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  1. No I read your quote just fine and as I said, great point. For some reason it didn't transfer with my quote of your post.
  2. You quoted the wrong person. That quote belonged to the dead officers boss.
  3. Good on Schumer for a rare change. Hopefully Sessions has more issues to worry about to get in the way of the eventual this time. Like keeping his job.
  4. He said white guys "deal with the truth" like it was a drop the mic moment. It clearly wasn't
  5. And that's not a valid reply. "why would they suddenly become homeless" Gee I don't know, maybe Halloween
  6. And that has gotten very little play for some odd reason. That should have been the kiss of death for her but she still has a job.
  7. I didn't liken them to two black guys or two Unicorns. The poster made a asinine definitive statement and was easily disputed. Homeless white guys don't count?
  8. Just don't take the book to the restroom like George did in Seinfeld.
  9. That's BS and anyone over 10 should know that. Watch what happens when a white homeless person walks into a Starbucks or anywhere else and sits down or uses the facilities without ordering something.
  10. Uhh, there are actually practicing witches out there who believe in witchcraft. Not so much for Santa, the Easter Bunny and Casper.
  11. Maybe for a irrational paranoid minded fool. But for normal people with reason, I think they know better than to ambush and murder cops just because they have a badge on.
  12. Truer words....
  13. I saw a video of just the outside of Fantasies in Curtis Bay where Stormy is "performing" and was amazed as to what a sheet hole it is. Probably been to a strip club half a dozen times in my life and they are not known for being high class establishments, but that dump resembled an old warehouse more than any type of entertainment or gentlemen's club. I have to wonder how big was the crowd and did it live up to such high expectations for and over the hill porn star?