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  1. I've eaten a lot of pizza over the years and I don't recall any pizza causalities that weren't the fault of the shop. Of course now that I've said it ...
  2. Why can't people just be people? Not white, not black, just a person?
  3. Thank you!
  4. And yet you kept posting here all of these years. There are all kinds of activities out there: Golf, going to a movie, even getting drunk. If you really like forum posting, the internet is a vast wide place with many forums perhaps with moderators you would better agree with.
  5. Shouldn't the parents share some of the blame for the child's separation? It's not like we reached a long arm over into Mexico and dragged the parent and child illegally across the border and then separated them.
  6. Some trolls are really good at remaining just below the line of getting an infraction while intentionally inflaming others to finally return a sometimes justifiable but punishable insult. It is unfortunate but I think you even wrote some guidance into not getting sucked into such a trap
  7. I think I may start taking advantage of this. The last election I voted in was a long line wait outside of Villa Cresta Elementary in the dark. I am happy with the return of the paper ballots. I was not comfortable with the Diebold machines that did not make a printout.
  8. I'm a regular poster but not staff. Existing members who already had an account on there can still post. It is just that there is no one to approve new members.
  9. Well that's a bummer.
  10. Sorry to see the Baltimore Sun Talk forums go. I was only on for about 10 years with much of it in hiding when the paywall went up.
  11. http://sunspotliveson.proboards.com/
  12. Why not try googling the candidates online, learning their platform, and then making your own choice?
  13. I don't care for the "charged as an adult" thing. You're either a juvenile or you're an adult. Why can't there be a way to charge a juvenile as a juvenile that then transfers to the adult system at 18/21 if the crime committed warrants it? It shouldn't have to be an automatic release.
  14. I disagree with the game being released, signed the petition, and shared the petition on twitter only to learn that the game is not going to be released. https://www.change.org/p/valve-corporation-do-not-launch-active-shooter-a-school-shooter-video-game/u/22808297
  15. I think there is the concern of a slippery slope.