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  1. If you know anything about Montana and it's people, not the transients from California, it will push him over the top.
  2. Agreed. Hunting can't do much for the burbs where I live. There only prey is the front end of your vehicle which can be very costly in at least two ways.
  3. I agree corruption is a problem and I personally could never hunt a elephant trophy or not. But to ignore game management use of controlled hunts as a vital way for conservation of wildlife and actually think it's not needed is beyond foolish. And that fawn dropping on your patio now was the deer you rarely saw 30 years ago in most areas in the states and that is directly linked to managed hunting.
  4. Conservation and managed hunting are the best and proven way to keep the herds plentiful. That has been proven and demonstrated in this country as well. Look up the word "conservation" and that should help. Think of that the next time you see a turkey or even a deer in Maryland or anywhere else in this country. If not for hunters and conservation, we wouldn't see that fawn in the woods or hear that turkey gobble in the woods.
  5. You are right. Very, very little research would give you the knowledge that conservation with selected harvesting is the only way to maintain herds of wild animals for future generations. Glad we can agree
  6. That can be backed up with very little research.
  7. Truth is without trophy hunters with game management, there wouldn't be elephant's or other animals to even see let alone kill. That's the only thing between the animals and the poachers is sound game management with coordinated harvest. Without that the animal parts the poachers find value will be scattered across the world and eventually no more Dumbo the elephant to see from afar. Harsh fact but still a fact.
  8. The Saudi government does not fund ISIS and even SF can't dispute that. But there are numerous rogue Sheiks and what have will buy them off so they stay out of their space and do their dirty deeds elsewhere.
  9. No he isn't. Going after funding and pressuring the leaders of Muslim countries to do so wasn't even tried in the past with any success. Same generals or not, I would bet Trump would be more willing to listen to the generals take than Obama proved to do.
  10. The guy was a "legal" hunter and died doing what he loved. I think some posting here mistake legal hunters with poachers, who are the scum of the earth.
  11. So he is wrong when he claims that Iran funds terrorism around the world? Because that's basically what he said and you are the first that called him out as wrong.
  12. 7:51 Breaking So-called Islamic State (IS) has claimed it was behind the attack. The statement was made via IS channels on the messaging app Telegram. The group frequently claims attacks in their aftermath.
  13. Indeed he did. Boston despite it's so called majority political persuasion as always been known as an extremely bigoted city.