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  1. Great comeback
  2. Than being left to die in the desert. Glad we cleared that up
  3. Really? What did you mean by this:
  4. I'm just reading what you type..
  5. So you are on record saying leaving a six year old out in the desert to die is better than Trumps goons making sure they are safe and cared for while their "parents" or the coyote that that brought them across are prosecuted. Thanks for your honesty, I guess.
  6. But were they left in the desert to die by smugglers? You are actually on record saying that was better than feeding, housing, providing medical care etc.. until they get the prosecution of their law breaking parents settled?
  7. You got that. A few years back when Natty made their recent come back, Green Turtle on 118th had them for a $1 a piece during a Ravens game. I had more than I should and shutter now if I even smell one. But the buzz was as good as most other beers so it was all good.
  8. Why did Obama stop doing the same?
  9. Wow that's unusual for a Governor to have a welcome sign at the border?
  10. Were the babies left in the desert to die?
  11. Never got one in the 17 years I have posted here. But I know I was on the line more than once.
  12. Kids crossing were dying and were victims of traffickers long before Trump on board. And if gives you a warm fuzzy because the numbers were less two years ago then hold on to that. Can't everyone agree this horrible and needs to be dealt with regardless to how much they hate Trump?
  13. Good Gawd .