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  1. No need to add their response? Why? Because they agreed with it. Sorry my congratulations didn't meet your standards. Not that I really give a damn.
  2. Why does it have to? There are threads on the MOCO board that deal with the same topic.
  3. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but it has nothing to do with Dunbar. What he is talking about is regions where teams below .500 can make the playoffs while 4 or 5 teams in 1A West this season were above .500 but missed the playoffs entirely.
  4. Fort Hill's most rabid fan? Far from true, but thanks. As for the comment, I stand by it. Have seen Smith questioned many times on this board. As for the holding, I noticed you didn't post the reply of the poster who asked the original question who after the game agreed 100%. Congrats to the Poets on the win today. Fort Hill had it in their hands but let it slip.
  5. Thanks for confirming.
  6. So the reality is it's something you made up.
  7. Source please.
  8. There would be more Fort Hill people to go down to watch Allegany-Dunbar than Allegany people to watch Fort Hill - Dunbar. 80-90% of the Fort Hill people would be rooting for Dunbar against Allegany.
  9. There's no bigger yoyo on this board than...well, you. None of the Fort Hill fanbase that posts here would even entertain such a thought.
  10. HDG wins 28-21
  11. He has no idea how ridiculous he sounds Todd.
  12. The weather is supposed to be good and and I know a lot of people on this board and others are looking forward to a chance of Fort Hill losing lol.
  13. Allegany beats Williamsport 54-43. Allegany was down early in the 2nd half 43-27. Williamsport had scored a combined 36 points in their previous three games.
  14. Gorman lost this week to Mater Dei 35-21
  15. They are still calling for showers Friday evening. Will that affect Dunbar more than Allegany? Will probably cut down on the crowd a bit as well.