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  1. http://m.hampshirereview.com/news/article_7069e50a-c555-11e7-90c7-ef906201aaed.html?mode=jqm "Planning for the projects is underway and will proceed in phases over the course of 20 years. The projects will focus on power generation, chemical manufacturing, and underground storage of natural gas liquids and derivatives. The plans clearly demonstrate a total value chain approach, integrated from raw materials through the production of useful chemical intermediates locally. “This is a great day for the state of West Virginia,” said West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice. “I’ve been saying for the last couple months that the tides are turning in West Virginia and this is proof. Today is another sign as we joined with my good friend President Trump to announce the largest investment in our state’s history.” “West Virginia has actively sought direct foreign investment to strengthen and diversify our economy,” said WV Commerce Secretary Thrasher. “Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Hino Motors, Gestamp, Sogefi and other solid corporate citizens with international parent companies create jobs, generate incomes and support communities in West Virginia. In that same spirit, we welcome China Energy and the mutual benefits our energy collaboration will bring.” China's investment of $83 Billion is only the largest in West Virginia's history. Oh, but Trump is involved! Let's downplay how important this is to the poor, hopeless and jobless in Appalachia. They're nothing but opioid addicts anyway, according to some on this board...
  2. Have you ever been to Alabama? I lived for a while in Huntsville as a child. The state is really quite pretty, and the people were friendly. Moore may be scum, but don't let the few cast a poor light on all that live there. What is it about southern politicians and cowboy hats? I guarantee none have seen the South end of a North bound cow.
  3. Try it! The press itself is inexpensive. If you dont want to grind your own beans, regular ground coffee works fine. Personally, I think the process brings out a fuller flavor.
  4. Agreed! There's nothing like that first sip of froth that forms on top of a properly prepared cup.
  5. "BEIJING, CHINA – The West Virginia Department of Commerce today announced China Energy Investment Corporation Limited’s plan to invest $83.7 billion in shale gas development and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia. President Donald J. Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping witnessed West Virginia Secretary of Commerce H. Wood Thrasher and China Energy President Ling Wen sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between China Energy and the state of West Virginia as part of the US-China Business Exchange trade mission to enhance relations between the two countries. The China Energy announcement in West Virginia was the largest investment in a series of projects in US corporations and other states totaling a reported $250 billion of investment in the United States. The company has made several trips to West Virginia, and the MOU marks the first step in a series of commitments China Energy plans to make in the Mountain State." http://m.hampshirereview.com/news/article_7069e50a-c555-11e7-90c7-ef906201aaed.html?mode=jqm I would think there would be money included in the $83.7 Billion Dollars heading to West Virginia, for retraining coal miners.
  6. Hardware and connection issues out here in the wilderness made timely communications difficult. Just like life, things are getting better all the time.
  7. Smarter than you! Welcome back... ... sport!
  8. Everyone knew where Bergen's hand was for years... 🤤
  9. Afraid you'd lose your head? So did the Founding Fathers. Trump is nobody's child. Republicans tolerate him because he ran under their banner, but eviscerated all their "approved candidates" in the primaries in raucous style. Democrats hate him because he won the Prez against their Anointed One, Hillary. Middle America (flyover states, whatever you want to call them) voted for him. They played by the rules and gave more votes in the Electorial College to him. They are sick and tired of the DC way, and threw a wrench in the machinery. Yeah, he's an obnoxious, successful, loud mouth, egotistical New York City businessman, but you KNOW what he is. That's why I voted for him. But what-the-hell do I know..... I voted twice for Obama, and twice for W. I even voted for McGovern. Trump is a true outsider that rolled the dice, and won.
  10. So, just to be clear, you're suggesting suicide for the White House administration, or what? Speak plainly for yourself.
  11. What are you suggesting?
  12. I don't know about you, but I don't think I would call a retired Marine General a liar to his face, and not expect some kind of reaction from him. Maybe some of these internet cowboys can borrow the Congresswoman's hats to give them a little more swagger, but somehow I don't think that would impress the General.
  13. Can I be there if you tell him that to his face?