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  1. Using this currency converter, it looks like that bed is currently $9,928.34 U.S. dollars. The tax, $78,611.44 in U.S. dollars.
  2. Probably not very biodegradable but can be recycled. The budget/planet conscious person might want to choose the double-gulp (they're not the size they once were) and then reuse it in the future for discounted refills.
  3. What is going to happen around those left exits and entrances? Up to $500 in fines is over the top.
  4. I would not support armed teachers at this time. Too easy for a gun to end up in the wrong hands or for wanting to shoot an unruly but otherwise unarmed student. I would support the principal and vice principals having access to a firearm safely secured in the office provided they had sufficient training.
  5. It was a joke. You know. Dental? Tooth?
  6. Opponents are going to fight this tooth and nail. I'll see myself out.
  7. Steve Gibson who does the weekly podcast with Leo Laporte called "Security Now", developed a tool that helps detect if your computer is vulnerable and how the applied fixes may or may not slow down your computer. https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm
  8. The flu season has been nasty this year! And a couple of people I know who got it real bad had their flu shot. I'm just knocking on wood that I slip by without catching it.
  9. Yes I did have alternatives and the inconvenience was minor for me but I'm trying to be a voice for those whom the inconvenience was significant, the delays could threaten their employment, or alternatives were scarce. Safety first, absolutely. But why couldn't the metro just shut down the section that needed immediate repair? If they had to close the entire line because they needed to make sure the same issue is not occurring somewhere else then perhaps poor maintenance is already occurring on the tracks and/or funding is inadequate to stay ahead of these safety issues. Let me put this into analogous terms for those who avoid mass transit like the plague. What if car manufacturers were required to respond to recalls by sending out a disable code to all affected cars rending them inoperable until they are towed and serviced? No need to whine, you can always call a cab? Right? Shutting down an entire subway line is a big deal, some whining should be expected, and some empathy is in order. Perhaps there was/is a logical explanation that makes what they did the absolute right call that I would agree with. I would like to know what that was.
  10. The approximately 40,000 daily riders may disagree with you. I was impacted this morning and I cared.
  11. The Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) has announced the entire Metro SubwayLink system will be temporarily shut down for emergency inspection and repairs Friday, February 9, through Sunday, February 11. This action is being taken after a preliminary inspection conducted in preparation for planned summer track-work revealed that some sections of track needed replacement sooner than expected. MDOT MTA officials will reopen Metro SubwayLink stations as soon as possible with updates to be provided by Sunday night. https://mta.maryland.gov/content/metro-subwaylink-system-shut-down-emergency-inspection-and-repairs-friday-thru-sunday
  12. Government should stay out of the bedroom.
  13. Some people have severe arthritis or other chronic pain that pretty much requires strong pain killers until they die. In some cases, people can't "stomach" (literally) NSAIDS or other modern pain options due to complications from procedures such as a Roux-en-Y and are left to opioids as the remaining choice. However, doctors need to ensure that they prescribe absolutely the minimum possible that will do the job but unfortunately it can be hard to get this right for every patient.