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  1. Loyola is out of the league, they can transfer and be eligible. They have Loyola’s best player going there, he sat out last year because he knew he was transferring. But started on Varsity, two years ago. Ty Trinh. Curley getting Loyola's best player or other way around?
  2. OK still nothing?????????????
  3. I find your post to be outstanding and informative. I don't get out of my county and like hearing about other parts of the state.
  4. all good - I enjoy your observations
  5. Wow - Linganore getting nothing
  6. you got any feed back from Zimmerman's Combine yesterday for under-classmen?
  7. Im good with 5 classes = hell with it waters down comp - comp is comp per classification. Tired of the best 2 teams meeting in regional - best 2 teams earn the right to play week 14 - those kids should be afforded the respect to play as long as their HS career lets them - not based on $ in close nit communities - thats BS and I bet Andy can support that - what do I know?????????????????? So I'm in favor of both adjustments (minority) 5 classifications - and re-seed after 1st round! Things will be very interesting. We will have a hell of a crowd at the championship game.
  8. OK lets play some football lol
  9. does Curly play Fred Co again in 2018?
  10. TJ ran nothing on offense or was MM that tough defensively?
  11. How does LC match up vs Fred Co best team - Oakdale?
  12. TJ hired a young former player with college playing experience - Bobby Humphries - good hire IMO - will need some help though
  13. SC will reamin status Quo - they will have no offense and give up big play TDs IMO - not an up grade - stayed the same
  14. who was the AD?
  15. any more 2nd team selections?