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  1. There's no bigger yoyo on this board than...well, you. None of the Fort Hill fanbase that posts here would even entertain such a thought.
  2. HDG wins 28-21
  3. He has no idea how ridiculous he sounds Todd.
  4. The weather is supposed to be good and and I know a lot of people on this board and others are looking forward to a chance of Fort Hill losing lol.
  5. Allegany beats Williamsport 54-43. Allegany was down early in the 2nd half 43-27. Williamsport had scored a combined 36 points in their previous three games.
  6. Gorman lost this week to Mater Dei 35-21
  7. They are still calling for showers Friday evening. Will that affect Dunbar more than Allegany? Will probably cut down on the crowd a bit as well.
  8. I think Allegany is at South Hagerstown Friday night.
  9. Fort Hill gets their week 6 game. It was confirmed today that Serra Catholic of McKeesport, Pa will come to Cumberland.
  10. Dunbar opening with Allegany next season? That's the rumor out west.
  11. Corrected that for you.
  12. What is this obsession with a game that happened, what, seven years ago? Talk about someone with issues. Get out of mom's basement once in awhile. You're missing a lot.
  13. Lol, since the camera follows the runner you can't see the whole field. I see the hold on FH 41 at the 2:08 mark.
  14. The "miracle" in that game was the questionable at best roughing the passer call that moved the ball closer for the two point try. If not for that he doesn't make it in. If you did watch the game through binoculars then you know that the reason those td's were called back was because the Dunbar OL were tackling the FH D linemen. I remember talking to a kid with a Hereford jacket on after the game who couldn't believe all they were allowed to get away with. But that game was really lost when on that last drive a FH linebacker dropped a sure INT. Just knew then it wasn't going to end well.
  15. He came over to the western Md board on Rivals under one of his alias's trying to defend the indefensible. An attention junkie.