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  1. Ok I'll bite. whats with the strike throughs? Libbie cryptic?
  2. We are already one the best armed countries in the world as far as private citizens go. Any threat of mass violence against opposing races won't happen in my lifetime. Maybe that's the point they were making to keep the status que, but it comes off a bit cra cra.
  3. Glad the city had fair warning and ramped up. Peaceful and mellow without a cop in sight in Fenwick
  4. Maybe he will link up with BLM. Thats the mindset that cheered accross the country when he was found Not Guilty for butchering Nicole and Ron.
  5. You are right the union has to represent him and assure he is treated fairly. Didn't think of that when I posted. And agree his fellow officers will avoid him like the plague.
  6. Lucky guess given your lack of knowledge of the issues there. Not too far from you assuming I know nothing about OC because I avoid the boardwalk during the tourist season..
  7. And that has what to do with this topic? Of course I know OC and it's "popular spots". They are still popular when you one week in the summer types go back home when the weather changes.
  8. Still eat at several places. But I can't remember when I have been to the boardwalk before 9 am in season. Hope that answers your question on my personal life, now back to the topic.
  9. That's true. But I would up that to at least the 90 bridge. They will be migrating around Secrets, Fager's and Mackies for sure.
  10. But his "base" as you describe didn't get him in office. Trump has never been right wing, even during the election he cherry picked which right wing believes championed. Now you get a AG who is 180 from a lot of folks who voted for Trump it makes Sessions a lame duck IMO. But I'm sure not everyone believes as I do, but there a lot more moderates out there like myself than some give credit to.
  11. I disagree. His stance against legalization of MJ make that statement false alone. You couple that with his "forfeiture" believes basically undoing what was done in 15 with little resistance from the right and I would bet there are even more of Trumps "base" not on board. You have to remember Trump got a lot of votes from people way outside the right base that Obama easily got.
  12. Granted trump is a whack job for going there publically, but Sessions is the pits. He will take this country back 30 years if you let him. Can't imagine why Trump hired him to begin without knowing Sessions is and always will be a weasel.
  13. Glad you at least changed mind on the nationals forum. A lot posters came here for the Nationals after other forums were shut down or they were thrown out of other forums because their politics doesn't match the forum intent. I love the fact we get view points from others across the country and can't believe anyone who wants a informative discussion to feel differently. regardless to your politics you are free to post here, that's not the case I believe on many other forums If outsiders post on local issues, so what. It will be clear soon enough they don't have a clue and the trolls stick out like sore thumbs so they don't stay around long. One of my favorite posts on the Locals forum is when a poster with many usernames actually posted the Chesapeake Bay was a fresh water resource. That was priceless, but I shouldn't be so JUDGEMENTAL.
  14. I'll be close by in Fenwick so I'll make sure I avoid OC like the clap even more than usual.
  15. Lived here 23 years after taking a job here and moving the family. My wife is from Aberdeen and much of her family lives in the area which made it a easy move. I'll have to do the math but I'm pretty sure Maryland has been my home longer than anywhere else I have lived.