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  1. The only offer House currently has is Ball State. The other offers that was previously mentioned...well I'm not sure what happened.
  2. Damn....DAY you have friends
  3. Havre de Grace is at FAET (Poly) on Saturday at 1pm.
  4. Broadneck wins..
  5. 7-0 Broadneck 39 secs...4 and 9
  6. Still 7-0 3q 6 mins left
  7. 7-0 Broadneck 2q vs Old Mill. 99yd opening kickoff
  8. Damn can we ever get some credit...everyone said Bel Air was going to push up and down the field, and we didn't stand a chance...smh - We can play football you know...ijs I know you probably don't mean no harm coach, but why is everyone so better than us when are in a conversation...?
  9. Gilman JV 22 Douglass JV 12
  10. I will return to the sidelines to coach Douglass for the 2015-16 season. However, as of June 30th I may not have a position in the building due to district budget cuts. It will be extremely tough to maintain the program that has been built if I'm not in the building...either way Douglass Football will be in full effect! #DougNation Be sure to check us out online @
  11. No Calvert Hall/City...not at least for 2yrs. City schedule is done just not public until next City AD's meeting.
  12. Carver - B 50 New Era 0 Douglass - B 20 Lake Clifton 3 Edmondson 18 Patterson 16 Forest Park 20 Digital Harbor 16 Northwestern 28 Southwestern 8
  13. O lawd Rob...what do you have sooo bad to say about his film...?
  15. Lake Clifton 26 BDJ 6