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  1. Who said they were? It was a casual observation and nothing else.
  2. Or those thedems chose for Governor suck, which is why the top ten are all republicans?
  3. l know what he was referring to, but my point was Trump never called the "decent" immigrants animals. He was clearly referring to MS13. Like that has to be said again. So no I didn't misunderstand Hs, and he/she knows it.
  4. True enough. Not that is should be an issue since the term is used for all races now when describing a father who is not married to the mother. I was at the Belair target earlier this week getting a card for my pops and saw several cards with a black theme scattered in the shelf.
  5. So MS13 is considered "decent" in your world? Why don't adopt a couple and make it official.
  6. I mentioned all of the "Guest" accounts on the earlier posts and wondered who they are now and it was gone in no time. Yet that post pretty much cryptically calls out a poster yet it's still there Can't imagine why that would be deleted so I guess I will see how long this stays up.
  7. How Ironic. That's where the term "Baby Daddy" was introduced to the country and became a well used term.
  8. Maybe they can go to Mexico's Disney World in Tijuana and play golf at one of Acapulco's fine golf courses. It will open up opportunities for Americans to snatch up snow bird deals in Florida.
  9. No kidding. I loved seeing all the "Guest Accounts" of formal trolls no longer here and trolls that are still here yet were banned at the time they posted. I wonder what username the banned from this post are using now?
  10. Do you really think the state and fed records show who owns a plastic accessory to a firearm that can purchased without registering with no proof of who bought or owns them?
  11. People need to get a life and not be so hyper sensitive. I referred to my son in law as baby daddy for the 6 months he wasn’t married to my daughter after my granddaughter was born and he’s a third Japanese.
  12. No political bias proven but it sure leans that way.
  13. Traditionally most have regardless. Obama chose not on occasion and took flak for it.
  14. He for sure doesn't speak for straight men if he is bothered by body fluids of hot women on his car interior.
  15. Obama was skewered because on occasion he didn't even salute our own troops while deboarding AF1. But yes he would be skewered for this just like Trump is now.
  16. Normally I could care less about the cable news wars but this is a special case.
  17. How about you Matt? Would you feel different seeing two young attractive males going at it rather than two females? if you ask that question of others at least give us your take.
  18. Thank you but I don't think the poster knows the difference.
  19. Lol, not hardly. He uses it like any other deer rifle. He has a five shot clip in it with a scope and aims for the vitals one shot at time.
  20. Hey, a tips a tip. Who am I to question as to how they tip?
  21. Preferably a video. And please sign this disclosure statement.
  22. Read my mind. I would through in a bottle of good wine if it would help.
  23. I think you are right. They have them at the assisted living facility my Dada is in every Saturday from 6 to closing time. Which of course is 6:30