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  1. IF (and thats a serious if) FH were to win number 5 in a row. They would be at 7 titles to Alco's 8. But as you noted in my post above about the two past grads from FH playing in D1 right now, we're not interested in historical issues.
  2. Fort Hill currently has grads Ty Johnson starting running back for MD and true freshman Brayden Brown getting his first start at UConn this week. FH sees some kids into colleges, not as much for the D1 highlight reel, but this has to be a fairly unusual instance with two former grads starting D1 at the same time.
  3. Unless it's a driving rain with 30+ mph winds, I doubt it will make much of an equalizing difference. The turf at Greenway doesn't get muddy.
  4. I just think Alco was a better team than anyone FH faced in any subsequent round of the playoffs and finals in the last 4 years.
  5. Pretty straightforward. Allegany is still Allegany. And while they've had the bad luck of being not only across town but in the same region as Fort Hill the last few years, they have routinely been competitive with these last 4 state title teams at FH during the regular season and playoffs. Being the homer I am, I still think an Alco FH final would have been the true number 1 and 2 teams in the state (1A) the last few years. And Alco has a history of getting pumped for the big game, especially early in the season. they return a decent number of starters. Top that with Dunbar coming into week 1 with some new faces on the line and maybe still working out some kinks..I think you have the makings of a team like Alco trying to remind everyone they are still the 8 time champs we've always known they are..against a powerhouse like Dunbar rebuilding. Early in the season. Not to mention that Allegany (nor Fort Hill for that matter) usually has such a formidable foe right out of the gate. I stick with it being interesting.
  6. Having Allegany week one in Cumberland will be an interesting matchup with a lot of new starters on the Poet side.
  7. In reference to the number of coaches on the sidelines for the championship games - Fort Hill has 18 coaches, trainers, etc in their coaching staff picture on their website. And while there are some up in the booth, there are definitely not 8 in the booth at any given time. I've been on the sideline in a media capacity the last 4 title games with the radio, and I can't say that there were any coaches missing that I noticed. I'm pretty sure a limit of 10 passes can't be accurate. If this discussion was already resolved, I missed it. Sorry to bring it back up.
  8. nm
  9. nm
  10. One of the issues in that '09 Alco - Grand Prairie game, besides the fact that Alco was a pretty darn good team ('09 was the last year they beat Fort Hill) - Grand Prairie must've been called for 15 motion penalties. It's hard to run what was considered a potent passing offense when you are used to having multiple men in motion and players in full sprint towards the line of scrimmage at the snap. That was a hard game to watch. That was a historic game, though, as it was the first time an MPSSAA school had ever played an international game.
  11. I am very aware Ty [sic] was in the Big33 two years ago. I also thought there was talk about the Big 33 ending or being done away with after that year. I was surprised to read of the two FH kids trying out this year, having remembered reading or hearing about it's pending demise prior to that. Guess I was wrong.
  12. A smart kid is going to be a smart kid regardless of what school he goes to. If a smart kid gets an offer from both, there's a possibility there are other factors at play. Honestly, I didnt even realize they still played the Big33 game until this year when I heard of the local invites.
  13. Greetings from the mountains. I sure dont post like I used to, especially not in OM. More often on the high school board. Almost 16 years for me, same name since Jul 2001 - I still cant wrap my head around 2001 being that long ago.
  14. So Lewis will be back for Dunbar?
  15. Speaking of schedules, it appears that Fort Hill has a common open date with Mount St. Joe's. Would like to see them back on each other's schedules. Fort Hill has asked MSJ for the game, according to MDHigh post, no response that I'm aware of. Anyone have any ears to bend within the Gaels organization to see if they would take it?