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  1. Maybe. Gives a whole new twist on the term "brainwashed"! 🤤
  2. So how is the Clinton Foundation led rebuilding of that s#!thole Haiti after the 2010 earthquake coming along? http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/hillary-clinton-is-the-last-person-who-should-be-talking-about-trumps-remarks-on-haiti/article/2645845 From the Washington Examiner in 2015: "Nearly five years after a 7.0 magnitude quake killed hundreds of thousands of its citizens, Haiti’s recovery efforts remain muddled and confused, with the whereabouts of the billions of dollars pledged by the international community an apparent mystery to the country’s leaders. “We don’t know where the money has gone,” Raymond Joseph, former ambassador of Haiti to the U.S., said Friday in an interview on Bloomberg’s “Market Makers.” ..." From ABC News in 2016: "Bill and Hillary Clinton have hailed the factory churning out Old Navy sweatshirts in an industrial park here as a shining achievement in their efforts to rebuild this island nation after a destructive earthquake in 2010. But the garment factory has underdelivered on projected jobs. Haitian workers have accused managers of bullying and sexual harassment. And an ABC News investigation has found that after opening its factory in the Haitian industrial park — built with $400 million of global aid — the Korean firm became a Clinton Foundation donor and its owner invested in a startup company owned by Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff. ..." This corruption has been going on for decades. Don't let a four month old article twist your knickers.
  3. Don't forget that there will be voters next time that are eating Tide detergent pods today.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the St. Lawrence River freezes up about this time of year every year. I know it has not been as bad the past couple of years (pesky global warming), but given the recent record cold, even rivers South of the Mason/Dixon line are frozen over. Perhaps the Representative from California could take her limo down to the Potomac to confirm that. This time of year it is pretty much standard procedure to wait for the ice breakers to open a lane to open water.
  5. So when does the harassment accuations start on the rock and roll bands and rap & hip hop stars?
  6. Perhaps there is a moment when one stares into the infinite sky that one can see beyond borders on this Earth. One can see beyond politics and conflict, and realize mankind is very small, and very, very vulnerable. John Young did that. "There’s a 1-in-455 chance of a civilization-ending event in the next century,” he says, ever ready with the statistics. “We can’t avoid catastrophe; we’ve got to plan for it.” Young has come to believe that a triple threat of disasters—asteroids, super volcanoes, and ourselves—could end civilization, and soon. The 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia, he thinks, was nothing compared to what’s ahead. And he believes the technologies NASA is developing to live on the moon—inflatable structures, rapid-growth-cycle wheat, alternative energy sources—could be our salvation. In a remarkable series of memos to NASA’s upper management in his last years at the agency, Young laid out his case for why a “single planet species” can’t survive. In one 2001 note, he made a case for returning to the moon. He signed it “John Young, Ex-Lunar Field Geologist.” https://www.airspacemag.com/space/spaceman-7766826/?page=4
  7. Kindly keep your inappropriate political remarks to yourself. This is a memorial thread about a great, if not the greatest, United States astronaut. Start your own thread if you want to discuss the absurd topics you bring up.
  8. Thank you for the idea. I'll have one for lunch tomorrow. Fair winds and following seas, Mr. Young.
  9. I've always slept well at night. Sometimes, I even take a nap during the day. Thank you for your concern.
  10. There it is again. People resort to name calling when they have lost the argument. This is what we are witnessing on a national scale.
  11. I was not. Like I said, insults, confused, no direction, no leader and in debt. Three years to re-election.
  12. Insults are all you have right now. The Democratic party is leaderless, has no direction and spinning out of control. Anyone pay back Mrs. Clinton after she bought the Parties debt? No? I guess she still owns it. Perhaps the author of this work of fiction can help refinance after he shears the sheep that are actually buying this nonsense.
  13. So who is a good Democratic candidate? No speculation on anyone? Didnt think so. That's because everyone there is still focused on the past. The Democrats are all old. They need new blood, new ideas and fresh faces. Where are They? The only one making noises right now is young Mr. Kennedy, who carries the legacy and the burden of his family name. Three years to re-election, and counting. The Democrats better get on the ball and start grooming electable candidates for the future.
  14. Have the Democratic Party come forward with anyone who might beat him? Mrs. Clinton again? (Please!!) Mr. Sanders? Mr. O'Malley!!?? One year is down in this administration and the Democrats are still looking backwards, instead of forwards.
  15. I feel like I've read this before.