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  1. While I understand the need for increased rule awareness by bicyclists, I think requiring a license and insurance is over the top. Part of being a kid is getting to go outside and play and be free. My elementary school taught bicycle riding and rules of the road as part of its curriculum, if it is not being taught now then maybe it should be.
  2. What would have been a fair sentence? This was a negligent homicide where Mr. Rosales fell asleep at the wheel. How many people have ever driven while drowsy? It is an unfortunate accident that deserves some punishment but not his head on stick. Wasn't Heather Cooke sentenced to 7 years? And that involved a drunken driving death. Anything beyond 5 years for Mr. Rosales actions would imply to me that his sentence is being biased by his nationality. What is the typical sentence for actions similar to Mr. Rosales that do not involve alcohol?
  3. My interpretation here is that the Social Security administration was being required to tattle on people getting disability for mental illness and Trump has overturned this rule. Would this rule, left in place, have discouraged veterans from reporting mental health issues because they feared losing their guns? I suspect this situation could cause important mental illnesses such as PTSD and severe depression from being diagnosed and treated.
  4. Oh crap. Baltimatt's Law.
  5. You could check with the state police firearms division for those details. I believe the MD Department of Health and Mental Hygiene was transmitting a simple flag to the state police that would indicate that a person was prohibited due to mental health issues. Not trying to be a grammar nazi, just inquiring as it has been several years since my Hippa training.
  6. I'm familiar with HIPPA but not HIPPAA. I believe agencies can scoot around HIPPA just enough to indicate whether a potential gun purchaser has a health dis-qualifier.
  7. I couldn't help myself.
  8. I am opposed to restricting the gun rights of fetuses. Uhh umm, what was the topic again?
  9. So you trust law enforcement?
  10. Wow. I see people getting ridiculed with the "nobody is going to take your guns" comment and then I read this. My question is: What mechanisms would remain in place for the citizens to protect themselves against government tyranny?
  11. Would such a system have really mattered if he was using an automatic weapon?
  12. You asked what congress could do and I gave you an answer. That's as far into this as I'm stepping.
  13. They could require a thorough psychoanalysis by a team of doctors as part of the background check.
  14. I was wondering the same thing.