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  1. Kool Aid beat me to it. Calhoun was the last "outsider." And a successful one at that. If (when) Appel retires I wouldn't be horribly surprised to see several other key coaches go as well. Only because they've been part of that same crew for so long, some of them for the same number of years.
  2. Okay, now I'm second guessing myself. lol. I do remember the play and penalty situation you are referring to. And I remember thinking at the time "okay, now I get it"...but my recall is failing me. But I may be wrong on the unsportsmanlike call. I am pretty sure there were no unsportsmanlike calls outside of one sideline "warning". Let me rack my brain, I dont want to keep pushing incorrect info.
  3. I don't agree with, nor partake in, the banter of wanting Coach's head for this loss. That's just ridiculous and coming from a very vocal, but misguided small group of "fans." I could be coy and say that's what happens when teams get used to winning, but there is no excuse for it. It's just dumb. I have no direct line of insight or verification on any of the following. All I can say about coach and whether he may or may not be retiring is this. His son plays for FH and will be a varsity senior next year. And there is RUMOR that he has interest in coaching at the next level and some possible routes to explore that. So one could read into that, for sure. But really, it wouldn't be surprising - if memory serves me correctly without looking it up, Todd has been on the varsity coaching staff since 1994 (give or take a year) and teaching in the Allegany County school system for that same length of time. Next year will be his 24th or so year as a coach and a teacher. If he does retire, it wouldn't be because he was forced out though. Moreso because he's burned out, I would imagine.
  4. There were three penalties on that play The two you mentioned. And then an unsportsmanlike dead ball against FH. I think I'm remembering that correctly.
  5. I have no qualms with the scheduling. A mix of tough teams and some easy games. Every public school has that mix of games. I hate hearing the coach go on record of complaining about it, personally.
  6. I consider myself pretty diehard when it comes to FH, and I've not seriously criticized play calling or game planning too much for FH. They run what they run, they are a wing-t, run first team. Sure I would love to see them work on passing more during the season - especially against teams whom they know they can run on at will. TDHelmick made a post in MDhigh that I wont quote verbatim but agree with. When you're playing a team like Silver Oak, you know you're going to be able to run the traps and sweeps and score points at will. So instead of waiting until you are up 35-0 and then start running shotgun and pass plays (which comes across as running up the score), why not work on that from the get go, then if you need to go back to FB and HB bellies and sweeps, do so. On the other hand, the reason the wing-T running game works so well is because they work on it tirelessly making it their priority. So do you lose something by not working on that with such intensity? If you start running more gun? It's all 6 of one, half dozen of the other. But I can't question how Appel and Co have done it so far. The defense gave up big plays, but still kept the game close enough for the offense to be right in it until the final whistle. The offense went cold in the second half but took the lead into halftime by doing what they do best. FH lost to the better team in Dunbar. It happens. (More often than not, unfortunately lol)
  7. Hey now. Don't forget about me! :* Tale of two halves (kinda) for this game. FH gave up the big plays in the first half, but the defense held enough to allow the FH running game to grind out points and take a lead into the half. (How about that 47 yard FG from the sophomore kicker huh?) But the second half, while still a pretty good defensive effort from the Sentinels, holding Dunbar to 1 TD (unfortunately an 87 yard screen pass when they had the Poets pinned deep with a long third down) was a different story. Kudos to the Dunbar coaching staff, calling out FH's anemic pass game. And while there was some adjustment from the Poets, stacking the box and daring FH to throw, they still pretty much ran the same defense formation at times, staying in a five man front. But damn they swarmed to the ball. Took away the FB belly that had worked earlier; had already taken away the perimeter run game and said "hey, throw it we dare ya!" And FH took the dare, went away from their game plan, and while completing a couple short passes in the flat, had no answer to sustain any drives. The Dunbar speed was unmatched and while FH was blessed with D-1 standouts Ty Johnson and Brayden Brown the last 4 years to provide some "home run" speed...this was a different team. Dunbar was the better team and had the better game plan. That equals a big fat W. Sure I'm disappointed FH lost, but it was a helluva game to watch. These teams almost always give you every penny's worth of your admission fee.
  8. Correct this is a crackback block, not a chop block.
  9. Just a numbers correction? Or bonus point change?
  10. IF (and thats a serious if) FH were to win number 5 in a row. They would be at 7 titles to Alco's 8. But as you noted in my post above about the two past grads from FH playing in D1 right now, we're not interested in historical issues.
  11. Fort Hill currently has grads Ty Johnson starting running back for MD and true freshman Brayden Brown getting his first start at UConn this week. FH sees some kids into colleges, not as much for the D1 highlight reel, but this has to be a fairly unusual instance with two former grads starting D1 at the same time.
  12. Unless it's a driving rain with 30+ mph winds, I doubt it will make much of an equalizing difference. The turf at Greenway doesn't get muddy.
  13. I just think Alco was a better team than anyone FH faced in any subsequent round of the playoffs and finals in the last 4 years.
  14. Pretty straightforward. Allegany is still Allegany. And while they've had the bad luck of being not only across town but in the same region as Fort Hill the last few years, they have routinely been competitive with these last 4 state title teams at FH during the regular season and playoffs. Being the homer I am, I still think an Alco FH final would have been the true number 1 and 2 teams in the state (1A) the last few years. And Alco has a history of getting pumped for the big game, especially early in the season. they return a decent number of starters. Top that with Dunbar coming into week 1 with some new faces on the line and maybe still working out some kinks..I think you have the makings of a team like Alco trying to remind everyone they are still the 8 time champs we've always known they are..against a powerhouse like Dunbar rebuilding. Early in the season. Not to mention that Allegany (nor Fort Hill for that matter) usually has such a formidable foe right out of the gate. I stick with it being interesting.
  15. Having Allegany week one in Cumberland will be an interesting matchup with a lot of new starters on the Poet side.