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  1. It was. But it was a very strong and "independent" Italian community and were left alone by the city pretty much to manage themselves. South St Louis, and hear it's changed quite a lot in forty years.
  2. I'm from the Suburbs of St Louis as an adult and when I bought my first house in a neighborhood of South St Louis which was primarily made up of Italians and member of a certain Catholic Parrish we had to be "interviewed prior to buying. My wife and I were interviewed by the Parrish priest to determine we "fit in". Meaning members of the Parrish, which we were not at first but intended to. It became too much BS and they wouldn't flat out say no, but it turned out there was another couple who had a standing in the church and neighborhood who also wanted the house at a lessor price than we offered. So we walked and ended up further out in the burbs but were better off for it. This was in the 80's.
  3. Americans have always been tribal, and more so in the past than present. Which is why you had Polish, Irish, Italian, black etc.. neighborhoods in the past that are now pretty much a melting pot. Tribal people stay with their own kind and still do to a small extent, but not like it was 20 thirty years ago. I think some confuse tribal with racism.
  4. Or Rosie the cow will diagnose him.
  5. All Hogan has to do is bring up the schools AC issues next August and Kam will be toast.
  6. When I saw that kid mowing the WH lawn, somehow I knew the snowflakes will come out of Mom's basement and whine about Child Labor laws. I was shocked they (snowflakes) didn't attack the kid, yet.
  7. Good thing McDonalds has a constant turnover that you can get a new bunch to shame every week.
  8. Funny thing is Trump isn't and has never been a Republican.
  9. Back to the thread topic. I saw that the protests started with nothing more than rocks and water bottles thrown at cops. I hope this doesn't get ugly but fear it will.
  10. I know that, hence "when the buses come".
  11. Protests, hell ya. Burning the city down, not so much.
  12. Regardless, St Louis is in for a rough weekend when the out of state buses show up again.
  13. That has nothing to do with you claiming anyone on this thread came to the conclusion he wasn't guilty. And to answer your question if you really don't know, because there wasn't solid proof for the "judge" that he was Guilty of first degree. That doesn't mean he won't get 2nd or manslaughter.
  14. What conclusions? I haven't heard one conclusion drawn that support the officer wasn't guilty, just the facts of the case.
  15. It really would improve the dialogue if everyone read the posted links contributed to the thread subject.