing many. Ellicott City has had major devastating floods in 1817, 1837, 1868,[5] 1901, 1917, 1923, 1938, 1942, 1952, 1956, 1972 (Hurricane Agnes), 1975 (Hurricane Eloise), 1989, 2011, 2016, and 2018. The 1868 flood washed away 14 houses, killing 39 to 43 (accounts vary) in and around Ellicott City." Most floods through the years seem to come from the Patapsco River valley flooding, not from uphill through town. Studies were done after the 2016 flood blaming over-development uphill from oldtown Ellicott City. I do not know of any new storm water management projects since then. Then again, I don't know if anything could stop flooding after so many inches of water in such a short period of time.
  5. You are absolutely correct. So, should a history packed city that has been alive and vibrant for hundreds of years be sacrificed for the paved parking runoff at the new Bed, Bath, and Beyond? Or the roads and inadequate storm water management at the new McMansion development? Heads should roll in Howard County.
  6. At least it's not spurting molten lava. You think DC traffic is bad now...
  7. I guess one persons painful truth is another's racist opinion. That works two ways, you know. I don't really care who marries who, as long as both love one another. Speaking of love, how about that electric XKE!! Sweet!
  8. Yes. This is the place where we saw the turtles laying their eggs. Very cool spot.
  9. We spent a couple of weeks there. On the Caribbean east coast we stayed at a resort several hours up the coast. We got there by a real life Disney jungle boat ride. Don't drag your hands overboard because of crocs. We saw sea turtles laying eggs on the beach in the middle of the night. The turtles coming ashore caused the sharks to hang out close to shore, so no swimming. They had a very nice pool with waterfall though. We explored the jungle in a small power boat. Monkeys and tropical birds everywhere. Bus ride to the mountains and the Arenal Volcano. There they had volcanic-heated hot tubs placed along the hill, with water slides connecting them. The hottest tub was at the top, and the further down the hill you slid, the cooler the water. Bars strategically placed down the hill. Arenal was active so the ground shook and the mountain roared at times. A bit disconcerting at 3am. Then off West into the mountains. Monte Verde is 10,000 feet up! The kids went zip lining, I explored the butterfly zoo, rain forest, and humming bird feeders. Thousands of birds zipping about. Hiked on swinging bridges spanning 1000 foot gorges and into forest canopies. Our hotel had a bar where you could see the Pacific sunset. Imperial Beer is the local brew, and is excellent. Then down the mountain and onto a ferry that took us to Montezuma, where we went to the Ylang Ylang resort on the Pacific. (See link above) Snorkeling, surfing, swimming, seafood... what's not to like!? The people are so friendly and open. I would recommend it to anyone. Pura vida!
  10. Costa Rica has some awesome beaches! This is where my family stayed a couple of years back. https://ylangylangbeachresort.com/ We were driven up the beach about a mile in Land Rovers to get there. No roads. Fresh seafood and fruit at the outstanding resort restaurant. Fall to sleep listening to the ocean outside the door. Wake to howler monkeys in the jungle. I'm not a beach person, but I'd go back in a heartbeat!
  11. My son moved home after serving in the Navy for 4 years. He went to school to enhance his aircraft maintenance skills, paid for by the military. Now he has a great job with a large airline at BWI servicing aircraft. He will be closing next week on a beautiful 100 year old house close to the airport, with his long time girlfriend. He's using VA to finance, and his girlfriend is using a large cash gift from her grandfather for the down payment.
  12. Urine the country now!
  13. The constitutionality of the creation of West Virginia from an existing state has been debated since it's proposal. Some people still question it's legality. But it was nice to have two more Senators and however more Congressmen in Mr. Lincoln's back pocket for possible future votes.
  14. I find myself agreeing. There are 31 Federal States in Mexico, as well as the Federal District. Buy into what the USA is selling, work with us, and maybe we can do business. Why not?