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  1. I thought it was a cocktail when I first read it. "Omarosa on the rocks"
  2. Five and counting. Pop culture isn't my thing.
  3. If your Father wasn't a Vet it would have taken longer and cost him another $150 to take the HQL training class. Went through it myself last year and it only took less than a month but still cost close to $200 and I didn't have to take the class being a Vet. Maryland is well known as one of the worst states in the country to practice your 2nd amendment rights and will stay that way as long as we have ninny's like Frosh calling the shots.
  4. Good, the cheating bastards. Now the biathlon, cross-country skiing are up for grabs.
  5. What the hell are you talking about? Who said jack about Obama?
  6. I'm sure I could but why? It's pretty much common knowledge.
  7. Read the entire thread. The answer is easy enough you can find it.
  8. Gee I don't know but as far as ignorant goes I would think being video taped doing coke with a hooker doesn't make you a Mensa candidate and the same would go for those who voted for him.
  9. Marian Barry anyone?
  10. This should marginalize Bannon since Moore was his boy. I think Strange would have won easily.
  11. I think you are missing the fact that all we read and heard is how ignorant and racist bama voters are for weeks to the point the press and the left probably pushed even more voters to Moore. Thankfully as I thought, the voters in the well to do suburbs of Huntsville and Birmingham made things right.
  12. I had a good feeling he would lose. People in Alabama aren't as clueless as some assumed just by listening to Neil Young.
  13. Having a Jew for a lawyer isn’t hard to do and just means you follow another racial stereotype. Those halfwits would go out their way to have a Jew lawyer if they thought it would benefit them.
  14. Not much in the way of polling, which is a good thing since they suck. I still have faith.
  15. You and the twitter are correct. I even noticed in own horse doesn't like him since the horse had it's ears pinned back in the picture I saw. He is an *** and nothing worse than a pretend cowboy.
  16. I travel to Huntsville fairly often and there are enough transients that live there that work for the Army and NASA that it's not typical bama. Same with Birmingham on a lessor extent. This may be like 2016 POTUS where we have no clue how folks will vote until it's over. Then again it may not.
  17. From USA Today:
  18. She forgot to mention their dry cleaners are Korean. I think he’s going to lose. I have faith that there are enough intelligent voters in cities like Huntsville and Birmingham who would normally not bother to vote who will be energized to make him go away.
  19. Is this a trick by Fox to keep the Jones voters away from the polls on Tuesday? Thought I would throw that out there first
  20. True. And it could work just the opposite. Point is polls are used in other media formats.
  21. Why would I lie about that to you of all posters? Oh and you totally missed my point about posting first. It nothing to do with the Fox poll, it was pertaining to a possible theory "Is this a trick by Fox to keep the Jones voters away from the polls on Tuesday?". In your haste to lamely bust me you whizzed of over yourself and entirely missed the boat.