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  1. Scripted questions? I guess original questions from an actual student are too real for them and they can't display their bias
  2. Pretty damn close, but actually worse than what they tried with the student and got busted for.
  3. They should be lined up in a town hall environment and explain why they are okay with child marriage and have every local state and national news crew record every freaking word. I would like to see what counties of the state those halfwits are from. I bet I can guess a few.
  4. True the closer you get to Arkansas it leans south. But Missouri is a very long sate that is bordered by states like Iowa, Illinois as well as Arkansas and Kentucky. And southern Missouri is nothing like Alabama because you won't see a whole of poor blacks in southern Missouri other than the far eastern part closer to Illinois. I lived in parts of the south and as far deep south as you can get, like Biloxi Mississippi. And I think anyone from Missouri or Maryland would be a Yankee
  5. All true. But I could never grasp that it is considered a southern sate and I don't recall anyone I know from New York who considers it a southern state. But I have seen that Southern Living magazine that my wife reads includes Maryland, so there you go.
  6. It is, but it was never part of the confederacy. And tell someone from Mississippi that Maryland or Missouri is a southern state and you will get laughed at.
  7. Not obsessing just correcting, or attempting to correct. Frankly I could care less if you thought Iowa was a gulf state. But I would still try to correct you because I'm a nice guy
  8. Sorry. As someone who actually lived in the St Louis Metro for close to 30 years your wrong statement about Missouri being a southern state triggered me. And yes I can find it on the map
  9. Look again because it's not the south.
  10. Missouri isn't the south anymore than Maryland is. Good Gawd did some of you sleep during Geography in school?
  11. More than likely the stench comes from you unless your nose is planted near Trumps pants. If that's true, then TMI from you.
  12. Probably? He's been on the job for 30 years so I would say he is older. And agree, don't understand that comment at all.
  13. Looks like the Deputy already retired on the job. Can’t be sure what I would do in the same situation, but I would hope to hell I would do something other than staying with the shrubbery outside while I hear gunfire inside a school full of kids.
  14. How’s that gonna work after he gets tossed out as Governor? Like I said, he’s toast.
  15. It was bought at a dealer in state with two 14 round mags last year It wasn’t realized until this person had the gun that it was equipped with 14 round mags. Bottom line this person will get 10 round mags to be legal.
  16. I figured it would just entail a mag change to the 10. Here is the story. This person bought the firearm last year, past the new law. This person didn’t realize it had a 14 round mag until he had the gun in possession after going through HQL hell. At first this person was thrilled they got away with something and actually prefers the larger capacity for target shooting. Now in reflection this person thinks they better get some 10 round mags just to be legal.
  17. So I have a stupid question. Say someone has a auto load handgun that has a 14 shot mag that was sold to him by a dealer after the original bill came out a few years that only 10 shot mags will be sold from this point forward. Is the "fix" for this just getting a 10 shot mag for the handgun to take care of the legality of a 10 shot mag only law?
  18. You are basically arguing with a poster who has been called out as a troll numerous times on this forum after it called you a troll. Don't waste your time.
  19. They will disappear like cockroaches when the lights come on.
  20. Where was the whine?
  21. Lame whining thread of the day. Let's see if it can be topped.
  22. Starting to wonder about the "caregivers" of Cruz. What kind of people would jump in to have control of a inheritance after such a tragic event? I'm thinking they couldn't get control of as long as the 19 year old was around, but as soon as he is out of the picture they swoon in like buzzards.
  23. They can't take the brothers half of the settlement to pay for his brothers crimes. And the care givers don't get squat since one brother is in jail and 19 and the other will be 18 soon enough.
  24. He is living a lie and I bet his family is paying for it.
  25. Lol. Been there and got the T-shirt. Dare I say I have seen worse on accident.