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  1. And you keep showing up for more like the troll you are.
  2. A Logical fallacy for a demented mind. Of course being the fine poster you are you had to equate one of the worst acts (at least for most) a man can do. King overkill troll if it makers you feel better.
  3. They should at least follow the "Deer Crossing" signs when crossing the road. Hogs would.
  4. After posting here for 18 years I am very aware of what a troll is and at this point you are king of trolls on this forum. Where it well why you can
  5. Wow. Anyone want a an example of troll speak? Come on Matt, how much rope can you give a poster.
  6. Deer are becoming that way here in Maryland and probably everywhere. They don't do near the damage or do they have litters with 8 births and up like hogs, but they do like vehicles at night. I look for hogs to be the new deer in about 10 years and then the Apocalypse has begun
  7. Forget illegal Aliens, the hogs are taking over. Thought we needed more than the usual "Trump, Clinton, Ruskie's or what is sexual assault" posts for a short time. They are smart. Hunted hogs in NC a few years back and they have been hunted so much down there they know if you have a gun or not in your hands.
  8. You are wrong. Hands on the victim makes it sexual assault. Paint it as you wish Al didn't tell Mensh she had a nice butt he grabbed it which is assault in plain English.
  9. Here is my favorite saying from Dirty Harry Magnum force. "A good man Knows his limitations" I leave it that.
  10. Go for it. You need a win.
  11. Ooh you got me. Sorry I figured anyone reading this would be bright enough to assume "sexual" precedes assault since that is what the entire thread is about.
  12. Other than an old song which isn't even relevant, the rest of your response makes no sense at all.
  13. Grabbing a unwanted handful of butt is assault.
  14. Fired why? For playing grab *** with someone who liked it? Man, some of you are sounding like the Taliban as far as women go.
  15. How was she a tease when she actually wanted to choose who to grope or grope her? Just because she played grab *** with someone of her choosing doesn't mean she is fair game for any other. That's not a tease, that's just a woman with her head straight . .