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  1. Why take any politician at their word? While Trump has no legal obligation to release his returns, he made a promise to do so and has failed to honor it. Therefore it is reasonable to take him to task.
  2. I believe it has more to do with political party than race.
  3. But didn't Trump promise during at least one of the debates to release his returns after the audit was finished? How long does an audit take and are they on ALL the years a presidential candidate would typically release?
  4. If I were a media executive, I would have preferred Trump to win just for the ratings potential alone. Mrs. Clinton would be a bit of a downer for infotainment purposes by comparison. It's important to get as many eyeballs as possible on that idiot box. From a television executive's perspective, you are the product. Better ratings, better advertising rates, bigger profits. Trump brings that.
  5. The "steemit" article from last year appears to lack credible evidence other than posting symptoms and then showing examples of Clinton having those symptoms. One thing I've learned from watching way too many episodes of Mystery Diagnosis and The Monsters Inside Me is that a lot of ailments share common symptoms and are often misdiagnosed when examined, in person, from a competent physician. Therefore, I place low credibility in blog writers attempting such diagnosis from video clips.
  6. Xfinity is not alone in making these decisions which are often due to highers fees from the programmers and the lack of viewers to justify the increase. Verizon FIOS dropped The Weather Channel entirely over a couple years ago and replaced it with The AccuWeather Channel. It's not bad but it is feels somewhat canned and is not a good source for severe weather. Verizon FIOS also dropped Bloomberg Business News recently.
  7. http://www.weather.gov/ Type your city in the search box in the top left corner.
  8. What Trump does between NOW and the end of his PRESENT term is more important to me than who people think should be president in 2020. It's way too early for this. Such polls are probably conducted by interrupting people during the dinner hour, causing chicken to overcook and asparagus to get cold.
  9. Have you met Barack Obama personally? Did you work with him on a regular basis? Have you met Trump personally? Do you work with him on a daily basis? Probably the answer is no. That means you have to place a blind trust in others to report to you what is happening. If such sources are compromised, then your knowledge of what really happened is skewed. Some people argued that Project Veritas's videos about planned parenthood were suspect; how are those videos suspect and not others? It is important to carefully evaluate all sources of information. You have to decide whether you want to learn information that simply reaffirms your beliefs or whether you quest to get as close to the truth as possible. But regardless, knowing the truth precisely, will always remain a theoretical exercise.
  10. As serious as a heart attack. No joke. I'm sorry if you can not see the problem.
  11. How do you know when a lie is a lie and the truth is the truth if there is no reliable benchmark for establishing the truth?
  12. This is very unfortunate and should not have been permitted.
  13. I would never be happy that someone took their own life. But in such a judgemental society, it leaves people feeling that it is their only choice. It would be quite telling, if each person's most regretful sin, suddenly appeared under their avatar.