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  1. JMT check your inbox
  2. First he was never able to get kids "in" at ET. Impossible. County picks kids. When I was there under coach Arminio it was possible because rules were different. But not while he has been head coach since 2003. Also from what I am hearing he is stepping down and not coaching anywhere else. He is one of the most successful head coaches in area over last 10+ years.
  3. Who was at Woodlawn? There seems to be a revolving door there. I am also hearing some buzz about a possible vacancy. But I'm not going to speculate until I have confirmation.
  4. Any word on possible head coaching vacancies in Baltimore County? There always seem to be a few every year.
  5. You are correct Guru. Mediocre was the wrong word. I apologize and CHC had solid teams during that span. I was just trying to make the point that Dunbar is not on Gilman's level. Would not surprise me if Gilman shuts out Dunbar on Friday.
  6. This game is going to get ugly. It is going to be a route. Dunbar struggled with mediocre CHC teams in the past and that was when Dunbar was stacked. Game will not be close. Gilman by at least 4 tds.
  7. ET can only accept incoming sophomores to fill open seats in career majors that have them. Students at ET start their actual career major classes as sophomores. So incoming sophomores are not losing any classes but juniors would be.
  8. No Franklin?
  9. I agree that ET lost a lot but they will still be tough. Bmore county will be very down next season. IMO they will still beat Hereford next year. The Bulls lost a lot as well. County will be wide open in 1/2A and 3/4A.
  10. I have never had a problem of kids paying a small fee for each season they play. I think it would help the budget issue a lot. With that said, I am sure the County and City would offer waivers for low income participants so it would defeat the purpose. Also would have to be weary of parents expecting playing time because they paid. I also agree with you on the number of schools. I think the county is okay in this. I would rather have a school of a 1000 rather than a school of 4500. That is just too big in my opinion. But I think the City is really put themselves at a disadvantage with all the small, charter schools that field teams. Those schools have no business offering football.
  11. Did they have an opinion on how the whole thing went down?
  12. So the culture changed this year only and it happened to be when the head coach left that now these kids and parents believe there is a "culture" crisis at the school. They did not seem to care when Poggi was there. Very interesting.
  13. I know it was not mentioned earlier but Brandon Hlavach from Eastern Tech signed with Shepherd as well.
  14. Peter Athens (past) and Connor Frazier (current) qbs from Towson University had pretty decent college careers. Frazier was from Damascus and I believe Athens started at private, maybe St. Marys and then finished at Huntingtown.
  15. I think bernie was referring to CHC.